Top 10 best packers and movers in Chandigarh | Movers in Chandigarh
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Packers and Movers in Chandigarh

Top packers and movers in Chandigarh

Raj Groups Packers & Movers

Spl. In Household & Car Carrier, Transport Contractor, Packing, Loading, Transportation, Unloading,Unpacking,Insurance,(91)-9316046244, +(91)-8814097933

Get Top Packers and Movers in Chandigarh. Raj groups of packers and movers are the best moving companies in Chandigarh and provide you the best servicing  throughout the india.

In Zirakpur  Transporters, best packers & movers in Chandigarh this is one the best transport company who loads all your household things where you want to shift and relocate in any city all over india.

packers and movers in chandigarh

Kulhari Packers & Movers

(91)-9779070203, +(91)-9855986614, SCF 84 Harmilap Nagar Phase 1 Baltana, Zirakpur – 140603,  Near Industrial Area Phase 2, Transporters, Packers & Movers.

Kulhari packers are one of the top most packers and movers in chandiagarh as they are based from long years in this experience

Top Movers and Packers in Chandigarh

Sea Air Cargo – Packers & Movers

+(91)-9316146868, +(91)-9357715571, SCF. 28-A, First Floor, New Defence Colony, Zirakpur, Zirakpur HO, Chandigarh – 140603, Backside of ‘Lucky Dhaba’, Packers & Movers, Packers & Movers for Auto,

chandigarh movers and packers

Easy Move Relocation

+(91)-9056444488, +(91)-7973452512

Sco-35, Harmilap Nagar, Phase 1, Baltana, Zirakpur HO, Chandigarh – 140603

Packers & Movers , Packers & Movers For Hours

packers movers in chandigarh

Riya Cargo Packers and Movers

+(91)-9316220607, +(91)-9716331111, Sco 4 Shree Arihant Building Palm Enclave, Ambala Chandigarh Road, Zirakpur – 140603, Near Ranjan Plaza (Map),

Best Packers and Movers in Chandigarh

Agarwal Packers & Cargo Movers

+(91)-9390017095,  417, Mohali, Chandigarh – 160062,  Transporters , Packers & Movers

Top Packers and Movers in Chandigarh

Sea Air Cargo & logistics

+(91)-9357715571, 9356006444, Scf- 28-A, New Defence Colony, Mohali, Chandigarh – 160062, Near Indane Gas Agency,  Transporters , Packers & Movers

Best Packers and Movers in Chandigarh

South Relocation Packers & Movers

+(91)-9357339696, +(91)-9592755636, Shop No 36, first Floor, Saini Vihar, Phase 3, Baltana, Chandigarh – 140603, peer baba road,  Packers & Movers, Packers & Movers

packers movers in chandigarh

Agarwal Shifting Solutions P Ltd

+(91)-9041266333, 9888832887, Shop no -36 first floor peer baba road, Saini vihar phase 3 baltana, Baltana, Chandigarh – 140603, Near peepal ka ped, Packers & Movers , Packers & Movers

packers and movers in chandigarh

Gati Packers And Movers

+(91)-9501687084, +(91)-9814650685,  house 78, baapudham colony, Sector 26, Chandigarh – 160026 (Map),  Packers & Movers , Packers & Movers

 Best Packers and Movers in Chandigarh

Peoples expect from Top Packers and Movers in Chandigarh


Professionals expect your home to be organized before they arrive. Packers and Movers in Chandigarh specializes in moving everything from one home to another safely and efficiently. They do not specialize in separating your good porcelain from the bad or picking up all the dirty clothes on the floor. They will ask that everything be clean and organized before they arrive. Some good ideas include:-

Group similar small objects into boxes (books, plates, etc.)

Clearly separating valuable and fragile goods.

Discard the things that are not good.

Label boxes with final locations.

