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wedding photographers delhi

Best Wedding Photography in Delhi

Wedding Photographer in Delhi

Weddings are cause for celebrations because it marks union of two souls, it is joyous and happy event. But it takes a lot of preparation and planning to make it beautiful and organised. There are so many vendors you need to hire.

But in this post, we will be dealing with finding best wedding photographer in Delhi. And sometimes we are at a loss as to how to select a wedding photographer in Delhi. In this post we will give you the right questions to ask a wedding photographer Delhi. So, you can choose wisely and be confident about your decision.

First thing you need to keep in mind while hiring any vendor be it florist. Or caterer or photographer Delhi is that you should feel comfortable with them. If you think that you can’t communicate with them effectively.

Or there is some communication gap between you too. Either you address the issue otherwise you had best start looking for another Delhi wedding photographer. Because it is the biggest day of your life and you want everything to be perfect and for perfection to come. You and everyone you hire should be on same page.

Types of Wedding Photography in Delhi


Traditional Photography in Delhi


It is the classic and timeless form of photography. In traditional photography Delhi, photographers in Delhi will produce posed photographs. And includes staged photography of the bride and groom and of groups with them.

Photographer focuses on some key shots from a list provided by the bride. And groom as well as from a set list of planned poses. Their focus is on capturing the set poses of bride and groom as well as guest list and not the moments for which their concentration remains on lights. Alignment of the bodies etc.

This type of photography is suited for portrait making. It lacks the emotions that plays through the faces of the guest throughout the function.

Photojournalism or Candid Photography


It is currently the most sought-after type of delhi wedding photography. In this, photographer follows the bride and groom and guests to capture candid moments. Unlike in delhi Traditional photography, photojournalistic photographer delhi usually blends in and tries to capture the emotions that run through the ceremony.

Shots are not formal. Candid photographer in Delhi tries to tell a story through the images. There are no set poses, photographer uses his ingenuity to freeze the best moments in films. He shoots what flows naturally, no managing the poses, no tinkering with light equipment and without following any set list.

Traditional & Candid Photography in Delhi


Now-a-days couples look for photographers that can do both or they hire separate wedding photographers in Delhi for traditional and candid photography Delhi.

Before we start with the questions you should be asking, we will tell you a few questions that you should not be asking. Although it is your big day and you are entitled to clear all doubts and ask every question in the book.

Professional Photographers in Delhi know and understand the importance of the day and will gladly field all your questions. So, you are satisfied. They welcome every question that helps you get them know better professionally but we would still advice you to forego this question as it serves no real purpose. And you will understand just why when we explain it to you.

Which camera do you own?


It really does not matter all that much. Most professionals have good cameras to remain in business and unless you know a good deal about photography delhi.

There is no point asking this question. They could be having the most expensive and latest camera but might not have skills to use that camera to take brilliant shots so don’t ask this question. If you like their portfolio, that’s all the information you need on the make and model of the camera.


Are you available on my wedding date?

This is certainly the most important question to ask a wedding photographer in Delhi. Whose name you have included in your tentative list for photographers. Since you have put their name in the prospective photographers list. Something in their work obviously attracted you.

Before asking them all the questions you have, start with the simplest and most important one, are you free on that date? Because if he is not, there is no point in having an interview, wasting both your and his time.

How much experience do you have in wedding photography?


Experience trumps talent sometimes. Indian weddings are extravaganzas. An experienced photographer in Delhi will have an idea where in the wedding venue or ceremony venue. He will get the most exciting photographs.

Unless you hire a team of wedding photographers, you will have to depend on your photographer to be present at the most important places, without having to send someone to look for him.

Experience will tell him the best places to conduct a photoshoot, the best angles to take pictures.

How many weddings have you covered?


India is a multicultural community and Delhi being the capital of India, has every community in respectable number.  Every community has different customs, rituals and ceremonies.

