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Best packers and movers in Panchkula

The first thing you need to decide is whether to hire packers and movers in Panchkula or to do the packing yourself and only hire truck for moving. This is purely personal choice dependent upon your budget, your inclination, quantity of your stuff, time you have available for managing the move and the amount of stress you can handle.



Stuck between deciding to pack up and move yourself or hire professional packing and moving services in Panchkula? Below are some very valid reasons that may help you decide:


Commonly, people believe that if they take packing and moving services, it will cost them a fortune but actually its the other way around. Not hiring packers and movers in Panchkula might result in being too costly. Reliable packers and movers, pack your stuff professionally with the best packing material available and because they re-use the packing material, it is in their best interest to get the best packing material as buying packing material for every job would get expensive. If you were to go out and buy the quantity and quality of packing material, you would end up shelling out more as you will be buying that material in retail. Then you will need people to load and unload your stuff and a truck for transport. If you hire them all separately, it will cost you more.


You get professional service providers for loading and unloading your stuff saving it from scratches and breakage. When you try to load or unload yourself, you are bound to miscalculate, that can lead to scratches and a small mistake in keeping the boxes carefully, you can lose a lot of stuff with a small jerk of truck.  Moving professionals in Panchkula are trained to properly pack the boxes so there is no wastage of space and boxes are stacked against each other in such a manner that each box gives support to other.


Since the packers and movers do the maximum work, leaving you to only supervise, moving becomes a lot easier and leaves you free to take care of the work that needs to be done by you, like disconnection of electricity, water supply, payment of governmental taxes, changing the address for mailing etc


If you try to load and unload your heavy stuff yourself you are bound to leave scruffs and scrapes on the walls and woodwork and new inmates of the house or your old landlord will not be too happy about it and may not return your advance money without deducting some amount for repair.



There are plenty of packer and mover companies in Panchkula but finding the most reliable packer and mover is a tough job. You need to be equipped with knowledge of right questions to ask to see if they will handle the move professionally and competently.


  1. Thoroughly examine the policy of the packer and mover company in Panchkula to see how attuned they are to the needs of their clients. What is their policy for items broken in their custody? How do they handle incompetent staff? What if you are not satisfied with their services?
  2. Taking estimates from atleast 4 packer and mover companies and comparing their services to see who provides quality service? Who has the most competitive rates? Who provides the best insurance cover? How many days will they need to pack your home up and deliver your stuff to you new home or office?
  3. If you are looking to relocate your office, if the packer and mover has any experience in moving office of your size? Office is full of important paperwork and all kind of electronic paraphernalia and computers and its accessories, so it’s important that the packing and moving staff is trained in handling such stuff with care. Whether the service staff be able to dissemble the Air conditioners, computers etc and them assemble it at destination or you will have to hire other professionals for that.
  4. If you have a pet and you want the packers and movers to transport them, you should ask them about their policies for pet care.
  5. If you want the movers to transport your bike or car, in addition to asking the charges for transporting your bike or car, ask about their insurance policy for any damage to your vehicle.
  6. Insist on signing a contract specifying all points of agreement so each party knows where they stand in respect to another. Insist on insurance to protect your stuff in case of any mishap.
  7. Ask about the approximate period needed to move your possessions and if they anticipate any problem during the transit and how will they handle it?
  8. Your new or old home is on third floor and there is no lift, will they charge extra or it.



Anyone who has ever made a move to a new place knows how time consuming, exhausting and stressful it can be, especially when you are not hiring packers and movers. The time, energy, effort and patience needed to pack up your life, as you knew it, is tremendously trying physically and emotionally. In such scenario, if you aren’t armed with the right knowledge, you are setting yourself up for some common packing mistakes. These mistakes are:

Skipping the purging

In all the years you have been living in your soon to be former home, you must have accumulated a number of things that either you have never used or that have become unusable. Mistake number 1 is thinking of taking all your stuff (useful and redundant) to your new home. Dispose off whatever has fallen to disuse at your old home, it is not prudent to take it to new home firstly because you will have to expend time, energy and packing material on this useless stuff, secondly you will have to pay for moving this stuff.

Packing without planning

You can’t start planning for a move soon enough. As soon as you have decided to move, begin preparing for it, to make the move as stress free as possible. Plan your move according to the area, weather and the dimensions of the house you are relocating to.

If you are thinking about starting packing without planning, you are setting yourself for some serious headache both before the move and certainly after the move. Pack with a plan. Don’t just throw things in boxes, this will make things very difficult when you have to unpack them. Pack according to a plan, whether it is to pack room by room or pack one category of item first then move to next.

Insufficient packing supplies

Use optimal packing material in packing your stuff, do not be over generous or under generous with the packing. A fragile item needs different type of packing as compared to unbreakable.

Too heavy boxes

If you stuff your boxes too much, they may fall apart any moment breaking your things in the process. Take care of the weight limit of the boxes while putting things in them.

Not securing boxes

Boxes should be taped along the edges and at the opening to give it more support so it does not give away under the weight of the object put inside it.  Make sure that you get sturdy boxes and not the thin and flexible ones.

Not providing enough cushion

As important as it to wrap your fragile stuff to save them from scratches, the need for providing cushion to break to protect them from breakage can not be under-emphasized. Bubble wrap, newspapers, blankets, bed sheets can be used to provide cushion.

Lack of Labeling

Another mistake people commonly make is forgetting to label the boxes. Labelling takes few seconds but sometimes, people procrastinate and ignore labeling. Labeling is for your convenience only. With labelling, things get easier. You won’t have to open every box to see what it contains.

Forgetting survival kit

Survival kit is just that. Survival kit is packed for the day you move into your new house when all your stuff is packed. It contains all the essential items you need everyday from your toiletries to clean sheets for bed to clean clothes and food and water and if you have kids, the things they get cranky without.


Faulty packing

Different types of things require different type of packing. Not packing things properly can lead to scratches or breakage. Fragile items require careful packing with ample cushion to absorb shock. While steel items don’t need any packing at all, all you need to do is put them in a box (not filling the box too much) and they are ready to be transported.

Forbidden items

Packers and movers don’t transport inflammable material except cooking cylinder. If you want to transport inflammable material, you have to let them beforehand, so they can make appropriate arrangements for transportation of such items.


Don’t put off packing till the eleventh hour. Packing should start as soon as you have decided to move, to make the whole process stress free and also to ensure safety of most of the things.