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wedding planners kerala

Wedding Planners in Kerala

Best Wedding Planner in Kerala

Weddings, especially in India, are no-doubt full of fun-filled festivities. But they are also noisy, confusing and chaotic. In such atmosphere of melee, you need someone to take care of the smallest detail, be there to handle various crisis that pop up during the function, be the voice of reason, making sure that the function progresses as planned,  and that person is the wedding planner. This is only a fraction of his profile; best wedding planner in Kerala also helps you in.



Everyone wants their wedding to have an unparalleled level of personalization. You start researching for everything, get inundated by inspiration overload and then go crazy with all ideas without having any idea on how to assimilate them. Wedding planner Kerala designs your wedding in a way that it is based on your inspiration and has impressions of your personality too.



Whether you belong to middle class or are uber rich, budget is always a concern, but when you start researching and ultimately hiring the vendors and professionals and spending on other things to be used in wedding, we tend to go out of budget.

Top Wedding planners in Kerala keep you within budget. They have knowledge of the most professional and worthy wedding vendors in every budget and get you industry discounts too. All in all, they save you from terrible experience along with time and money.


Every industry is dynamic, and the most dynamic of them are fashion and wedding industries. Trends change before you blink your eyes. A good wedding planner in Kerala keeps himself up to date with the latest trends and is able and imaginative enough to start contemporary trends himself.

What is it that a Wedding Planner does?


A wedding planner wears many hats, and which hat he wears depends on you. Broadly his work can be classified in four categories: Designing, Planning, Organization and management.

Experience counts for much in any field and planning a wedding is no different. Experience is what teaches the wedding planner kerala to remain calm during the function no matter what situation arises. He is the only person standing between chaos and harmony in a function. With experience, he will know the best viable way to handle any crisis.

They handle any disagreement you may have with the wedding vendor after their hiring.

Wedding Planners prevents you from walking down a disastrous path when hiring wedding vendors.

While interviewing wedding vendors you might get heavily influenced by price quoted by them that’s too good to be true, or their exceptional marketing skills, here you need a voice of reason to pull you out of possible disaster and that voice is of wedding planner Kerala because he knows the inside information about almost every good and useless wedding vendor. They are like hand holder, assisting you with every hiring and every stage of planning.

A Kerala wedding in planner is a great listener, has a caring personality, loves of help people, not only can he keep up with the trends, but also be able to set contemporary trends if the couple so desires.

He has a calming presence, so he can handle tricky situations that come his way during the wedding and is able to cool down flying tempers should a need arise.

A wedding planner’s USP is in his insight and experience in taking the stress out of wedding planning while making sure they get to enjoy wedding of their dreams without breaking their bank.




Hearsay, hearsay, hearsay! Wedding planners are just like any other wedding professional. They come in all budgets and sizes! While all other wedding professionals and vendors work on a fixed fee, some wedding planners, instead of charging you a flat fee, opt for a certain percentage of your wedding budget.

Sure, there are Kerala wedding planners who are very expensive and work for rich and/or famous but there are plenty of good and experienced wedding planners for mere mortals like you and me.

Also, the fee or percentage he charges is offset against the industry discounts he can get from other professionals and vendors. The expertise and experience he brings to the table is priceless.



Wedding planners work according to your instructions. You have the carte-blanche on everything. They are merely there is assisting capacity.

The help in finding the right vendors, sure they have some vendors they like to work with and they may suggest their names to you but hiring them is your choice.  Going to hire them without your express permission to do so.

When they design the theme of the wedding, they are keeping in mind your wishes and likes because it’s your day and again you can change the designing of the theme anyway you like.



There isn’t a bigger myth circulating around the concept of wedding planning than this. Kerala Wedding planners are people person, their main job is to keep their clients happy and no client would be happy if he is not being heard by a professional he hired. Most wedding planners go above and beyond to make their clients dreams come true.



Though it is convenient to have an onsite coordinator is that since he has dealt with many weddings at that venue, he can only assist with the arrangements at the venue and not with anything else.

The difference between a wedding planner and an onsite-coordinator is that wedding planner keeps your interest in mind and onsite coordinator keeps the interest of wedding venue at the forefront of his mind while being cordial to you.

Professional wedding planners in Kerala will be with you from start to end, in vendor negotiations, consultations till their final execution, so he knows what is it that you want, what was finalized with the vendor. Onsite coordinator will only know and help you with what was decid to be done in venue.




The job profile of a wedding planner depends on you. Whether you want them only in consulting capacity or designing capacity or consulting and negotiating capacity or managing capacity.

Some wedding planners offer varied packages of the services they offer. While some would first have personal consultation with you and outline the services that you need their help with and assist you in those services and to the extent you want only. The full spectrum of services offered by professional wedding planners in Pune are:-


1.Budget Management
2.Referring vendors and their management
3.Assistance in selection and printing of wedding invites
4.Suggesting Wedding and other function venues and negotiating with them
5.Assistance with hiring of wedding caterers and consultation for menu and arranging deliverables
6.Designing and executing wedding decoration as per the theme
7.Assistance with hiring of wedding photographer, videographer and cinematographer.
8.Assistance in hiring of entertainment for wedding or other functions like live dance groups, live orchestra, DJs, Live bands, live acts
9.Assistance and arrangement of bridal make-up artist and hair stylists for in-studio or at venue make-up and hair styling.
10.Referring and managing the appointment of choreographer for the bride and groom and friends and relatives who wish to perform in sangeet.
11.Referring and booking and managing the delivery of sweets or dry fruits etc for sending with wedding invites.
12.Takes care of mailing or sending of the wedding invites with sweets and keeping track of the RSVPs.
13.Arrangement of permissions and licences for fireworks, liquor etc required in the functions.
14.Arranging transportation for the bride, groom, their family as well as for outstation guests.
15.Arranging for the stay of the outstation guests.
16.Arranging for security and valet services during the functions.
17.Helping with honeymoon destination and packages.
18.Helping with theme finalization.

How do I know that this wedding planner will suit me the best?


See their portfolio. Portfolio is the body of work of everything a wedding planner creates, designs for a wedding. From his portfolio you can see the variety of venues he has managed functions in.

The variety of themes he can execute. How beautifully he designs the weddings. Every venue has an intrinsic beauty, see if increases the aesthetics of the wedding venue or dampens it with his decoration.

Of course, you can’t see how he managed the whole function nor can you see his ability to do logistics. That you can only know after talking to his past clients.

To know about the management capabilities of the wedding planner you will have to talk to their previous clients. They are the people who will give you the right review and help you in reaching a decision.

Kerala, the God’s own country, is paradise on earth with its waterfalls, backwaters, wildlife parks, tea plantations, exotic beaches, beautiful lagoons, serene hill stations.

Kerala has long been a favoured destination for honeymoon. But is now coming up as exciting new possibility for seekers of destination wedding.

The Language there, Malayalam remains a barrier though which is why people looking to get married in Kerala hire destination wedding planner in kerala to conceptualize and execute the wedding of their dreams.