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Best Packers & movers service Delhi

Packers Movers Transporters Relocators Delhi

There are a lot of people who have to move due to professional and/or personal reasons. No matter the reason for moving, it is always taxing on people both physically. And emotionally to move their lives from one place to another.

Added to it is the stress of taking your things that you have accumulated over the years to a new place. Packer and movers in Delhi help you with this burden by taking off the responsibility to transfer everything. You need to your new location with as much care. Caution as you would have exercised while transporting your own belongings Packers Movers Services Delhi.

Though they charge you for their services, in the end, it is a lot less hassle to just hire them than doing things on your own. Like you wouldn’t need to worry about how to hire transport truck in Delhi or truck not arriving at the time, or arranging for packaging material. Or not packaging things properly or loading and unloading of things, at the end of the day, not to mention the time saved. Now it becomes the problem of packers and movers in Delhi to save time for you.

Best Packers & Movers Services in Delhi

Difference Between Packers Movers in Delhi And Delhi Transporters

Packer and movers are a type of company that provides services in moving items from Delhi to another city. The major difference between movers and packers and transporters is packer and movers are a full-service company.

 Delhi packing and moving company will come to your place, pack your goods with their own packaging material, ship them to the destination, unload and unpack the goods. They keep them the way you want them while a transporter will only load your packaged/ unpackaged goods from your place into a truck and takes them to your destination, unloads them there.

You are responsible for packing and unpacking of the things. All you have to do in order to hire a packers & movers company in Delhi is you need to provide them with picking location, destination location. A rough estimate in number of items to be transported, type of items to be transported and they will take care of the rest.

Capital required for starting a movers and Packers Company is not big. The Same mode of transportation is used by transporters and movers & packers. Two basic difference being hiring staff that can carefully pack and unpack and mind-full transport to destination. And the use of packaging material to keep them safe.

Why Packer & Movers Have Become Essential in This Time and Age?

Best Packers & movers service Delhi are usually very growing company, because earlier if a family had to relocate. Family members would manage it among themselves without seeking any external help. But as the families are getting smaller, the distance to which relocation can take place getting longer. It has become much more of a hassle to manage the transferring of household articles from one place to another.

Due to this reason packers and movers are a much better and many times the only option for moving services in delhi current times. Packers and Movers Company is responsible for properly packing your goods (with bubble wrap and thermocol to protect your goods during transit and loading and unloading). Loading them with care, shipping them responsibly, unloading them carefully and then unpacking and placing them where ever you need them to be.

Hiring a Lawyer is Always Helpful

After the advent of GST, packer and Mover Company in Delhi has gone specific shift, since you are the prime users. You can claim any exemption on goods or services unless you are the commercial enterprise.

Please make sure that at the time of booking you check the terms and conditions thoroughly and also have it checked by a lawyer. Because he is the only person who can tell you about your rights and their obligations as nobody wants an avoidable situation occurring at the end of the work.

How much should I expend for packers and movers services?

Please make sure that whenever Packer and Mover people come to your place, you have some food ready to serve to them sometime during the work. And tea a couple of times as packing and moving is a labor-intensive work that will take an almost full day.

There is no limit as to how much you should pay to them as there will be some who work by the book and some who go above and beyond their duties to help you.

Things to Remember before Packers & Movers

In case goods are broken due to the fault of the packers and movers companies in Delhi, there should be a straightforward way to claim reimbursement which is why before hiring any packers. And movers company, ask about the extent of liability they hold themselves liable to. And ensure they are reputed in the business and that they provide insurance.

Because if you cut corners at that time if you hire an uninsured or small company. They may not be able to reimburse you for your loss as not only you did not purchase insurance. But also due to low entry barrier. Small companies may or may not have the capital to take care of their liabilities.

So always make sure that any contract you enter into is clearly written along with any or all conditions relating to reimbursement etc. And the also the insurance of the goods as well as persons involved for the duration of transportation.

