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Best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh

Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh


Migration has existed since time immemorial. The reasons and distances over which people can now migrate may have changed over the years. But the fact that migration occurs and that it always increases has remained the same.

There are a lot of reasons for people to immigrate to another country. They usually revolve around political, economic, cultural, environmental aspects of life. These factors are also called Push and Pull factors i.e. the factors that motivate a person to migrate from a country. And that attract a person towards a country respectively.

Economic factors: Population growth in developing nations puts strain on the limited resources of the State. Resulting in poverty or lack of suitable growth which forces people towards developed countries.

More than 90% of the immigrants migrate for better financial prospects. People migrate to places where they see better growth, financial prospects, job opportunity, career development.

It is the burgeoning difference in ratio of economic prosperity between developing and developed nations that pushes people towards making life changing choices. We provide best immigration consultant in Chandigarh.

Political factors: A small fraction of people migrate to escape autocratic rule, flee from persecution based on race, religion, creed, membership of a group. People migrate to move away from areas ravaged by war or violence.

War ravaged nation, most often than not, is incapable of the source of this kind of migration remains very localized unlike migration for economic factors. People migrate to have more political freedom and rights, to free themselves from State oppression and to live their lives with dignity.

Cultural/Social factors: Aiming to have higher standard of living, better educational avenues for themselves or for their children makes people migrate. They may also migrate to a different country to be near their family. Want more details of Chandigarh Immigration consultant.

Or to marry their beloved (long distance dating is gaining momentum with all this globalization taking place around us), to escape discrimination suffered by the them at the hands of their own countrymen.

Environmental factors: This includes people relocating due to medical reasons or because of man-made or natural calamities. And Immigration Consultants Chandigarh helps you.

Research has shown that migration has positive impact on the receiving nation at least economically. Receiving nation benefits both from professionally qualified immigrants Consultants Chandigarh and low income skilled labor.


To legally migrate to any country, you need a visa and to get visa, you need a visa consultant in Chandigarh. But before, we tell you about top immigration consultants in Chandigarh, we would like to tell you about types of visas. Visas can broadly be classified in two categories:-

Non-Immigrant Visa- This visa is for people travelling to another country for tourism (called Tourist visa), work (called work visa), study (called study visa), visiting family(Visitor visa) or business(Business Visa).

Immigrant Visa- This visa is for people who wish to immigrate to a country and are seeking residential status.

The types of visas may vary from country to country, but they can be index under the two broad categories of Non-Immigrant Visa and Immigrant Visa. Most countries have hundreds of visa types for catering to different purposes.

TOURIST VISA:  This visa is for people who wish to visit a country for leisure or to attend some function/ ceremony for official or personal reasons. It is given for a short period (in days or months). This visa is easier than most visas to obtain and does not need a lengthy and nerve-wrecking purpose.

WORK VISA: To lawfully work in another country you need work visa or work permit. This visa may be provided to you by the company you work for in your home country. Or you may obtain it from the company situated in the country where you wish to relocate.

SPOUSAL VISA: This visa is used by people who have a spouse living on work permit, residential status, citizenship to stay with them.

FAMILY VISA: This visa is granted to people who have close family member living in the country of which visa is sought and wish to meet them for a short duration.

STUDY VISA: This visa is granted to students who have secured admission in college or university of that country and who have enough financials to tide the period of study over.

BUSINESS VISA: This visa is granted for a short duration to people who wish to visit a country for purely business reasons, whether to establish a business there or for marketing etc. It does not include working there to obtain pay.

Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

For all the above and plenty of other reasons, immigration has become more a requirement/obsession for some people than a mere opportunity to look beyond known horizons.

The countries that see most applicants for visa are USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  USA is a tough nut to crack these days with immigration further tightening the already difficult to manage rules.

Rest of the countries invite thousands of people every year under many visa heads.  No country allows foreigners to make their country home so long as the country finds some essential skills or experience in the person that might benefit their country and people.

It would not be right to say that any country has easy to manage rules for immigration. What would be right to say would be difficulty level differs.

Which is why you need help of good immigration consultant in Chandigarh to help you in filling your application in best possible light that it can filed in.

But the question arises, out of so many visa consultants in Chandigarh, which is the best? Number of successful visa applications is one important criteria that is an indicator for the level of competence of the consultant services in chandigarh.

