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Best packers and movers in Lucknow

The most difficult part of any move is deciding how to move your stuff from old place to new place.  Hundreds of things to consider, plan and execute. The changing of plans every day, the uncertainty you feel all contribute to make the move more trying than it needs to be. Granted, in past, when people had to manage everything from packing to unpacking, loading to loading on their own, moving must have been a gigantic task. Now, things have changed, professional packers and movers in Lucknow take off the burden of the onerous tasks and leave you to only manage the things that absolutely need your personal attention.

Advantages of hiring packers and movers in Lucknow

 For people who believe hiring packers and movers is an additional cost they can do without, they haven’t given a thought to various benefits of hiring the professional relocation services that far outsets their charges. Some of the advantages of hiring them are:

  1. Professional Packing

Since the staff of the packer and mover companies in Lucknow are trained to pack the stuff according to their fragility level. Glassware needs to be packed with more caution as compared to unbreakable. A TV needs to be packed differently than a AC. Professionals are trained to pack everything according to the care it needs, some are easily scratch able but not breakable, while some do not get scratches easily but are readily breakable. Some electronics like heaters, music systems do not require much in the name of packing while some like TV need to be packed carefully. If you were to do packing yourself, given you have plenty of time, you are bound to either make mistakes. If by any chance you do not pack a TV the right way, and its screen gets broken, the cost of changing the TV alone will exceed the whole service charges of packers and movers. The packing staff will make sure that the cords of the television and other electronic and electrical appliances stay together with appliance it goes into so that these don’t get lost in oversight, leading to extra expenditure.

  1. Saving time

To pack anything the first thing you need is a workable plan, for a first time or second time mover, making a great plan in the first instance is rare, so you will make a plan, see its flaws, then improve upon it. This alone takes a lot time, add to it the time to buy the packing supplies, packing everything carefully, and if you get something wrong, the time to undo it and then redo it. Plus your daily chores that have to be done. DIYing the packing, can literally drain you of all the energy left in you after the long day at work, making you miss quality time with your family. The time you spend packing can be better utilised by spending it with friends and families whom you may not be able to meet for quite sometime after you move.

  1. Saving money

There are five stages in moving:

(i)  Planning

(ii) Packing

(iii) Loading

(iv) Transportation

(v)  Unloading

(vi)  Unpacking

Of these six stages, five needs you to spend money on making them happen. Packing stage needs packing material, tape. Packers and movers buy the best quality because they reuse it in multiple jobs. If you were to go and buy the same quality in retail, it would cost you too much. You can load some boxes yourself but loading a whole house without additional help is very difficult and back breaking.  You will have to hire labour anyways, hiring labour in isolation will cost you more than hiring them in package deal with packers and movers. Same is the situation with hiring truck on rental. Additionally, hiring truck alone or labour alone won’t give you protection via insurance against breakage while handling of stuff by the staff of packers and movers you hired nor can you trust the labour you hire from the labour association.

  1. End-to-end relocation services

While most packer and mover services in Lucknow provide singular services from renting out trucks/tempos, to providing labour for loading, unloading, packing, unpacking but the most beneficial service to get is end-to end relocation. With this you get the broad spectrum of services from professional packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking from trusted and reliable staff. If you have plan in place for putting things away in your new home, you can even get them to put the things at the desired place thus making your move a cakewalk.

  1. Safe transit

When you hire services of a trusted packer and mover company in Lucknow, you can rest assured that your belongings will be properly packed in order to save them from scratches, prevent them from breaking in the event it gets jostled. The packed items will be kept in the truck in a way that each box gives support and so that a slight mistake in calculation does not lead to breaking of things. Packers and movers will call for a truck that will fit your stuff preventing the wastage of time. And even if something breaks in between, you will be covered by insurance, so you needn’t worry about anything. Either you get your things safe and sound or you get a comparable compensation.

  1. Less Stress

Relocating in itself is very stressful, but when you have toddlers with you, it can get doubly stressful without any help. Toddlers require care 24/7 so one family member is busy caring for them leaving less manpower to take care of the various aspects of relocating to a new place. Hiring reliable packers and movers in Lucknow lets you care for your toddler while they take care of the rest.


  1. Home Relocation in Lucknow: Most packers and movers in provide complete home relocation from packing the smallest item to arranging everything in your new home anywhere in Lucknow or India, some provide services even internationally, with professional finesse.
  2. Commercial Relocation in Lucknow: There are two additional things that need to be taken care of in commercial relocation. First is things in commercial relocation require sophisticated handling to keep commercial machinery, paperwork etc from coming to harm. Second is the time taken for relocation. The lesser the time taken by the office shifters in Lucknow, the better for the business shifting, as that will downsize the time when no work is being done. Ideally you need an office relocation service that can work over time to ensure that your business is up and running in the smallest possible time, without compromising on the quality of staff.
  3. Car or Bike Transportation from Lucknow: When shifting to another city that’s some distance away, the biggest problem a person faces is transportation of the vehicle. Vehicle is a big investment, so it’s not very easy to dispose off at the old location and buy a new one at the new location, so it needs to be transported.
  4. Pet relocation: Many people in Lucknow are fond of keeping pets but when it comes the time to relocate, they are at a loss as to how to manage transportation of pets. The packers and movers come to your rescue here too, they have professionally trained staff to transport your pets to your new home.
  5. International moving: This is the most expensive type of relocation because your belongings are being shipped to a new country having its own sets of rules which are in all probability different than India. International packers and movers in Lucknow are well versed in laws of all countries and can ease the process of transportation of your stuff to a new country. Although it is always advisable to transport only that stuff to a new country, that you absolutely need there and you won’t be able to get there, otherwise the cost of transportation far exceeds the value of the stuff.