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How to save costs while constructing or renovating a house

You may have heard the “Go Green” cries from many NGOs and filed it under the bracket of “not for us”. Well, thats not the right approach in today’s times, this motto is for everyone¬† and can be followed by everyone from nations to industralists to common people in their own ways.


Governments do it by supplying newer and better technologies and makes rules against carbon emissions. Industralists do it by using those better technologies and we can do it by making small lifestyle changes, that do not cost a thing but can work to build a better earth.



Renovating need not mean using new stuff . You can use old things with a few modifications to give it an appearance of new. Even while knocking down a wall or room, instead of letting the bricks go to waste, you can ask the contractor to be careful with the bricks, so you can get maximum bricks intact. Reclaiming those old things helps you save money and you can help the environment by reducing the carbon emitting process used to create that thing anew.  For example in remodeling or renovating kitchen, instead of changing cabinet, you can paint them or change its plyboard if cabinet is otherwise fine. And going a step further you cn change its knobs to give it a completely new look.



If you are looking to replace your old appliances too (after all technology gets better everyday), you should consider getting the appliances with better energy saving technology.  Though a little expensive than run-of-the-mill appliances, they more than compensate the extra prices with lower electricity bills. And instead of tossing your old appliance, donate them to the needy.



Government is promoting use of solar energy as a means of primary energy in home, offices and industries by providing subsidies in solar panels. Take advantage of this initiative, once installed, they have long lives, low maintenance, will reduce dependence on electricity and lower the bills. Win-win situation for everyone.


Going green is a matter of choice and hardly requires any extra effort on your part but this choice will go a long way in diminishing the carbon footprint and making earth cleaner.