Then again there are so many types of visa categories now a day. That it becomes imperative to ask the number of successful resident status visa applications. Or study visa applications or tourist visa applications or work permits or religious worker visas, they have filed.

If you want to apply for residency and that consultant is known for success in study visa. You would be wise to look elsewhere for a consultants Chandigarh that has experience in filing residency applications.

To make your selection easier we have given many questions that you can ask visa consultant in Chandigarh to gauge their competence level and to assess if they are genuine and not some hood winker.

Questions you should ask visa consultant or immigration consultant Chandigarh before applying for Visa?

It is redundant to say that you need a visa to enter a country legally. But it is pertinent to mention here that you can only enter a country legally for the purpose mentioned on the visa i.e.

If you are going to Canada to find work on tourist visa. you must keep in mind that Government of Canada gave you visa to do touristy things and not look for or do work and Chandigarh immigration consultant can help you.

And if you still do it and you are caught, you will be deported back to your country and once you get deported from a country, no matter the reason, no country will give you their visa for any purpose.

This is the reason you should apply for visa from an experienced and licensed visa consultant Chandigarh.

Since immigration is a big decision, you will need an Chandigarh immigration consultant  who is open to communication with his clients.

And clarifies their doubts as no immigrant will know the legal requirements of moving to a new place. And they will require guidance of an expert Chandigarh visa consultant to get to a new country legally.

Are you a registered visa consultant?

Every country, to avoid fraud, licenses some consultant after thorough verification, to give assurance people in general that this consultant is genuine. And reliable and aspirants may contact this consultant if they wish to relocate to that country.

So, when you go to a visa consultant Chandigarh always ask if they have been granted accreditation by the immigration regulatory authority of that country which may be called by any name. Like, Canada’s authority is called ICCRC, Australia’s is called MARA.

If they have been recognized as their representative, they will have a registration number. which they are legally bound to tell the immigration aspirant.

If your visa consultant is not recognized by the immigration authority of a country. Chances are that he may dupe you of your money or he will file your application in your name. since he is not a registered representative he cannot represent your case.

Some visa consultants/visa firms Chandigarh claim to have tie-ups with recognized agents. In this case most governments show the tie-ups on their websites. So, check if they are genuine. These companies act as middle man between the immigration aspirant and the representative.

If you are applying through a company that has tie-up with recognized representative. You can ask to be put directly in contact with the recognized agent.

So, there is no communication gap between you. And them since this representative is the person who will be representing your case with the country.

How many visa applicants have received visa or invitations to apply with your assistance?

The answer to this question will make many things clear to you. Ask about the success stories of the candidates they sent out.

What is the percentage of success? When did they start consultancy? When was their first successful case? Will they share references and numbers of their successful candidates?

Once you get the numbers, call on a few of them to ask about their experience with the consultant Chandigarh. And check to see if the grant letter of the candidate has their name. Or the name of the representative they claim to represent.

How much will your services cost?

Cost is always an important consideration, no matter the task at hand.  Ask the visa consultant about the service fee they charge. the taxes on them and the visa fee. and other charges charged by the country.

Ask for complete itemized setting out of the costs. so, you know how much you are going to pay for what. Also enquire if they charge everything upfront, do they charge in instalments. and when do the instalments become due.

Most visa consultants Chandigarh offer upfront payment of their service fees (they usually give some discount on the total fee as motivation to pay whole fee at once) as well as payment in instalments (first instalment at the start of the process.

And second after invitation to apply is offered by the country and before processing application for visa)

Ask about the full disclosure of the fees charged by the country to which aspirant wants to immigrate.

Make sure that there are no hidden charges that might pop up any time during the process.

Do you enter into a written contract with the aspirant/candidate/client?

When you enter into a written contract, everything becomes iron clad. There are no chances of misunderstanding, all the parties are on same page. There can be no dispute as to what was agreed upon. Even if some misunderstanding arises, parties can refer to the contract to gain clarity.

Ask if the visa consultant enters into a written contract with the aspirant. So, both are clear as to their roles, rights and responsibilities and in case of lapse on the part of either of the parties. Clearly defined terms are written, and any possibility of dispute is eliminated.

What is your firm’s success rate?

This is an important question as it throws light on the capability of the visa consultant in Chandigarh. While most countries have point based entry system.