Save money when taking services of packers and movers

There are hundreds of ways in which you can save money when taking services of packers and movers in Delhi. Like storing liquid items in leak-proof containers, putting openly kept items in containers to make them transportable. It is commonly advised to discard any and all inflammable and corrosive items at the source location due to prevalent laws.

And also the hazards of transporting them from one place to another are many.  But if you wish to transport inflammable material to your new location. You must inform the packer and movers well in advance so they can arrange for special packaging and transportation for such items. It may cost you a little more to have such items transported so you have to decide if the items are worth the cost and hassle.

There are multiple criteria’s on how to choose packers & movers companies in Delhi. You can start by getting all the documents, there are basic requirements for insurance, any kind of licensing, and how much experience in the packing and moving do they have. Their reputation and if goods are of higher value than you should ask for recommendations from past customers who will be in a much better position to guide about the services rendered by that particle packer and mover company.

Please make sure that the people that come to you for the packing and moving are insured. Because in case of any mishap, the insurance company will be responsible for bearing the cost.

Ask for references. Also make sure that this company owns the transporting means, while it is not necessary to own the transportation modes. If they do own them, there is one less variable that can go wrong.

While deciding for packers and Movers Company, get at least five different quotes from at least 3-5 companies, who will tell you all the services they will be providing you. Also, make sure you get a clear itemised quote for the services they will provide like insurance.

So there is no misunderstanding and you both will know how your money is allotted and where.  Ask who will be responsible for reimbursement in case of loss or theft; ask about any or all taxes imposed. In case of any other issue who will be responsible for what.

Get clarity on everything before deciding on a company. Also, ask if they are able to handle loading and unloading on higher floors too.

Also, ask for any past references and also make sure that you talk to them. They will be able to know if they are good enough and professional enough to get things done. Because due to low entry barrier, there are many flies by night companies in this industry. Therefore it is always advisable to check the company and its credentials.

Make sure they own their own equipment and never make you don’t base your decision solely on the lowest quote. Always check itemised bill, so you know what they are providing.

If they hire their equipment from outside, then you will obviously have to bear the additional cost as compared to the company that owns the equipment. Also, ask how long they have been in business and try and verify it. Also make sure whatever commitment they do, they write it in the contract.

Are they major company or the subcontract to other companies because many companies have converted themselves to marketing companies? And they subcontract to another contractor so in effect if you employ a marketing company.

You are not actually contracting with people who will be working for you.  Ask the company if the people coming to work for you are contractual or permanent employees of the company. Contractual employees are cheaper to hire but they lack the training that permanent employees have.  They are simply hired labor. It could mean that your products might not get the care that they deserve.

Also, ask if they provide warehousing facilities in case your products get stuck somewhere between the source and destination location. Do they have arrangements in place where they can store the products during the continuity of the issue?

Also, ensure that you how much your stuff is worth. There is no point in moving  1000rs good to 100 km when you can buy the same product for half or same price at the new location. You can sell or otherwise donate the goods at the source location.

 Advantages of Hiring Packers & Movers

You are hiring professionals who know how to move you and your house with as less hassle as possible and with minimum breakage and loss.

There are multiple benefits of using a packers and movers services delhi for moving your stuff. Because when you are using packers and movers services you tend to become organized yourself as you very much know which household goods you are going to move. Or which products have completed their lives and needs to be discarded like old washing machine etc. This will save you a lot of hassle and give you an opportunity of getting new things.

Also by using packers and movers service, you will know exactly how much money you will be spending as you pay them in one go. But if you try to do it yourself you will lose sight of the money you have spent as you do it in piecemeal. You lose the clarity on your budget due to multiple exits for money such as transportation packaging material etc.

When you take services of professional packers and movers, you can save a lot of time that can be used to allow that time to more important activities. Like enrolling your kids to a new school, settling down yourself in a new place.

Additionally, you might not know how best a thing can be kept safe from damage during transportation. Like you might not know how to properly pack a washing machine, you may not know the type and quantity of packaging material needed to pack such items. Professionals will know exactly what is needed for any product.

