Top Wedding Planner in Mumbai – 9780780232-Mumbai Wedding Planner
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Wedding Planner Mumbai

Top Wedding Planner in Mumbai – 9780780232

Best Wedding Planner in Mumbai

Congratulations first of All! May God grant you every happiness in this new phase of life that you have embarked upon.  But before embarking upon that new phase, you obviously need to prepare for your big day. Which is why you have come looking for wedding planner in Mumbai.

Congratulations once again, because you have come at the right place. We will not only tell you how to select best wedding planner Mumbai out there. But also present before you some suggestions on best wedding planners in Mumbai in case you do not have any idea where to start from.

Finding the perfect wedding planner in Mumbai or anywhere will take time and patience. So, buckle up and relax because we may be in for a bumpy ride.

A wedding planner Mumbai is a one-man army who can manage your wedding programs in Mumbai with finesse of professional without any headache/agony to you. He can give you wedding of your dreams and make your wishes come true.

While wedding planner is master of managing Mumbai weddings but it is always better to choose a wedding planner Delhi that is on same page as you.

Who can understand what you want and be resourceful enough to make your ideas possible, in short, a wedding planner Mumbai that clicks with you and is a genie, so to speak.


Full Services Wedding Planners Mumbai: – A full service wedding planner Mumbai arranges each detail of the wedding. They organize the weddings and make things run smoother. To give you an overview of the extent of their job description, we can tell you that.

  1. They help you by suggesting good wedding vendors Mumbai which saves you time. And energy in collecting references, meeting them in person, asking them same questions, calling their past clients, asking them about their work.
  2. This all is save when wedding planner gives you a select list of vendors. Who can work according to your tastes and budget, to choose from.
  3. They help you in selecting the wedding venue as well as venues for all other functions. They know about all new and old wedding venues. The problems encountered in those venues and their strengths too.
  4. And if you have any venue in mind, they can advise you about its shortcomings and strength and maybe get you a discount too.
  5. He help you in selecting the accommodation facilities of the guests. He call your guests to coordinate with them, arrange rooms and conveyance facilities for them.
  6. They give you suggestions about wedding card makers in Mumbai and once you have selected a wedding.
  7. Take care of their delivery and addressing them to guests and making sure they reach the guests well in time.
  8. They will give you a list of best florists to choose from.
  9. Wedding planners in Mumbai usually have in-house decorating material. But even if they do not have the decorating material they can procure it from outside vendors.

 Assistant Wedding Planner: An assistant wedding planner in Mumbai will only give you suggestions about the vendors in your budget. And as per your need, set up interviews with them.

Thereby lessening the stress of planning a wedding Mumbai. Most of the time in planning a wedding goes towards finding the names of prospective vendors.

That time is saved by Assistant Wedding Planner Mumbai. This is for those people who would like to keep an active hand in the preparation and only need suggestions.

 Wedding Coordinator: Wedding coordinator in Mumbai is an on-day coordinator. Who organizes with different vendors on the wedding day, so everything is done without any hitch.

He may be on-day coordinator, but that does not mean that he will show up during your functions. And manage everything. He will need to know your expectations, meet the vendors you hired, inspect the venue you choose few days before your wedding and coordinate with the vendors on the day of the wedding.

Things to Look for in a Wedding Planner Mumbai

Experience:- Experience of having done a plenty of marriages means the wedding planner Mumbai is adept at handling crisis. And there is hardly going to be a crisis that he hasn’t seen or dealt with.

Experience also means he has probably done work with the other vendors you have hired. Or knows the ins and outs of the working style of the vendor he has brought on roll.

Both of which translate into good working camaraderie. Mumbai is a big city with plenty of options, an experienced Mumbai Wedding planner will suggest places. And things that you may have never seen before but which will look great

Open to Communication:- In the first interview, a good wedding planner in Mumbai will ask you a lot of questions about your wedding date. Any vision you may have of how your functions should be. Your preferred place of celebration, budget, number of guests to take part in each function.

The scope of his involvement in the wedding. In turn he will listen to you carefully about your ideas, your expectations. He will not be overly critical or overrun your ideas. But advising you where you are going beyond your budget.

Or when you are set on something that will not go with the look of the entire role as at the end of the day. It is his responsibility that your wedding is organized as possible and goes smoothly.

