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Water purifier sale service Chandigarh

Water purifier sale service – call 8725050060

RO water purifiers service in chandigarh
water purifiers service in chandigarh
water purifiers service in chandigarh

Ro Sales & service in Chandigarh


Mehta and associates is one of the premier company in Chandigarh who specialize in sales. And service of RO water purifiers in Chandigarh and UV water purifiers in Chandigarh & repairs. We handle all the major areas. Such as Mohali Chandigarh Panchkula kharar Baltana Dhakoli.

And Zirakpur Mubarakpur pinjore mullanpur new Chandigarh Kumbrah balongi airport road etc. We have 6 qualify technician with over minimum 5 years of experience in sale. And service of RO & UV water purifiers and repairs.

Over simplistic definition of RO is to place a membrane a very fine membrane. But pours membrane in water and applying pressure of water. So, that the water gushes out of membrane leading all the impurities in unfiltered water. Because impurities will be of much larger size. Then the pours wholes of the membrane are so tiny.


Water Purifiers Chandigarh


So, that the only a few molecules of water can get out of it. Water Purifiers Chandigarh get impurities such as various chemical compound. dust or various particles. Or biological material such as bacteria viruses. And tiny organism stay in the impure water filter in Chandigarh and ready to be flushed out.

There are three basic ingredients of life. There are multiple ways to save water one is water one is air. And one is food. Contamination of any of these three key ingredients of life can make you sick. Or in some case result is death of individuals.

There is air pollution which has various dust. And smoke particle in it as well as chemical based air pollution. Such as sulphur dioxide choloro flouro carbon. Sulphur dioxide and similar gases mix with water vapour in air to cause in phenomena called acid rain. And choloro floro carbons when added to air damage the ozone layer in upper atmosphere. There by allowing very harmful UV radiation to reach earth. And cause various skin cancers in humans and animals alike in water based pollution. We provides water purifier services in Chandigarh.

Best water purifiers Services in Chandigarh


There are two major types of pollution one is various chemical based. Another one is biological in nature.

In chemical based contamination there are various chemical. That are added to water to both in natural environment. Or via intestinal and unintentional action of human. In term of natural chemical contamination.We can most common is fluoride, uranium, sodium chloride. And similar types of contamination one there is uranium contamination of Daily usable water.

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8725050060 Please call us or get in touch with us if you are looking for these types of quires.

  • In case of Fluoride contamination. it results in various diseases of stomach dental diseases various skin diseases.
  • The radio activity of the uranium causes various genetic disorder in children.
  • Sodium chloride is also known as common salt. when it is accessibly added to the water it causes multiple health issues. Such as dry skin, high blood pressure due to salt. And it weakens the bones due to loss of body water. water purifiers service provider in Chandigarh

Water purifiers repair and services chandigarh


There is natural biological contaminant in water such as bacteria. And viruses & various other contamination like fecal matter in terms of bacteria’s such as E. coli cause serious health diseases. Which has a very high mortality rate then there is cholera virus which causes cholera which is one of the leading causes of death of children worldwide. price of water purifiers in Chandigarh

Food contamination also happens primarily because of contaminated water, using contaminated water to wash and cook the food. Therefore, we can safely say that contaminated water is the number one cause of diseases worldwide.

During pre-historic time our ancestors did not understand disease or contamination as such. But they did understand the concept that foul-smelling water or water with particulate matter in it seems to cause illness that usually led to death. water purifiers repair in Chandigarh

They used whatever they had available to them to clean the water. And it usually meant passing water through a clay port. Because it seems to get rid of most of the particulate matter as well as boiling the water which seemed to get-rid of foul smell etc. water purifiers repair and services chandigarh

RO Water purification systems in Chandigarh


However, with the invention of microscopes and various other chemical processes. We as humans came to know that earlier methods of water purification were very inadequate. So, with the technological advancement of the society. As well as improvement in our understanding of various chemical processes various new water purifier system were invented the major ones the survived were UV and RO Water purification systems. 

In UV base water filtrations system, a strong ultra violet light is used to kill biological organism in water such as bacteria’s amoeba and viruses etc. aquafresh service centre in Chandigarh

You might had heard that RO purification systems are very efficient system in terms of purification of water it filters out 99.99% of particulate and biological matter. 

Natural Flow of Essential Minerals


All the water that supply to your home via pipe water is contaminate at one point or another. It can be both intentional or unintentional. For example chlorine is add to water as source to kill of any bacteria in water. But if chlorine is inhale in close environment such as a closed room it can sometime prove fatal. 

Through RO water filtration water taste better because it is the purest form of water. However, In the earlier models of water purifier they removed all everything except the water while it might appear to be a good thing on paper. water purifiers for sale in Chandigarh

But it deprived the body of its natural flow of essential minerals. That is why when you drink plane bottled water you constantly feel thirsty. Because your body is craving for minerals in newer models of water purifiers manufactures have added a mineral candle in it.

What this candle does it. You once the water is fully purified it adds the minerals in water remineralization in water is extremely important. Because the water without minerals will end up leeching away mineral from the body itself such as calcium magnesium etc.

Calcium is the base ingredient for bones. And teeth non-mineralize water can resulting brutal bones. and teeth and related small problems. It also results in loosing many types of vitamins of our body. As well and everything goes out while urination. They reason why happen this. Because water has a slight negative charge.

And it being a very simple three atom molecule sticks to most of the chemical compounds. So, if naturals mineral is not add in the water to negate he negative charge. It takes the positively charge minerals from the body. genuine parts of water purifiers in Chandigarh

Nobody wants to take away one problem only to add another. which is the case with no mineralize water. Lack of such minerals in natural quantities can result in various complications such as heart problems overall lack of energy in body muscle cramps etc. aquafresh ro water purifier price Chandigarh