Time Saving Process

By hiring a packing and moving company you save time and money dealing with multiple people. Who may or may not be professional or good enough in their job. Such as being new or things like that, all it will take is one wrong person to botch your whole exercise. It is always better to avoid.

At least when you are hiring Packers and movers company you will know that they are trained enough to handle the goods professionally. The Packers and movers company can also assist you in pre-and post-arrangement for the goods. That you transport to a new place. Because in any case it will be very hectic setting up a house. And hiring the company can save you a lot of time that you can spend in more worthy pursuits.

Also in case of breakage (in case you have taken insurance), packing and moving company will take care of the reimbursement. If you are doing everything yourself, then most of the times, you will have to bear avoidable losses or breakages.

There are few questions you can ask before hiring packers and Movers Company. You have to ask yourself how much will it take for you to move yourself be it days or weeks and then ask. If packers and movers can help you do things quickly and your time can be saved which you can use for doing hundred other things. That is more important than packing things, a work that can be allocated to professionals.

What type of packing and moving companies exist in the industry?

Types of packing and moving companies that exist in the industry are:-

  1. Corporate packers and movers
  2. Full Service
  3. Local
  4. Long distance
  5. Self service
  6. Special movers
  7. Rentals
Corporate Packers and Movers

Is a group of packers and Movers Company that specializes in moving offices from one place to another? They are equipped in handling multiple computer related issues, not always though. And specialize in moving computers, office furniture, stationery, files with least damage and loss. They may not be able to move kitchens because there training is in moving offices.

Full service

A full-service packer and mover company is a type of company that handles everything from a to z of most of the types of packing and moving. You will call them a couple of days before your day of moving, they will take care of the logistics and everything related to it.


These transport goods in the city or nearby places. They specialize in packing rather than transporting, they will be slightly expensive as the major cost of transportation i.e. the truck is very low, a major part of cost becomes of the labor, loading, and unloading, packing and unpacking at the destination. They usually charge on a fixed rate basis which is generally when compared to long distance moving.

Long distance

These companies which calculate the distance of the origin and destination as well as weight and number of goods. There are additional charges for such moving as they also include toll taxes and sometimes the circumstances of moving are not in their control.

Because of multiple variables like weather, security issues on the way. So during this kind of moving keep track of local and national news and weather.

Self service

Their responsibility is loading and unloading only, packing and unpacking is your responsibility. They are generally much cheaper as they will save on labour for packing and unpacking and packaging material.

There are multiple factors, generally, you should be careful to purchase the insurance while moving because in case of any breakage during transit, the packers and movers company will not liable because they do not the condition of the goods while loading.

Special Movers

There are companies that move special kinds of goods for that they have special kind of transportation, like transporting flammable liquids or cash.


You can even choose to just hire the transportation or the labor to pack and unpack, loading and unloading.


There is also an option to store your things for a limited period of time as some packers and movers company also act as a storage facility during the subsistence of contract. They will charge you some rent for storing your goods according to the area needed and duration of the storage.

One more issue that may arise is when your destination place is not ready. It may take some more days to be ready. Then it will become extremely difficult for you to place your goods. That is why ensure that any packing and moving company.

That you hire has enough storage capacity to store your goods for however long you might need to store the goods. If you are moving internationally then there is no other option than using packers and movers services. Having said that we don’t think there is anything except few things. Like documents, jewelry that is worth moving overseas, as it will be very expensive.

How do you decide on whether you need professional Packers and Movers Company?

The first question you should ask yourself is it worth your time to pack boxes about which you have no idea and risk losing things in it.

When you make the decision to move, you have to ask one question to yourself. Do you want to do this all this by yourself wasting your time, mental peace, capability, money and potential. Or you want to hire a packer and mover company who will do it all for you and things you will do for multiple days. They can do in few hours.


Relocating is a very hectic work to do. So, there are few steps you can follow that can reduce your burden to the large extent.

First is you should separate into three categories i.e. things that are not worth moving like raddi. Second is the type of things that need to be moved. Third are things that will need your attention is required like bank documents etc., based on that you need to decide.

