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best property consultants in chandigarh

Property Consultant/Real Estate Agent in Chandigarh

Top Property Consultant/Real Estate Agent

In Chandigarh




Whether you are in the market for buying or for selling a property….any property…you will find it to be the most frustrating work you have ever encountered. There are myriad decisions to be made by both the sellers as well as the buyers. For first time seller or buyer, things are more emotional than practical but for a seller or buyer who has sold or bought even once before, things become more practical and financial implications of a decision such as this is huge both for buyer and seller.


To navigate all these hurdles and implications, you will need help of a subject matter expert! A person who understands your needs and anticipates your future needs and helps you arrive at a decision you couldn’t have come to on your own (not without expending valuable time and resources, at least and he is called a property consultant/real estate agent.  But how do you know if this particular person is the best person for the job? Here we are listing some important qualities a property consultant must possess. We are best property consultants in Chandigarh, get an amazing advice from our specialist at very low prices.


He should know the area where he is operating, backwards and forwards so he knows all the ins and outs and can guide both the seller about the price that the property can easily fetch and the buyer about the area and its pros and cons. Check more details about  real estate agent in Chandigarh and their reviews.


Since a property consultant at chandigarh represents both the parties, he has to make sure that he is bringing the best deal to the table both for the seller and buyer.  He must never lose sight of the fact that he is a professional first and foremost and not an employee of any particular party. So it becomes his duty to care for both parties’ interest to an equal degree.


Property consultant or a real estate agent is a juggler of many tasks.  He has to keep both seller and buyer happy, neither should feel dissatisfied. A good property consultant is a good listener. He listens and understands the motivation behind the selling and buying and works according to the wishes of the parties.  A good property consultant understands that a lot of time and personal effort goes into satisfying a client as no two clients are same. In one locality, one buyer maybe buying because of its peaceful environment, other due to its close proximity to market, still other because it’s close to his kids school. So different clients will have different motivations and for successful closure of a deal, it becomes imperative for him to appreciate them.  If you are searching Top 10 real estate agents in Chandigarh, then click on this link.


A good property consultant will remain on top of all the latest changes in law. He is the person who does everything from showing the property till the actual registration. Both parties rely on him to do things right. He must see that all the documents needed for transfer of ownership are in order and if there are any special requirements imposed by the government for the change in ownership, he must have full knowledge about it and must inform the parties about them too. A consultants business depends on good referrals. A good deal and property dealers in Chandigarh, happy clients are necessary to build their business.


A good property consultant adapts to the mode/style of the communication preferred by the client. Some clients need to know every single detail about the property, this usually is the case with clients buying property for the first time and when selecting a residential or commercial for use, while others might only need the information about the property and best property dealers in Chandigarh they can calculate rest of the things themselves, this happens with clients who buy property as investment. So he must deal with the client according to their level of experience.


A good property consultant & real estate advisor in chandigarh understands if his client is in hurry to sell or buy and works according to his time frame. If he feels his client is in no hurry, he can advise the client whether he will get a better price if he waits a little while longer.


Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Chandigarh


3 S Real Estate


Sco 512 First Floor, Chandigarh Sector 70, Chandigarh – 160061

real estate agents in chandigarh


Rama Property Consultants

+(91)-9780418830, +(91)-9814042287

house no.40 army flats, Sector 44a, Chandigarh – 160047, opp 44 d main market(Map)

property dealers in Chandigarh


Sharma Real Estate

+(91)-9915226303, +(91)-7986706348

house number 2095 c, phase 9, Sector 63 Phase 9, Chandigarh – 160062, Housing board flats (Map)

best property dealers in Chandigarh

property consultant

Sri Sai Estate


sco 66, sec 82, Mohali, Chandigarh – 160062, jlpl Mohali

real estate advisor in Chandīgarh

real estate agent in chandigarh

 S Property Consultant 

+(91)-9915700049, +(91)-8054300049, +(91)-9872840249

Scf 16 Banipal Complex, Sector 64 Phase 10, Chandigarh – 160062, Near Cricket Stadium Phase 10

Chandigarh Property Dealers

real estate

Lehal real estates

+(91)-9815604809, +(91)-7009727223

SCF-92, first floor, cabin no-3, Phase-11 Mohali, Mohali, Chandigarh – 160062, NEAR SUKEJA MEDICAL STORE

real estate advisor in chandigarh

Estate Agents for Residence

Rupinder Jeet Property Consultant


Scf 48, Phase 10, Moha, Chandigarh – 160062, Opp. Silvi park

Property Sales & Purchase

Arora Real Estate


Scf 9, First Floor, Sector 65 Phase 11, Chandigarh – 160062, Above CCD (Map)

Estate Agents For Residential Rental

JIMMY Estates


Shop no 24, NEAR PCA STADIUM, Sector 64 Phase 10, Chandigarh – 160062, Opposite gate of house fed

Estate Agents

Nagra Builders and Contractors

+(91)-9501775225, +(91)-9416924498

Shop Number 36 Sector 127 Shivalik City, Landran Kharar Road, Mohali, Chandigarh – 160062, Near Bank of Baroda