Keep Things Within Budget

This is a very important factor as you do not want to hire a wedding planner Mumbai who is going to go beyond your budget.

 Hire one who will work within the budget and bring you the best that your budget can buy. There are Mumbai wedding planners who do not take on a wedding that costs less than a certain amount. They usually charge a percentage of the total expenditure.

Showcase of their Work

Unlike a photographer but much like a caterer, you cannot gauge capability of a wedding planner from their portfolio.

You can see they decorated the venue like a palace and you can see that the presentation of the food is great. But what you cannot see is the logistical work that a Mumbai wedding planner must do for smooth running of function.

To know about logistical capabilities of a wedding planner in Mumbai you will have to talk to their past clients.


Some people have overbearing personality and their over bearingness spills into their work too. And such people can try to push their ideas onto you. He plays a key role in your wedding. So, choose a wedding planner Mumbai who clicks with you as you



Are you available of wedding/functions date/dates?

Now this is the most important question as you do not want to set your heart on a wedding planner. Who is not available on the dates that on which your functions or your wedding fall.

How long have you been in business or how many weddings have you planned?

In keeping with the advice written in the Things to Remember Column above. Experience counts for much when selecting a wedding planner.

That is not to say that a new entrant cannot hold his own but sometimes, situations might arise that only an experienced planner can handle with calmness.

Though it is not necessary that your Mumbai wedding planner must have worked at your wedding venue before. Since an experienced professional will know how the place can be managed and what can go wrong where.

Similarly, it is not essential that he has worked with the vendors you have hired. As wedding vendors know and understand that they must work with other vendors professionally to do their job well.

Ask for specific examples of the weddings they have planned in past complete with photographs. And their phone numbers and testimonials if any.

Can you work in our budget?

The best way to begin is to know your budget. And then to keep yourself within its bounds. So, that you don’t find yourself knee-deep in debt after the wedding.

Knowing your budget would mean that you know just how much involvement do you need of a wedding planner Mumbai. You need not come prepared with exact amount you want to spend on each thing.

All that you are required to know is the overall budget. And a tentative idea of what you want to do, the wedding planner Mumbai will help you with the rest.

Like this wedding planner will also get to know your budget and expectation and will be able to assist you within. That budget or he might advise you that your vision will require a bigger budget to fructify.

Do you provide a contract?

Though in India, contracts are usually not sought in many businesses. But it is always beneficial for all sides to have everything written

And signed so each party is on same page and there are no last-minute hiccups. No party can say they have not been hired to do something. If they have signed on the contract stating that work to be their responsibility.

Each contract clearly enumerates the duties of each parties i.e. In Mumbai wedding planning. The services offered by the wedding planner Mumbai and date, place and the charges to be paid by the one hiring him as.

Also, the date by which all the payment must be done. These are just general terms. You can add as many conditions as you want so long all the parties agree to it.

Also in case, something goes extremely wrong, the wronged party will have recourse to go to court to get decompensated.

How much time does planning a wedding takes?

Now the answer to this question really depends upon you. Many guests, destination wedding, multiple functions, hiring event performers etc. will obviously need more time for planning.

Do most of the weddings they planned look the same?

Some Mumbai wedding planners are more wedding decorators than planners. You will see from the photographs. That they provide that decorations are mostly the same with difference in color schemes only.

If you are happy with their decoration and do not need much help planning. Then you can hire them but if you are looking to create something different. You had best scout for some other wedding planner.

This usually comes under “Big Fat Indian Wedding”, If you want an extravagant wedding but cannot find time or imagination to design it yourself. You can go for wedding planners who design exotic weddings too.

You need only give them an idea of what you want and how much you want to spend. They will take care of the rest. You can choose the level of supervision you want to keep over the whole designing and implementation. Of course, they will defer to you before making big decisions.

Do you have favorite vendors that you prefer to work with?

Most wedding planners in Mumbai work with a list of vendors they like. That usually means they can get you discounts. And you can get an estimate of their quality of their work too.

However, if those planners only work with their preferred vendors. It severely restricts your ability to hire vendors whom you like. Also, most wedding planners in Mumbai get commission from vendors for the work they bring to them.

And you can negotiate with the wedding planner to lower the percentage of commission which will add to your savings.