If you need the help of professional packer and movers company or yourself. If you have decided that you need the help of professionals, then you should look for packers and movers from the local listing. Get quotes from at least 4-5 companies, after that, you have prepared all the budgets. And gather all the items already packed, as that will mean lot less hassle for you.

 After you decide to hire professionals then packers and movers company will come to your place. And do all the packing and loading, and transport them to your destination.  In case you decide to pack your goods yourself and only hire truck rental only.

Then you should start well in advance; get all the packing material according to the things you need to pack. Pack the large appliances like refrigerator, air conditioner, an unbreakable material with care and caution. You can pack them in Styrofoam to give extra protection and then have them loaded to the truck.

If the number of goods is more than you can handle and if you don’t have people who can help you. You can always hire help from the Packers and Movers Company as they are not only going to be much more professional. But you can also deal with them on a professional basis.

There is host of reasons why people dislike packing the things themselves. The very first reason being psychological, as soon as you see the belongings you have to pack. You lose interest in packing there and then as it will take a minimum of a week.

Professional will take care of all the laborious work while you focus on important works.

Professionals know what kind of packing goes for a different type of things to keep them safe from breakage during transportation. Also, professionals will be providing proper machines to move different heavy products instead of going for hand labor. As the single mistake can break expensive and large appliances.

There are two items that you should move on your own like jewelry, important documents. Like some clothes, small electronics charger until packers and movers arrive at the destination. In the end, everything depends upon the way you plan and execute entire process of relocating.

If you want it to be easier, you should organize it in a way that in minimum time, maximum work is done. But if you are the kind of person who has their thoughts all over the place. You are always going to forget things and make things chaotic

How do you decide whether to move or donate or sell the items before relocating?

You should consider a few things before making such a decision.

First, is asking yourself what this relocation means to you. Whether you are going to be living same life at a new place or you want to start your life afresh. If you want to keep old memories whether good or bad, then you should keep most of the items.

But if you decide that old memories whether good or bad have no place in your life and that you want to start anew. Then it is always better to dispose of your old stuff at your old place. Get everything new as you will realize it is better to just get new stuff. There is no reason for old belongings to come to your new life when you are starting the new life.

Write down if your items are of any particular use to you or if you are just clinging to them due emotional reasons. Because somebody got them for you or you got them 30 years ago out of the money you got in some good transaction. It does not mean it needs to be kept for rest of your life. There are always going to be good or old memories. At the end of the day, what matters is the current moment.

And if you are moving to a new location to escape from your past. Then it is better to just dispose everything there and start your life again.


There are many advantages of moving your goods to your new location rather than buying everything fresh

If the old goods are in proper working condition, then why waste money on buying new things. You can utilize that money in starting your new life in a new place. You will also save time that you might have expanded on first disposing of and then buying new stuff.

 Moving old things is generally cheaper than buying new things.  Having said that there are certain items that do not have any historical or emotional importance. Like a microwave that does not work properly and there is no point in paying packer and Movers Company to move such an item.


There are many disadvantages while moving your own stuff eg moving stuff will add to the cost of ownership. You will have to be careful while transporting stuff that you don’t break the goods as you will have paid for the moving. Then you will end up buying the stuff anyway which will increase your cost.

You will end up spending a lot of money packing and unpacking, loading and unloading. And transporting the older stuff which can be avoided by buying newer stuff. Old stuff can be sold and money used in buying latest technology stuff.

Moving older stuff also means that you will only clutter the new place; you will only adjust the older stuff in the new place. It will always be evident that that stuff was not made for the house eg if your old bed is big and the new room is small. You will only try to fix it but if you buy a new bed at your new location. Then you can get a bed that complements your room.


Moving during the rainy day is very difficult, so it is advisable. That only do it in those days if it needs to be done on those days only. However difficult it may be notwithstanding the hazards connected to moving on rainy days.