The moving service staff Chandigarh try to organize the truck according to the room to facilitate unpacking. Good professionals are methodical. They keep everything in similar places, packing things room by room. While it is probable to mix things to make sure everything fits well, they do it in the most fitting way for things to get in and out of the truck easily. Expect them to work much more professionally than you could do on your own. We are Top Packers and Movers in Chandigarh.

 Professionals will wrap, pad and restyle the furniture. One of the main benefits of a moving equipment is that they know how to handle the bunk beds in the children’s room. Removal services in cahndigarh will disassemble the furniture in the most suitable and easy way to transport, cushion the pieces safely and reconvene everything when you arrive.Because most moving services are paid by the hour, do not hesitate to arm or disassemble your furniture by yourself if you rely on your skills. It will save you some money.

Moving Service Staff Chandigarh


The professionals will be responsible for any damage to your belongings. A professional makes a living transporting your things and has the means and knowledge necessary to prevent accidents. With this in mind, in the event that something happens, the professionals have the responsibility to pay you for the damages caused.Hiring a professional ensures the possible job of packaging and then assures you if something bad happens. We provide best removal services in Chandigarh at affordable price.

Always ask about the contract before signing. Some small companies may try to escape liability for damages if you are not careful. You may have to pay for the warranty. Get amazing services of packers and movers in Chandigarh.

Professionals Moving Staff


Movers and packers in chandigarh have a record of everything that goes in and out of the truck. Moving staff need calculation every box and item to show that they have everything safe in your new location. This double check is crucial, especially in serious or difficult removals (various trucks, state-to-state removals, etc.).If the mover does not record your items, you must do it.

Professionals packers movers in chandigarh  take approximately five hours for every 1,000 square feet of your home to pack and move. This can be numerous, but it’s a good standard when you think about rates and how many people you need. It takes two people to pack a house of 93 square meters (46.5 per person) in about 5 hours.

Thus:With 3 people, a house of 185 square meters (2000 square feet) will take from 10 to 12 hours.With 4 people, a house of 279 square meters (3000 square feet) will take 13 hours.With 6 people, a house of 371 square meters (4000 square feet) plus will take 15 hours or more.

Professionals are flexible and capable in every part of the moving process. You may want to save money and simply ask someone to help you lift heavy things. You can pre-pack the boxes. Maybe you want someone to do everything for you with a little guidance. You can pay for the moving service to wrap and protect your belongings. The professionals are there to serve you, and they will do the work you have to do. Expect a professional to ask you several questions about your exact needs

How  you can load your large stuff into truck with  Best Packers and Movers in Chandigarh


Packing a moving truck can be as overwhelming as moving by itself. Arranging the furniture so that you maximize space and minimize the damage is a difficult task. Our Chandigarh movers and packers expert to pack a moving truck the right way, then the task will be very easy and even fun. Follow these steps to learn how to do it.

Prepare to pack the moving truck Gather the materials. To pack your truck as safely and efficiently as possible.

You will need some extra tools to help you move heavy objects and better protect your delicate belongings. You can get these tools from a hardware store or a supplies store for removals.

Here’s what you’ll need: A carrillo This will help you move heavy furniture just like your boxes.Paper filling, plastic wrapping or furniture filler. This will help keep your furniture safe with Packing tape.

It will keep the filling close to your furniture.Strips. This will help keep your furniture together and prevent it from moving.A large plastic canvas or wrap. This should cover the entire floor of your truck so that your furniture does not get dirty.

Prepare the cabin with our expert packers movers in Chandigarh


You must put the objects you really need in the cabin so you do not forget them and end up packing them in the back of the truck. You will need to carry a toolkit to reassemble your furniture as soon as you need it, your personal items so you do not have to look for them, as well as the most fragile objects you do not want to keep in the truck.

If you or someone else is driving a car to your new home, you can give them fragile items so they can be loaded in the car.Fragile objects include valuable plates, anything made of glass and even bulbs from unarmed lamps.

Movers and Packers in Chandigarh knows that your personal items should be sufficient for you to live a day without having to unpack. This will avoid an annoying situation such as having packed your deodorant and having to buy one because you cannot find it.If they fit, place your computer and small electronic objects, or even television, inside the cabin. You can add these objects further.