A photographer in Delhi who has covered a few weddings or even one wedding of a community will have some idea of customs of that community. Which will help him be conscious about where and when the important action is going on.

How many wedding photographers will I need to cover a wedding of 500-1000 guests?


Number of wedding photographers you will need to hire depends upon the size of you guest list. For a gathering of 500-1000 guest, you will need a minimum of three wedding photographers to cover the entire guest list.

You can choose to hire both traditional and candid photographers separately or you can hire one studio. That has master photographer in both these types of photography.

Do you have a portfolio I can review?


Most photographers have websites in this digital era and they showcase some of their work on it. But what you should aim for is checking out one or two whole albums that covers all the functions and weddings.

This may sound too time consuming but hiring based on ten good photographs can make you repent later.

What happens if you are unable to reach the function due to any reason?

This is a very valid question. One can never tell what will happen in the future and photographer is also a human bound by nature. He might get sick or be involved in an accident. And might become unable to attend your functions despite trying his best.

Your functions aren’t going to wait for him to get well.  You might lose the wonderful opportunity to document some of the most important moments of your life. So, ask how he will manage such circumstance.

He should have a master photographer in delhi who can overtake the function if he becomes unable to attend the function due to any reason. And you would not be too pushy if you asked to review his work too.

How far in advance do I need to book you?

Some photographers are like hot cakes, their calendar fills way too fast. While most photographs will say, “You can do it now”. You will need to exercise prudence and judge which ones you interviewed are the busiest.

And sought after and which ones are not that busy. If you have liked a photographer too much. You can just book them then too but if you aren’t sure it is better to interview some photographer.

Before you decide on a photographer as wedding photography is expensive. And you don’t want to lose booking amount or hire a not-so-good photographer in  a hurry.

What is your photography style?

Two photography styles are in fashion in Delhi now, one is Traditional and Photography. Both requires different level of expertise, experience and work.

Every wedding photographer has their own style. Both are fantastic styles, it just is a matter of personal choice. If you are decided on the style of photography. Then you need not shortlist the photographers who excel in various kinds.

But if you want coverage in both styles then obviously you will need to interview both types of photographers. Don’t ask an expert in photojournalistic in delhi to shoot artistic or portraiture, as that will not give you best results.

If you are hiring a studio, ask who will be the photographer who will shoot your wedding?

A studio has many master photographers. It is not necessary that the photographer you are talking to will be the photographer who will be shooting your wedding.

Once you decide on a wedding photography studio in Delhi and not individual photographers. You should ask and get to know the photographer who will be your wedding photographer.

What is the turnaround time for wedding photographs and videos?

Photographs and videos taken by the photographer are in raw format. The photographs you see in wedding album are a result of a lot of editing, same is the case with the videos.

Editing every photo takes time as every photo at least needs to be retouched and colour balanced. So, the turnaround time largely depends on the work pressure on the photographer

And the number of photographs you order. The turnaround time for wedding photographs and videos usually varies from two weeks to six months.

What is included in your package?


The services you might need from a wedding photographer are:

Pre-wedding shoot, Engagement photoshoot and videography, sangeet photoshoot and videography, Wedding photoshoot and videography, salon photoshoot and videography, interviews of the families.

Check what is included in their package. You can customize the package according to your needs. Include as many functions (so long as your wedding photographer is available on those days) or exclude as many services as you want.

Have you ever worked at my wedding site before?


While this is not that big a criterion but familiarity with the venue helps the photographer know the best places to shoot the pictures. If the wedding venue in Delhi you can ask your photographer to have a look at the wedding venue before the wedding. So, he can get an idea of the place which will help him in choosing location for the photo shoot on the wedding day.

Do you have back up equipment?


Equipment malfunctions happen all the time and you do not want to be caught in crossfire. So, ask if your wedding photographer or even pre-wedding shoot photographer in delhi carries spare equipment of same quality with them to cater to any emergencies.