You should ensure that all your stuff is packed in big polythene sheets. So, they are safe since a few drops in certain things can completely ruin them like your television. Also, ensure all your clothes are washed and dried before moving them as wet clothes are an added complication to be moved.

Also, you should keep an umbrella and raincoat with you. And not pack them in along with all your clothes as they may get lost in swamps of carton boxes and not come out in time.  Keep waterproof shoes so you don’t skid and break a bone or two while moving your stuff.

You should ensure that the truck you are hiring is closed body truck and not open body truck. Because rain is going to ruin everything as many of these companies give oral assurances of wrapping your stuff in plastic sheets however in open trucks. There are always going to some places from where mud, water can seep into your stuff.

You should try to get your journey started early in the morning because during rains, traffic jams are unavoidable. And to prevent time delays or other mishaps, you should start early.


First of all just relax and think over a clear plan that you will be following that will save your time and money. In case of emergency, you should know you will not be able to move all of your goods, dispose of the disposables.

Get big trash bags, the bigger the bag, the better. These bags can hold a good quantity of stuff. Since time is a luxury you do not have, don’t think about folding clothes that are not kept folded in your closets. Put the unbreakable and uncatchable utensils in these bags, these save time and energy. You can always sort them out later.

To transport delicate items like breakable utensils, expensive stuff you have to be careful while packing. Don’t cut time here, pack them safely in Styrofoam, you can also use your old clothes to provide extra cushion. You should keep in mind that you are going to break things as you will be rushing through most of the work. So be prepared and don’t worry these things happen!

However, if you do have some time in that tight schedule of yours. Get some bubble wrap to save things from breaking. Pack essentials in one bag so you don’t have to open and check everything to get things. Keep this bag at the forefront so no time is wasted in locating essentials. You should pack according to priorities and needs; essentials should be near to you. And things of lesser priority should go behind.

Last night before moving, have light dinner and not heavy dinner. So, you wake up fit and feeling easy. You should keep some dry fruits with you as they provide energy in compact space as you might not have time to get food.

You should separate the documents in a bag that remains in your sight as these are most important part of your moving things. Since these are difficult to replace while clothes can be replaced quite easily.

If you are packing documents with other items, there are a number of things that can go wrong from accidentally misplacing the bag to tearing of the documents. Or otherwise destroyed and in case an emergency arises.  They might not be saved but if they are kept apart they can be saved on priority in case some unforeseen eventuality arises.


There are multiple common mistakes you should avoid while hiring Packers and Movers Company.

First of all the biggest mistake, you should avoid is making packing and moving stressful. When you have hired professionals to take care of everything. Having said that, we will also stress the need to discard worthless things. Things that have fallen into disuse, to avoid wasteful clutter. You should try to visualize your new house with existing items, eg if you are moving to a smaller house.

It is redundant for you to take all the furniture that fits into your old bigger place. Discard it at the old location, so you save time, twice the money.

You should not hire the packers and movers at the last moment. This is a very complicated task, only the most professional, resourceful and somebody who is experienced in packing and moving industry.

 It will be able to handle the job well. If you are caught in the clutches of any fly by the night operator. You are only going to suffer loss even after hiring the so-called professionals. Also, there is going to be the problem of them not giving you insurance.

Should I call the packer and mover companies on phone, ask for quotes and decide according to that only?

You should avoid getting quotes over the phone, as they are not only non-binding on the company. And whenever they will be coming, there will be plenty of things they didn’t factor in while giving you quote.

The final quote will be much higher than the initial quote. And it might also happen that you may not have time to go survey the market any longer. And you may be struck with far expensive packers and movers.

If you have time to survey the market, you should get quotes from at least 4-5 companies. Make sure that the quotes are itemized. Once you have got the feel of the way a particular packer and mover company works. Compare the quotes and chose whichever you think will suit you the best.

Blindly never chose the cheapest quote, it is essential to compare the itemized billing and the services they are providing. Visit the office of the packer and mover company, get their references. Talk to a few of them before deciding on a particular company.

Questions you should ask before hiring packer and movers services?