But the formulation of the application, its presentation and follow ups are also the factors that count with the immigration department.

Do you have associates/branches in other countries too? And if they do, do they provide post visa service?

Ask if they have associates/branches in other countries especially the country you have chosen to go to.  Many visa consultants in Chandigarh provide post visa services i.e.

Services that you get after you land in the destination country like arranging for stay, food, getting you registered there etc. This weighs heavily with some people especially females who are going alone.

As it instills a level of security in them and makes things easier in the beginning. Always ask for references of people and check with them about the quality of services provided to them.

Do you provide job offers too?

To provide job offers, firstly your Chandigarh visa consultants need to have an associate in your destination company to make job offers available.

Secondly, get full information on the job offer and try and cross check it. Again, ask for references of people who have got jobs with their assistance and talk to them to get full disclosure.

What if my application is rejected?

There are two commonly available answers to this question, first being, ” we will refund our service charges”. Second is, ” we have done the work, it isn’t there fault that immigration department has rejected the application. And we don’t refund our service charges”.

None of these answers is satisfactory. Refunding money is not the solution, when what you want is to relocate.

Ask if they have mechanism in place to seek review of the application from the concerned immigration department.  Will they charge extra if review needs to be sought?

How long will my application take?

While there is no set and defined time in which your application will be processed. most consultants will be able to give you a tentative idea about the time taken as per the current processing time scenario.

If you and your spouse are relocating, ask which of the two of you should be primary applicant?

Since most countries send invitations to apply based on point system.  It is advisable that that partner should become primary applicant. who is getting more points in the point system of that country as it increases the probability of getting an invitation to apply (ITA).

How much is the government fee for the visa type I am applying for?

Every country charges different fees for different visa types. That means there are three variables here. no two country charges same fee for similar visa, charges also depend upon the type of visa, e.g. Tourist visa will cost you differently for US, Australia, UK etc.


Which visa is best suited to my educational qualification and work experience?


While most aspirants already know the type of visa they want to apply. But sometimes it may be the case where aspirants may not know about a visa that suits their qualification. And experience better and will help them better in longer run. For that it is always better to ask the visa consultant about the options you have.

What is the best time to apply for visa?

It all depends upon the countries and whether they have opened the channel through which you wish to enter.

Are there additional costs for each family member included in the application?

Yes, for every additional family member you will have to pay additional costs. But they are not the same as for primary applicant and are usually lesser than that of primary applicant.

What are the benefits of visa type I am applying for?

Even if you have researched well about the visa category you are applying under. It is always better to ask the visa consultant Chandīgarh about the benefits.

And restrictions for each category that suits you and your experience. as they have hands on experience and will be able to guide you better in all practical aspects of each category.


Visa refusal is rejection of application of an aspirant for entry into a country for specific reasons. Each country whether it be US, U.K, Australia, Canada has set standards for allowing foreigners into their country.

When they receive a visa application, they check each application on its merits and then reject or accept it. Different countries have different yardsticks for measuring the worth of every application.

But there are some common circumstances that will lead to rejection of the visa application no matter the country and they are:-

Incorrect/ false information, Misrepresentation:- Be warned that immigration office checks each application. and verifies every information thoroughly before accepting or rejecting it.

There is no use trying to dupe an immigration office because false information does not fly with them. what is more by giving false information, you exponentially reduce approval chances of your future applications for any country.

Negative Police Clearance Certificate(PCC):- In some visa types like for permanent residency, long term employment etc. police clearance certificate is mandatory. India does not issue PCC for tourist visa.

Police Clearance Certificate also called good conduct certificate in some countries is an official document that reflects the findings of background check of the individual.

It lists whole of the criminal record (if any) of the person. This helps countries ascertain the character and conduct of the person applying for visa.

In case the PCC lists even one count of crime against the individual. it is almost a certainty that visa application will not be successful.

Human Rights violations:- If you have been involved in human right violations, war crimes, persecution for any reason. your application is sure to be rejected.

Incomplete Application:- Visa authorities are busy, and they expect to receive the application complete in all respects. If you have not completed application form. the only thing you are going to get is rejection.

Medical Examination:- To prevent burden on their health and social service, countries insist on medical examination for certain types of visas. Application could be rejected if you apply without medical examination report or incomplete medical examination report.

Countries have different requirements for medical examination. but motive behind getting them done is to check that the aspirant in not currently suffering from any contagious disease.

