Top Wedding Photographers Chennai | Wedding Photography in Chennai
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Marriages are make in heaven but celebrate on earth (in this case in Chennai), and my goodness, is it difficult? Was finding the right groom or bride not difficult enough?

Then you must research and interview hundreds of prospective wedding vendors and professionals to find that one team that’s going to make your wedding, a magical dream. Sounds tedious? Well, it gets more tedious if you don’t know the right questions to ask!

While here we will talk only of Wedding photographer in Chennai, general principles remain the same, though there is no professional other than the one doing the photography who will have so much interaction with your family and friends, he is the only professional who is visible (except MC, maybe), rest of vendors and professionals do work in the background.



PATIENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM: – In an Indian function, nothing happens on-time. Family members don’t get ready on time or there are last minute preparations to be make or during the ceremony, different relatives have different opinions, delaying the entire process.

Work of photographer gets delay as a result. Since there are no rehearsals and no retakes, some confusion and chaos are almost given, a good photographer Chennai will understand it and be a sport about it all. He should take into stride the delays, the chaos and concentrate on crafting images that can make viewers thrilled.

CONSISTENT WORK: – A great wedding photographer Chennai will have a great portfolio of work. By great portfolio of work, consistent high-quality work is mean.

A great shot in this album and a terrific shot in that album does not make a photographer great. Pay special attention to the portfolio because that’s the kind of work you are going to end up with.

OPPORTUNISTIC (IN an EFFECTIVE WAY): –  A good wedding photographer will take advantage of. And optimize every situation where he can get exceptional shots.

RITUALS: – Ask the photographer if he has any idea about the customs and rituals of your community, in any case, give a quick rundown of your customs and their order so he does not miss any critical shots.

EXPERIENCE: – Experience counts for much in every field. There is a steep learning curve between an amateur and an experienced photographer in Chennai. An experienced photographer will know how to handle difficult guests.

So, you don’t miss opportunities of getting great shots. He understands that wedding is an emotional and chaotic time for family. And friends and is not insensitive to their feeling, rather diplomatic enough to handle tricky situations with calmness so his duty as your photographer is not hampered due to flying egos and tempers.

EQUIPMENT: Professional photographer Chennai keeps expensive and quality photography equipment’s, so they are not restrained by lack of technology from taking great shots.

This does not mean that anyone with an expensive camera can take great photographs. The experienced hands and attentive eye behind the camera are the real driving force behind great shots.

Professional wedding photographer in Chennai keeps back up of equally expensive spare equipment like lenses, flashes as back-up in case equipment malfunctions. They keep prepared for various lighting scenarios.


Attention to detail is every photographer’s essential skill. Messy hair doesn’t look good in formal setting nor does unkempt appearance. Photographer must care for such details while take shots.

PORTFOLIO: – The best way to gauge a photographer’s skill and photographic style is to look at the past work of the photographer. Don’t just look at their best shots.

See whole albums to understand the way they work. If you would like unique and fun approach to photographs. And would like to have it for your wedding shots, see from their past work if they can do it.

Take your time while deciding on a wedding photographer Chennai, firstly because these are timeless reminder of a day that means so much to you.

And the day into which you put so much of try planning and effect. Secondly, there are no retakes of your wedding day. And if you aren’t satisfy with the work of the photographers, there isn’t much that you can do afterwards.

Any wedding photographer who can capture the feeling of the day is worth every hard-earned rupee you paid him as your fees.

MANAGING EXPECTATIONS: – Couples have big expectations of their wedding photographers. But one thing they will have to understand is that they will not same photographs as the album they saw.

And liked while finalising the traditional or candid photographer in Chennai. The album they show is for reference purposes only and is no guarantee that you will get same pictures. Look of the pictures depends upon light.




Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, located on Coromandel Coast near Bay of Bengal boosts of rich cultural. Religious history. Chennai (formerly Madras), also called “Detroit of India”, for being the base of one-third of automobile Industry in India. Is one of the largest city economies of India.

Chennai features in UNESCO Creative Cities Network list for its musical tradition. It is among the most visit Indian cities by foreign tourists for leisure as well as medical purposes.

Chennai is home to estimated population of 4.9 million people and serves as cultural, economic and educational centre of South India.

Couples getting married in this city are lucky as Chennai houses all sorts of pre-wedding shoot spots to suit personality of every couple.

Pre-wedding shoot Chennai:- 

is much in demand now-a-days. It is a wonderful way to break barriers of formality between the engaged couple. Couples usually select a few locations for their pre-wedding shoot.

Pre-wedding shoot photographer in Chennai can help you in selecting the locations based on the personality and likes and dislikes of couple. As pre-wedding shoot should reflect the camaraderie and personality of the couple.

It is usually done a few weeks prior to the wedding day. But you can choose to get it done as early or as far from the wedding as you like.

Most pre-wedding shoot photographer will ask you to select 2-3 locations for pre-wedding shoot. Depending upon your contract with your photographer. These locations could be in Chennai or outside of Chennai in India or outside of India.

Props to make pre-wedding shoot fun are usually provided by the photographer. But it is always a clever idea to ask if they will provide the props within the charges already decided. Or you will have to pay extra for it.4

The best thing about Chennai is that you can find both mesmerizing seascapes. And landscapes ranging from scenic historical places to modern marvels, sacred places of all religions. Every type of weather to cater preferences of all couples.

One thing couples need to keep in mind is the weather. Mild weather accentuates the natural feel of the photographs.

Most preferred pre-wedding shoot locations in Chennai are: –

1.Huddleston Gardens
2.Salt Fields, ECR
3.Backwaters along ECR
4.Roads along ECR
6.Broken Bridge
7.Overhead Bridge
8.Napier Bridge
9.Shore Temple
10.Dakshin Chitra
11.Chennai Trains
12.Neelam Karai Beach
13.Marina Beach
14.Golden Beach
15.Besant Nagar Beach
16.Chai Talks and Cafes
17.Alamparai Fort


This is the new kid in the block of wedding photography. Wedding Cinematography Chennai and Videography are used interchangeably in common parlance.

But there is a sea of difference between the videos they prepare.  Wedding Cinematographers focus on telling a story rather than just covering the event.  It uses artistic ability and a vision for showcasing the story of the bride and groom.

Getting the right shots or videos that can portray the story of couple needs eye of a trained and talented professional.


This is the good old method of documenting the wedding in motion. Wedding Videographer Chennai will capture the entire event from beginning to end with no focus on giving it any semblance of story-telling. They have a very strait-jacket job of document the day as it unfolds.


There are variety of photo albums to choose from for couples. Karizma, matted albums, flush mount albums and hundreds of other options to choose from.

Some photographers include the charges of photo album in their fees while some don’t. What people with limited budget do is they choose the best photographer Chennai to cover them.

And opt to have the album made at some later stage. Most photographers are now offering coffee table photo-albums. For photographers who offer photo albums in their package usually have a specification of size of the photo-albums.

And number of photographs they will edit to make them album worthy. According to your preferences and liking you can have the size of the photo album and number of photographs changes as additional charges.