You should ask relevant questions before finalizing which packing and moving company are you going to hire like

  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • Will they be able to handle the magnitude of packing and moving required to shift your house?
  • What is the average experience of their employees?
  • How many homes have they shifted?
  • If you have some special item that needs to move, ask if they can manage to handle that request?
  • How much do they cost?
  • What are the criteria of billing?
  • Are the taxes included?
  • Do they provide insurance?
  • If you need to move in a very short time, ask if they can fast forward everything to get things done by the time you need it done?
  • Can they provide references?
  • Do they have specialized machines to handle loading and unloading or they will be doing manual loading and unloading?
  • If things are damaged in the transit due to the fault of their employees, what are the criteria for compensation? And will they discard the items?
  • Any special services they provide? And their rates?
  • Are there any hidden costs? If they increase the cost if it rains all of sudden on the day of moving.
  • Is there a dedicated customer care unit dedicated to handling customer grievances?
Asking these questions will give you clarity while deciding on a company

Also never assume anything, ask directly whatever question you have in mind as that will save a lot of heart burn in the end due to non-communication. Discuss everything.

Always insist on insurance. Insurance is provided at the rate of 3% of the declared value of the item which is not too great an amount for your stuff and mental peace.  Most of the times, shady operators tend to avoid giving you insurance, don’t skip on it.

Sometimes people start packing their stuff on their own with a view to cut costs. In truth, you do not get much benefit out of it; as you do not know how to properly pack things to keep them as safe as possible. Secondly when you buy packaging material, it costs you more because you will be in the shoes of a retailer.  And you may know get appropriate packaging material.

You should never ignore the paperwork as industry itself is not organized. It is haphazard due to presence of many fly by night operators and has no set rules. And each company has its own terms and conditions without a general blanket control over them.

This is the reason paperwork becomes necessary as this paperwork is going to determine rights and liabilities between you. And the company and in case of any dispute, this paperwork that you agreed on will be a weapon in your hands against the company.

List of essential items that you will be unpacking first after you reach your destination

Oven, induction to cook food

Refrigerator to give you cool water to calm the nerves

Kitchen essentials like knives, plates, bowls, spoons etc

Laptop, its charger

Putting your important documents at a safe place

Opening your toiletries.

Take some water along with you as you do not know the quality and system of water you will find at your destination.

There are multiple hags that you can use to save your time, money as well as stress while shifting to a new place. Here is a list of various tips to do just that:

  • Maintain a dairy or journal to write things that you need and things that you just bought for the sake of buying and never used. So, you can decide on the items that you actually need and will be moving and the items that you do not need and will be discarding by selling, donating etc. Taking a useless item to your new place won’t be of any use to you plus you will have to bear the expense of moving as well as insurance on a thing that is best discarded.
  • If you do have time while shifting then you start packing at least one month before the day of shifting so it won’t create the panic situation at the end. For example, big items like admiral etc. can be packed.
  • You can visit local shops to see if they have packing material to cover old phone instead of buying them in retail. Local retail business is usually throwing all those items away as they are of no use to them but they can be useful to you and will save you money.
  • You should pack certain small types of items to prevent tensed situation at the end. Small items that are fragile need extreme care and caution and time to pack them so they don’t break, small items are also prone to getting lost. This work is best done well in advance so it can be done properly.
  • You can seek help from family and friends in packing as it will take off some burden off of your shoulders. One thing you can do to make packing with family and friends, fun, is to bring enough food so it becomes a party. Packing becomes a party and as we all know everything is easier when its fun.
  • When you are packing items in a box, you should ensure that box is taped along its edges to provide additional support and strength to the box. This will give added endurance to the box to hold the things without tearing for a longer time and it won’t break at the time of moving
  • Pack the glass material carefully in towels etc. or you can buy special packaging material made of glasses to save them from breaking at the time of transportation. You can also use bed sheets, linen, old newspaper as a cushion to pack glass items.
  • If you have original boxes then you should use them to pack the things that were contained in those boxes originally. These boxes are sturdy, made to size and meant to keep things in them safe against many shocks and impacts and scratches.
  • If you are working on a budget and you have time then you can avoid using professionally for packing of the goods itself as it will save you a lot of time.
  • Items that you use daily should not be packed one month in advance as it will put you at great disadvantage. Instead start to pack things that you use sparingly like quilts in summer, summer clothing in winters. Daily use items like deodorants, hygiene products should be packed at the most one or two days prior to moving. This will save you not only a lot of headache but also the pain of having to pack and unpack things regularly.
  • If possible then you should use, sell or donate the items that you don’t want to you can only take working and useful things along you.
  • If possible try to move on weekdays as rates of packer and mover tend to increase during weekends. However, during weekends they are significantly cheaper.
  • Also carefully chose time and date for relocation, some people even prefer to relocate after getting a good astrologer to find out a good muhurat for relocation as people believe it to bring prosperity and success if one enters a house at a particular time and date.
  • For the recommendation on astrologer, visit…………..Even otherwise you should consult with your family and family before deciding on a date and if you are relocating to another city, ask your friends or relatives there to ask about the weather.
  • If it is too cold and you are not used to cold weather at all and you can delay your relocation. Then it is best that you delay your moving for a time when the weather becomes more bearable. As new place is sometimes difficult to get used and to top it off, if you have to bear difficult temperature too, it becomes intolerant sometimes.
  • You always have an opportunity to bargain but be prudent while doing it. Don’t bargain too hard as they might still take your job but cut corners while it comes to packing and moving that may damage your stuff and in the end you will be the loser.
  • Also one of the major things is you should decide on what you will do. And how and where you will be unpacking when you will be moving. There shouldn’t be a situation when you don’t know where to put things. And try to put big things in places that won’t fit or take more things that place can accommodate.
  • Any and all things should be pre-planned as the packers and movers will require clear directions as to where to put things in one go. Also so you can be up and running within one or two days. And repeatedly moving things can lead to scratches on the floor as well as on the thing moved.

What are the advantages of moving to a new place?

There are multiple advantages to moving to a new place as it gives you an opportunity to relook at your life. Where you started and where you are currently and where you are going. It gives you a chance to sort out your life and help you in putting everything in perspective.

It puts at the forefront of your mind the things you own, what you don’t own. And what type of business or life have you gotten till time? There will be thousands of things you have in your home that you don’t even know exist. You may have bought it many years and forgotten all about them, this will also be sorted out.

When you will be going to a new place, you will encounter new people. New things, new customs, new culture, new friends. And while walking through a new market you will be seeing new things that you might not have seen before.

There are terms of technological aid that you can use like Google maps that you can use so you never get lost in a new place. As the life and society changes, individuals stuck in one job or place for a very long time. Tend to lose constructive life and they are no longer growing compared to their peers.

Relocation to a new place, culture or country or city or job gives you an opportunity to make new friends. New neighbours in your life, while it is true that you should not create new relationships at the cost of old relationships within your life.

New friends come and go but always keep in touch with your old friend which has become quite easy with the new social networking sites in rage now. Like Facebook, Twitter, what Sapp etc.

How to go about temporary relocation?

 If you have the contractual type of job for which you might have to remain on-site for a couple of days or months. Then it is not advisable that you uproot all your life for new days. And keep uprooting it for every single move.

There are just a few things that you can take with you for temporary relocation. For example, there are multiple steps for deciding the things to take or avoid while relocation.