Like tuberculosis, AIDS, or even some non-communicable disease like schizophrenia (mainly mental problems.

 And some sexual disorders too like pedophilia) that could pose a danger to public health and safety. In case of past diseases. there are still chances of approval of application as the aspirant no longer is danger to public health and safety.

But subject to strict medical surveillance. Countries have authorized medical examiners in each country. And you must get your medical examination done from them only.

So, they know that you have not circumvented the system or kept something hidden.

Financial Problems:- If you are required to show sufficient funds in your name. so that you can take care of yourself till you don’t get work in that country. and you don’t show that much money. your application will get rejected.

Possible overstay:- If the government that you might overstay the period of validity of your visa, they may reject your visa.

Prior unlawful stay:- If you are found to have stayed in that country beyond the period that you prescribe, without getting it extended. you are unlikely to ever get approval of your application.

Eligibility requirements:- Every visa type has strict eligibility requirements. To get a visa, it is necessary that you satisfy the eligibility requirements for that visa type.

If you put your visa application for processing without being eligible for it. you can rest assured your application will be rejected.

What happens if my visa application gets rejected?

If your visa gets rejected for any reason. your Chandigarh visa consultant can file for review of the application after correcting the discrepancies or giving evidence against the reason for rejection.

Sometimes, visa gets rejected because of silliest mistakes on the part of the aspirant. which is why it being always advisable to seek assistance of a good visa consultant.

A good immigration consultant Chandigarh will help you present your application in such a way that its rejection chances decrease exponentially. Approval or rejection is also the matter of presentation of an application. A professional knows how best to present his case so its success chances rise.

What documents are required are file for PR (Permanent Resident status) of Canada?


  1. Able to live and work in the country indefinitely. Although PR holders do not have permission to hold certain jobs that are strictly available to Australian Citizens.
  2. Receive health services at subsidized rates and be covered by national health insurance at par with citizens.
  3. Ability to sponsor family members for permanent or temporary residency.
  4. Children born to the permanent residents get citizenship by birth of that country.
  5. Receive some social security benefits but will also have to pay taxes too
  6. Right to apply for financial aid for education and getting education at same fees as the citizens.
  7. Unlike other visas, once PR is granted to a person, any subsequent change in the immigration rules does not affect the PR status of the person.
  8. Other visas are subject to any future change that are introduced in immigration laws.
  9. Apply for citizenship after completion of certain period.


Canada has opened express entry scheme through which it is inviting lakhs of people to its land as permanent residents. This may be the best time to apply for residential status in Canada as you will get permanent resident status in a great.

And flourishing country also you do not need a job offer from the country to gain it. There is no minimum pay you should be drawing to be eligible for it. Canada follows a point based system where in the maximum is 1200.

You score a number based on many things that include educational qualification, work experience, marital status, IELTS score, work experience in Canada and a few other things.

Some of its requirements are WES, IELTS score (the higher the better, ideal being Speaking 7, Listening 8, Reading 7, Writing 7), educational qualification certificates (the higher the qualification the better as it will gain you more score).

Work experience (if you have 3 years’ experience, it will fetch you maximum score allotted to work experience), Work experience in Canada (if any) will get more score.

If you have job offer form Canada, it will also gain you more marks. If you are married and your spouse is going with you and has given IELTS test. And scored the above-mentioned scores in four modules, score soars.

Till now people having score somewhere around 435 have got invitations to apply. Once you get invitation to apply, the only thing left to be done is getting visa.

You will also be required to get Police Clearance Certificate, Medical examination certificate.

And show enough financial liquidity to tide you over the first few months of your stay in the country till you don’t get a job.

We may have shown that the process is quite simple, which compared to other nations is. But it’s not very easy. A simple mistake can lead to rejection of file even if you have scored well above the cut off marks for that lot.

Application for residential status is a nerve-wrecking experience. As it needs to show the country how that applicant can be of use to the country.

So, take help of a good visa consultant who can draft your application in such a way. That chances of rejection reduce drastically.

They also help in selecting the NOC (National Occupation Classification) code. NOC is extensive resource of occupation classification officially used by the Government of Canada.


Australia is one of the most sought-after nation by the prospective immigrants. because of its beauty, lively culture and great working environment and culture.

