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Wedding Planners In Delhi

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Wedding Planners In Delhi

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Delhi Wedding Planners

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If you have landed on this page, the biggest reason would be, you have your big day coming in near future. So, before we begin let me just say Congratulations! Wish you a very happy married life! Marriages, as they say, are make in heaven but eminent on earth.

And these celebrations are stressful for all concerned, whether it be groom party or bride party. Booking a venue, hiring a good caterer, finding the best DJ. The decorators, florists, photographer and a million other things are needing to be done to make a wedding a success.  And since, you are choosing for the biggest occasion of your life.

You would obviously want everything to be perfect. But, not  only the preparations for the wedding day. But also, the day of marriage are full of tensions, stress, leaving the most important people in marriage exhausted from all the work a wedding demands. This is where a marriage planner delhi or wedding planner delhi comes in.  They are people who manage everything from big details to smallest ones. Also make a wedding truly enjoyable for all concerned.

Wedding Day in Delhi


A wedding planner in Delhi patiently listens to your ideas, your vision for wedding day, and converts them into reality without you having to deal with every little deal and trust me, a wedding is rife with little details, that if ignored and create big problems.

What is more they help you arrange about the various choices. That you are sure to come across in everything, by giving you an honest pros and cons list for everything. Their experience comes in handy in making the most of things. And staying out of troubled waters.  Also making the things that you didn’t think possible, possible.

When we manage our own weddings in Delhi, we lack the experience to manage an event of such importance and scale, while a wedding planner in Delhi saves us from making mistakes that are commonly made in weddings.

He keeps expenditure in budget


Everyone has a vision of what they  want for their marriage but do not know how much it is going to cost. Delhi wedding planners can give you a close idea of budget your vision is going to take to become reality.

As is well known, a marriage goes out of budget. But a good planner strictly works with in the budget and according to time limit. And still manages to give an enviable wedding for a specified budget. So, his fees are really nothing as compared to benefits his hiring will bring to you.

Wedding planner in Delhi usually has contacts with every vendor essential to wedding, so you get the best for relatively lesser prices as vendors do business through planners at lesser profits.

First things first


Before deciding on a wedding planner, you must ask them if they are free on the date of you marriage because if they aren’t there is no use taking their interview.

And if you have decided on a venue it is always good to ask, if they have planned any wedding there. Because then you wedding planner will know how things are done in that venue and will be able to manage things in a better way.

Even if they haven’t managed a wedding at the venue of your choice, don’t take it as a failing. But just as a factor.  What matters the most is how they are at managing weddings delhi in general, ask about the number of weddings they have planned and see their portfolio and then decide.

And if you haven’t chosen a venue yet, a wedding planner can save you a lot of trouble. And expense and suggest a few locations that will suit you the best according to your wants. Like some people prefer, having a wedding, close to their place, some prefer hotel, other banquet halls still others prefer marriage palaces in delhi.

And you won’t have to check every venue, take their rate quotes, negotiate. All this is done for you by the wedding planners delhi.  Then there is another matter of destination wedding or theme wedding, in such weddings, a planner is truly useful.

A range of prices and if they have a minimum wedding budget they’ll work with. This is a good way to gauge whether they’re within your price range. If you haven’t set a budget yet. It can give you an idea of what your budget would be.

Wedding planners are equip to plan your every function from ring ceremony/engagement, Sangeet, mehndi to the wedding. Even small functions before and after marriage. Another event planners in Delhi, party planners in Delhi, delhi wedding planners available at very cheap rates.

Review and references


Ask for their last ten clients numbers and talk to them to see how accommodating the wedding planner is. In case some unforeseen situation arises.

But of course you can limit the number of functions in which you want the services of a wedding planner, a.k.a A la carte planning delhi.