Disarm your furniture


This will ease the loading of your furniture. Before the furniture leaves your home, they must be disarmed in easy to handle parts. Of course, you have to disarm everything, but if you disarm some key objects will make things much easier. Here’s what you can do:

Packers Movers in Chandigarh remove the cushions from your armchairs.

Detach your bed and the frames from the bed. Tape the frames on the bed.Remove the light bulbs from the lamps and place them in a separate bag or container. The last thing you want is for your truck to be full of broken glass.

If you have heavy cabinets, pull out the drawers and take them to the truck one by one. When loading the cabinet to the truck, you can re-insert the drawers and even tape them so they do not open.

Get best packers and movers in Chandigarh


Archivists can be the heaviest objects. Take out all the drawers and take them to the truck one by one before you take it to the truck. If you remove a screw or other piece of furniture, put them in a bag and put it next to the furniture or put a note in the bag that clearly tells what furniture belongs the piece.

Dismantle the bed rails or table legs, wrap them with large rugs

Pack books and bookshelves that take up the most space.

If you have many books and many booksellers, look for specific boxes that come on booksellers.  Otherwise, it will be too much space spent, in addition the normal boxes are usually too wide and high for booksellers.

You can put some books in the booksellers, but first you must find a way to keep them from falling. For taller booksellers, we recommend putting lighter objects in the boxes.  As books are very heavy, even the standard small moving boxes will be too heavy for some.

If the boxes of books are smaller, the people with less strength will be able to load the books. You can get small boxes of different sizes at local recycling companies. The only thing you will need is the specific measures of the booksellers that you want to fill. Smaller boxes also help with the chaos of moving.

After packing the boxes


While packing the boxes, you can put them in the booksellers until you move. After arriving at your new home, they can remain in the booksellers until you are ready to unpack them.

Move all your furniture in front of the truck. Moving the most furniture you can to the street will help you see how much work you have and it will be easier to identify the heaviest objects.

Just do this if you do not disturb your neighbors or end up taking up too much space.You can also load directly from your house to the truck, but you will have to check carefully which objects should go first (the heaviest ones first).Make sure the road between your house and the truck is clear.

Pack the moving truck


First load heavier objects and appliances. There must be two people inside the truck designated as the “porters,” while the rest of the people will load the furniture into the truck and give it to them if they are light enough.

Pack these items in the front of the truck to maximize your space and prevent the back of the truck from being too heavy. If the truck has the rear heavier, you could be at risk when driving, so you should avoid it.

Heavier objects include your appliances such as the stove, washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher.

If you are packing a refrigerator, do not forget to thaw it at least 1 or 2 days before the move.

Keep these objects in their correct positions


distribute the heavy objects on the back wall of the truck. If you have a washer and dryer, position them on the opposite side of the refrigerator.

Next, load large furniture, such as armchairs, chairs and entertainment units.

Remember that you will be packing from floor to ceiling with the heaviest objects down. Pack items by 2-3-foot levels and wrap when you finish wrapping them with a band to hold them together.

Protect your furniture.


Although some people like to wrap their furniture before, it is best to wrap the objects as soon as you are going to get them on the truck. When you raise an object to the truck, you must put it on padded paper, cover it with the filling and then tape it. Here are some more tips to protect your furniture.

For more protection, after wrapping your mirror or pictures, put them between your mattress and your box or surrounded by cushions.

Wrap your pillows and cushions.

Wrap your mattresses.

If you plan, you’ll probably see that you have too many things that you need to pack and take with you and that would serve as protective pads for other objects inside the truck. When packing, leave the sheets, bedspreads, towels and other cloth objects out of the boxes and use them to pack.

Move the larger objects to the truck. These are the armchair, the headboards, the long mirrors, the box and the mattress. Put them against the truck’s longer walls to save space and keep them standing. Fix these objects to the side of the truck with loops, if there is room for them.