There are more than 30 categories under which Australia grants residential status. And the department that deals with immigration is called Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Australia also follows point based immigration system. but passing marks for different sub classes of visa are different unlike Canada. The minimum being 60 from a maximum of 100 points.

These points are based on age, educational qualification, work experience, language (English) ability, additional points can be scored. if the candidate has Australian education, work experience. Or has state or territory nomination or nomination by an eligible family member.

Educational qualification needs to be assessed by the international education agency of Australia.


  1. Seek help of a good visa consultant to gather as much information as you can about the visa process and information about visa category.
  2. Visas in Australia are divided into sub-classes and there are around 37 sub-classes for permanent residency. And sometimes choosing between them can be difficult as you might want to apply under one category.
  3. But applying under another might reap better benefits owing to that subclass being included in essential occupation list.
  4. Choose relevant occupation from Skilled Occupation List which is the list enumerating various work designations.
  5. And categories in Australia. Choosing an occupation enlisted in SKL is pre-requisite for applying for residential status.
  1. Take IELTS: IELTS score are required to calculate the requisite points. So, you need to take it beforehand, as IELTS (General Training) is conducted twice a month by both IDP. And British Council. and it takes approximately 13 days for result to be announced.
  2. So, at the very least whole process of IELTS takes about 1.5 months. It goes without saying that the better the IELTS score, the better the points obtained.
  3. Minimum required points: You require a minimum of 60 marks for most categories of visas which mainly depend upon work experience. (both inside and outside Australia), Qualification, IELTS score, age.
  4. If you have scored 60 marks from these four categories than you can proceed with your application.
  5. But if you haven’t then there are points for having studied in Australia, nomination by state or sponsorship by family member, spouse skill qualifications etc.
  6. Expression of Interest: It is a form that is meant for people applying under skilled visa category to show their interest in migration to Australia.
  7. It contains questions about the skills required to apply under the selected subclass. Once you submit.
  8. State or Territory Nomination: Australia has option of applying under a sub-class called Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 for which the aspirant needs nomination by State or territory.
  1. This nomination is obtaining after filing of Expression of Interest. There is another visa called sub-class 489 for you either need nomination by State.
  2. or territory or sponsorship by an eligible family member. If you are applying under any of these categories. you need to obtain nomination or sponsorship before starting the process.
  3. Skill assessment: Get skill assessment done by recognized assessing authority.
  4. Invitation to Apply (ITA): Now the waiting game begins. You wait for the DIBP to process your application and check you credentials. If they find your application complete and good in all respects.
  5. They will end you an ITA.
  6. PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) and Medical Examination: Get both done and submit report. You will need these if your profile is selected for ITA for issuance of visa.
  7. Visa application: You can now submit all the documents with visa application.


New Zealand, an island country, is known for its picturesque scenery, safety to immigrants and tourists and social people.

It was one of the most sought-after countries for students and immigrants to relocate to for quite some time.

But now the Government of New Zealand have tightened their noose on the immigration. And international student rules. Though it is difficult to get in New Zealand. But once you do get in (legally of course!), it’s worth it.

The rules may appear simple and easy to take care of. But New Zealand is one such country that you need help of a very experienced and good visa consultant in Chandigarh with.

New Zealand also follows point based system and the points depend upon age, educational qualification, work experience etc.

You need a minimum of 140 points to secure ITA (Invitation to Apply), however if you have score ranging from 100-135, you may be able to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest), thereafter ITA depends on various other factors like exceptional skills etc.

There are six ways in which an aspirant may be granted Permanent resident status and they are:

  1. Family Category
  2. Skilled Migrant
  3. Parent Retirement Category
  4. Refugee Family Support
  5. Residence from work


New Zealand offers this visa to dependent or adult child, spouse, parent or brother, sister of a resident or citizen of New Zealand.

People can apply under this category if they wish to relocate to New Zealand. and they have parent, spouse or sibling having resident status or citizenship of New Zealand. And they are not or wish not to apply under any other category.

Dependent child should be wholly or substantially dependent on the parent sponsoring the child.

Partner (married or unmarried) should have been living with resident or citizen of New Zealand in genuine marriage or partnership.


