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Wedding Photographers in Nashik

Every wedding is a personal story and one thing every couple wants from their wedding and wedding photographs is that they should reflect who they are. Wedding day is one of the biggest day’s of one’s lives, as such, everything is chosen with great care and feeling of happiness. Hundreds of vendors are interviewed to chose one vendor which fits the requirements be it a florist, band, wedding planner, wedding photographer, caterer etc. Time consuming though it may be, but when it comes to seeking perfection you leave no stone unturned to find that one wedding vendor who not only has the best stuff or great experience but is creative too. After all you are trying to create a story and not celebrate your wedding day like it was someone’s retirement party at office.


Scripting a successful wedding story is achieved by team work. All working in unison to give happy memories. While you can decide exactly what you want with the florists, band, caterers, tent etc, only one variable remains and that is wedding photographer. No matter how many poses you may have selected, at the end of it is genius of the wedding photographer to capture perfect moments. The real art behind photography is capturing emotions and not just clicking pictures.


Editing can only do so much. Its the real photograph that makes the difference, this is the reason wedding photography is a field of expertise in itself. Observing the important people, being at the right place at the right time, friendly nature, being able to be at one’s toes for the entire function are some of the qualities that every great wedding photographer shares. Unlike product photographer, who has to take the best photograph of a lifeless object, a wedding photographer deals with real people with real emotions. It takes real talent and expertise to shoot the right moments!



Now you may be thinking about the right way to go about finding your perfect wedding photographer. The best way to find your ideal wedding photographer remains the same though your ultimate choice may differ.


First thing you do is start early so you have plenty of time to take each step in finding the right wedding photographer.


Then you ask family and friends for recommendations as well as look through our advertisers here. Once you have 5-10 names in your hand. Start calling them to ask if they have websites (which everyone does in this age). Check them out. This will help initial expunging. After you have selected 4-5 names from the above list, contact them to set up interviews.


Personal or on-on-one interviews are a very essential step in selecting the right wedding photographer. Reason being, you can check if the photographer gets you and is able to understand what you want and is eager to suggest ways to better your vision and make it more creative while restraining himself/herself from substituting what he thinks would be better. The client usually has a very raw vision of what they would like, so it falls on the photographer to help the clients realise their vision with his talent and expertise.


Also you can go through more of their portfolios to see and check their versatility. Don’t hesitate in asking to see more of their work and take as much time as you want in coming to a decision, after all its your big day and you can entitled to be fussy.


Most couples want pre-wedding shoot now. Very few of them have a place in mind and even for those, the person creating the magical moments is the pre-wedding photographer. Most couples have no idea of the locations, their ideal location could be just a mile away but they may never have thought of that as their pre-wedding shoot location. Of course budget matters but a good pre-wedding shoot photographer will be able to accomodate you in your budget by choosing a location that’s agreeable to both of you and fits in your budget and it will be the photographer’s job to convert the ordinary to extraordinary.


After the interviews, you would be able to select 1-2 photographers that fit into your budget and vision. Negotiate and ask what they will provide in the quoted price. Things in vogue are Pre-wedding photoshoot, pre-wedding song video, wedding photoshoot and its videography (you can also ask for cinematic video of the wedding), photo albums (including coffee table albums). Of course every feature that you add, you will have to pay extra, not that wedding photographer’s fees are any less to begin with. But it’s nothing exaggerated. They do put in a lot of effort to bring out the “wow” factor in the photograph. What you see is only the time spent taking the photographs but What you see is only the time spent taking the photographs but what you don’t see is the hours they put in planning the photoshoot, post production (editing),  printing, archiving, DVD slide shows, customizing photoalbums to portraits. They also have to spend on bringing their assistants, keeping their apparatus in perfect condition etc. So, what they ask for is really justified.


A thorough wedding photograph will want to research the place of the photoshoot, so that they can find the best spots beforehand and get down to the business when their clients come for photoshoot without wasting any time in deciding the locations.