  • You should make a list of items that you are going to need on a daily basis personally as well as things you might need for your work on-site.
  • You should consider the number of days you will have to stay on-site as well as the climate there. The list is extremely important e.g. if you are moving even a month. There is no point in taking all your apparel with you as it would be redundant.
  • However depending upon location take only daily use items that you absolutely necessary like it you won’t find utensils there, take a few, saucepan, a tawa, plate, glass etc. Your important gadgets like laptop, their chargers etc., medicines etc
  • You should be prepared for a climate that you will be encountering at your new location. For example, if you are going to the tropical region in summers then you will be having, you will be needing summer clothing.
  • But if you are going to high altitude places, then you will need winter clothing even if it is summer.  Pack things according to the climate you will be facing. For example, if you are moving to a place having the rainy season, don’t forget to pack an umbrella.
  • Keep your medicines in a different and easily reachable compartment so you don’t need to open your whole bag to get one medicine. And if you can’t remember which medicine is for what, paste reminders on them. Take enough medicines for the whole duration and then some.
  • If you are moving for one to two months then it is advisable that you move your stuff at home to storage as. It will save your goods from deteriorating as a result of having fallen into disuse. And things are always to risk of termite attack.
  • In case you are moving your entire house to a new place like a hostel or shared room. Keep a bag that has all your important documents, admit cards, offer letter, passport size photograph for various new ID card within the hostel.
  • Keep photocopies of all important documents so you have some proof in case you lose originals or for some other purposes. Don’t take expensive stuff with you as you do not know what kind of person your roommate is going to be.
  • Additionally, take all the medicines you think you will need as you won’t find much in name of medical aid in hostels or Pgs.  Some toiletries like nail cutters, spectacles, lotions, body washes, pen drives etc. are really essential to keep them handy. Keep enough dry fruits with you so you don’t go hungry for many hours at the stretch while moving as dry fruits are power foods.
  • There are certain items that are not really essential in the sense that they only help you to elevate from loneliness. And to pass free time like guitars, pianos etc. Don’t take them for a short duration move.
  • There are many ways by which you can avoid fraud while using Packers and Movers Company also from hiring fly by night operators. First of all you should be physical presence of the company like where is it located.
  • And how long has it been registered, where are the branch office. A single location will always be problematic than a multi-branch company. Because single location company will end up hiring local guys who may not be experts while multi-branch/location company have usually very professional staff as they have set procedures for everything.
  • After that check their credentials, and whatever they are claiming like if they are claiming that they have license, insurance cover, permits, ask them show them to you the documents. Don’t believe their words just because they said it, they may not be telling the truth.
  • A lot of sales guy say a lot of things just because they said it. Once you sign on the dotted line, it is resumed that you know everything. Also check that documents are original and legal. Like trade license check that it is valid and subsisting and not expired.
  • Whatever quotes that they are providing you, should be in writing. And also quotes should be provided after inspecting the goods. Because in case of telephonic quotes, they may change when they actually see the goods. And it might upset your budget.
  • Most companies accept payment by cheque or card. But a fraudulent company will insist on cash so there is no paper trail.
  • It will also help you in ensuring that company is not only valid and legal but also has current valid pan card. And a running bank account that all leads to genuineness.
  • There are multiple companies who will be asking for certain advance for booking their services. Fly by night operators will demand that you pay 80-100% of the payment in advance. You should avoid these types of companies as they are frauds. So keep away.
  • You should ask for references from them. And make sure that you call them so you know the unbiased view of the whole thing.
  • Also, ask for last 5 or 10 clients and not any 5 or 10 clients. For if they are allowed to choose, they will only give numbers of clients who they are very satisfied.
  • Check for their date of registration. A new entrant is a novice and may not have the expertise as well the good infrastructure and experienced staff.
  • Also check if the company has a local office for if anything goes wrong. You have some representative of the company. Who is easily accessible and can be caught hold of if anything goes wrong.
What is the right way to pack your fragile items like cutlery and glass items?

There are multiple precautions that you should take while packing your cutlery. As all it will take a light shock to break them.

Pack them separately as in case of shock only one item is lost.

There are various types of packing material that is specially made for packaging glass items.  When buying packing material for cutlery ask for such packaging only that is sturdy. And can withstand shocks so your cutlery is saved in case of shocks as they divide the impact of the shock in the material. And does not let it reach the glass. Needless to say that they are a bit expensive but worth it.

Boxes that you use should have the cushion of their own so they can withstand shock.  Labeling is very important to avoid chaos in the end.

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