This visa is for people who wish to contribute in the growth and development of the New Zealand economy. There are two basic categories under this:

Investor Category 1 and 2

This visa is for people who wish to live, work and invest in New Zealand to contribute to its growth and development. And is given to people who can invest minimum of $ 1.5million for 4 years for Investor Category 1 and minimum of $10 million for 4 years for Investor Category 2 for progress of New Zealand. And have business experience, good health, good character.

Entrepreneur Work and Resident Visa

This visa is for people who wish to establish business in New Zealand. Residential status to them can only be granted after the person has conducted his business in New Zealand for 2 years.

And has sufficient funds to support himself for three years. There is an additional though available condition of investing NZ $ 100,000 in New Zealand. Other requirements include good health, good character. And have experience in conducting business.


Through this category New Zealand invites skilled migrants to apply for permanent residency. To be eligible under this category a person should not only score minimum points (though minimum score allowed under law is 100, candidates scoring 160 points get automatic invitations to apply without having to enter the pool).

 But also satisfy certain requirements like good health, good character, certain age, English speaking ability.  Having a job offer before applying for visa under skilled migrant category is an added benefit.

As it increases the score and bumps up the probability of grant of visa.

Skilled migrants need to be possessing work experience in one of the following lists to apply for permanent residency:-

  1. Long term skill shortage List
  2. Immediate skill shortage List
  3. Canterbury skill shortage List
  4. Remuneration based skills List

Out of these, invitations for permanent residency can only accompany long term skill shortage. Canterbury skill shortage, remuneration based skills categories.  Aspirants going under Short term skill shortage do not get chance to apply for permanent residency.

Long term skill shortage list includes those occupations that have seen continuous. And subsisting shortage of skilled manpower in New Zealand Like Forest Engineer, Chemical engineer, Structural engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, environmental Engineer, Civil Engineer Technician etc.

Immediate skill shortage List includes those occupations for which there is currently extreme shortage of manpower in New Zealand. But people moving under this category do not get the option to apply for permanent residency. They only get work permit.

Canterbury skill Shortage List includes those occupations, manpower for which went into shortage after widespread havoc caused by earthquake in Canterbury.

If your work experience matches with their requirements, you may be invited by them to apply for residential status there.

Remuneration based skill list: This list includes those professions for which there is minimum threshold remuneration required to be earned by the person. People eligible under this category can also apply for residential status.

Remember that when you are on a resident visa under Skilled Migrant Category. You are at a risk of cancellation of visa. If you lose the skilled employment based on which you were granted Skilled Migrant Permanent residency.

If you can get a job offer from an accredited employer in New Zealand. Your points increase, thereby giving you better chances of scoring an Invitation to Apply from New Zealand. An accredited employer is a company or firm that has approval from Government of New Zealand to call. And employ overseas workers.


If you have been on work to residence visa in New Zealand. and been continuously working for 2 years, you can apply for residence from work.

But for this you need to either be working with an accredited employer or in an occupation that features in Long Term Skill Shortage List.

There are a few conditions you will need to satisfy before you can convert work to residence visa to residence from work and they are:

While working with accredited employer:

  1. Should be of 55 years of age or younger
  2. It should have been continuously working full time for 24 months with an accredited employer for a period 2 year
  3. Should be currently employed
  4. Should be earning a minimum of $55,000(before taxes) per year
  5. Where registration of occupation is required, candidate should hold full or provisional registration to practice the occupation.

While working in an occupation included in Long Term Skill Shortage List

  1. It should be of 55 years of age or younger
  2. continuously working full time in an occupation for 24 months listed as Long-Term Skill Shortage occupation.
  3. Should be currently employed in such occupation
  4. You should be earning a minimum of $45,000 per year
  5. Where registration of occupation is required, candidate should hold full or provisional registration to practice the occupation.


This is for people who have a child living in New Zealand either as citizen or resident. And can invest NZ $ 1 million in New Zealand for 4 years, have NZ $ 60,000 as annual income. NZ $ 500,000 to live on. then you can apply for residential status after completion of 4 years of investment.

Aspirants have a period of 12 months to invest NZ $ 1 million in New Zealand after their application for residency is approved in principle.

How a visa consultant helps you in the process of filing application for permanent residency?