Your armchair, mattress and box will serve as a mattress for other objects.

Put desks and vanities against the mattress so that if the drawers are opened they will not be damaged.

Any object with drawers should be facing the wall so that the drawers do not open too much.

Pack your boxes in the truck. Choose boxes of a similar size and weight so you can put them on top of each other. Place the larger and heavier boxes in the bottom, the middle weight boxes in the middle and the light ones up to the top. You will create three layers of weight.

Make sure you have labeled the boxes to tell the room to which they correspond.

Pack a layer of heavy, medium-sized boxes and repeat the process until the truck is almost full.

Make sure everything is at a similar height, so you can pack the boxes and create a uniform surface.


Move from the front to the back of the truck.


As you go, place objects that are difficult to stack between the cracks to save space. Objects such as cushions and chairs are excellent for this.

Saves any remaining items. Your goal should be to pack the truck as tightly as possible without squeezing the objects too tightly. It tightens and fixes any difficult objects to handle and places the fragile objects above them so that they do not break.

Try to make the remaining parts fit between them as if you were working on a puzzle. Everything can fit if you fix it the right way.

Place objects that do not fit anywhere on the front of the truck, for example in the grills

If you rented a truck that is bigger than you need and you do not fill it completely, you can minimize the movements and pushes leaving the back of the truck empty and keeping the height of your packaged objects low and even.

How to adapt to the life of the city if you come from a small town


Investigate the area

Make a list of cultural aspects. List all the possibilities that a city can have, such as transportation, education, the municipality, libraries, parking places, among others. When creating a list you can have a written guide with which you can start exploring your new territory.

Use a guide for tourists. These guides are very useful for people who first come to a city as tourists.

Find out about local laws. It is essential to understand the laws of the city or at least have a notion of them just arrived.

If you drive, you must be well aware of the relevant driving rules, including any emergency vehicle, snow emergency vehicles and van vans, as well as the time limit of parking meters. You should also know the signs you find on the road, traffic signals and simple but important things like helper and help other vehicles in special situations (for example, knowing where certain car wires go).

Get ready for the weather


The further you move, the stronger the climate change you can expect. In addition to that, big cities tend to create their own microclimates and this can be disconcerting at first, until you learn how to cope with the intense heat caused by concrete, excessive moisture, snowy sidewalks or runners filled with strong wind , because of the tall buildings and the grating streets. Another thing that is very surprising, is how the shadow of the buildings makes people feel very cold, especially in the mornings.

Record and learn about the average temperature in January and July. January is generally the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the warmest month in the Southern Hemisphere, while in July it is quite the opposite (warmer in the Northern Hemisphere and colder in the Southern Hemisphere).

Keep in mind changing your wardrobe, how to dock your new city, depending on the season. Many places do not have the same seasons, nor in a fixed climate, such as places near the north or the regions of the south pole.

Draw a map with the most important places. You can start with the municipality, the grocery stores, the banks, the Department of Automotive Property Registry of the area, the nearest schools, the police station and the gas station.

There are a wide range of applications available, which can help you locate good places to sell food and entertainment, so download a reliable one that will help.

Explore with maps


Get ready for different lifestyles. Many cities do not have the same environment as cities and counties. You must accept that you will not be able to perform the same activities or see the same panorama, as in the city.

Everything can take a long time in the city, such as traveling from point A to point B, wait for some service, help from merchants, among others. Get ready to be very patient!

Review different styles of maps. Buy one that contains very detailed information, such as street addresses and public transport routes.

If you have a smartphone or similar electric and portable device, it is very easy to download many maps, most of times for free. There are also many programs available that allow you to draw on digital maps, take notes, among other options.

Look for the most direct routes. The fastest and most direct routes are usually the easiest to learn when you move to a new city.

After knowing all the routes you can decide which are the best or worst streets where you can pass.

Get acquainted with places and attractions. From playgrounds to zoos, each city has places that small towns and rural areas do not have or few there are.