  1. Advisors explains to you in detail the requirements of that country and if you are eligible to apply.
  2. He conducts case studies to guide you better on the chances of success of your application
  3. He does pre-application assessment to see how best to present your application to increase the probability of its acceptance.
  4. consultant assists you in arranging and selecting documents to be attached with the application
  5. It can helps you in having experience certificate drafted in a way that is acceptable to that country.
  6. Counselors helps you in showcasing your work the best way in your resume
  7. He does the application filing for you
  8. consultant presents your case with the immigration department of that country
  9. In case of rejection, he can file for review
  10. In case of acceptance, he helps you in getting your visa.
  11. Some consultants even provide on shore help in the form of boarding, lodging etc.


Some students wish to go abroad to do higher studies to gain international exposure. While some take the education route to enter that country legally with the hope that they might get work permit there.

After their course is complete and subsequently obtain residential status and finally citizenship.

Most students are clear about the country they wish to study in. And the field, but college is always an uncertainty.  Some colleges require GMAT score, along with educational qualification. and IELTS bands while others only require sufficient educational qualification and IELTS bands.

You can consult with your study visa consultant Chandigarh about the strategy best suited for your choice of subject, college, country and fees.

Study visas are of two types:

Short term study visa and long-term study visa. Short term is granted where study course is for short duration extending to about 3 months. Where the course is for longer than 3 months, long term visa is granted.

In some countries, on successful completion of study. The student is offered work permit too provided he is able to secure a job in specified period of time,

Questions to ask study visa consultant?

Can you get me admission during my choice?

This is the first question you should be asking an education visa consultant Chandigarh. If they answer in affirmative, ask the next question in line otherwise ask the reason behind negative answer.

Whether the candidate in insufficiently qualified. Or there is some other reason like expensive fees. Whether he can get admission in course of their choice in some other country.

What kind of colleges/universities do you offer?

It is your future and money that is at stake here so be sure to ask about the reputation, credentials. And the level of quality of education provided by the college/ university. Research about them as much as you can, find out questions and seek answers from you study consultant Chandigarh. and do not move further unless you believe that this is the best choice for you.

How long will the course last?

The fees of any course depend upon its duration. If in case you are not choosy about the course you are going to undertake. And financials are an issue, you should ask about the duration of the course. If they can provide longer or shorter course.

What is the fees for the course?

This is one of the most important consideration as budget is sometimes the only deciding factor in selecting a college. So always ask for the fees even if it is not a big criterion.

Do you have branches/associates in other countries too?

It is difficult to settle down in a new country among new people having different culture. So, if your visa consultant has branch/associates. They can help you get settled in easily. And guide you on important aspects of living in a different country.

Is the college/university you are recommending accredited?

This is an important question because at the end of the day if your degree is not recognized. All the hard work and money spent. Time devoted will go to waste as the degree of an unaccredited college/university is of no value.

Can you get me admission in college/university of my choice?

Study visa consultants Chandigarh have partnerships with various colleges and universities in different countries. They usually entice students to get admission in one of these.

But unless you are satisfied that the college is reputed. You need not chose to study there only.

Ask if they have partnership with the college that you have selected and if they do. It’s well and good, but if they don’t. Can they help the student secure and admission in that college/university.

Can you give references of the students you sent on study visa?

The best way to judge the professional level of an overseas education consultant Chandigarh. And his credibility is to ask for references of the students. He sent out on study visa preferably in the college you have selected.

Once you have got the contact information of such students. Talk to them to see how good a consultant he is. And the quality of service he provides.

Whether you provide post landing services?

Some students do not opt for hostel facilities and chose to manage their own residence after they reach that country. But first few days can prove to be very difficult on the students who do not opt for hostels.

Ask if that consultant provides post landing services in the form of pick up, accommodation, food. And for how long do they provide them and their charges.

Cross check the claims from the references of the consultant who also opted against living in the hostel.

What is the record of success of the study visa consultant in student visa application?

The better the record, the more the credibility! Better record means you consultant knows how to handle different cases as no two cases are the same. So, the chances of success of your application increases.

How long is the study visa for and will I have chance to get work permit after that?

This is a crucial question as study abroad is an expensive affair. And most students prefer to stay back to earn. So, they can clear the loan faster.

Ask the study visa Chandigarh is for the duration of the study. and if there are chances of grant of work visa after the studies are over.

If the country has no provision for grant of work permit after studying in that course.

You should stand back and think again if you still want to go ahead with that choice. Or you can change your choice of field of study of your main motive is to stay back.

And work and subsequently get residency and citizenship of that country.