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Best wedding photographer in Bengaluru

Bengaluru offers robust number of wedding photographers to choose from in every budget but the problem arises when it comes time to select the best wedding photographer in Bengaluru for you. So here we present a list of questions for your knowledge and for you to ask the photographer to help you come to a decision.

What is SHOOT AND BURN OR FULL SERVICE in Photography?

In photographers language, “shoot and burn” means shooting a wedding and burning it to the DVD with out any sort of editing. A good photographer is not just made from a good camera, he is a mix of great personality, good camera, experience, eye for detail, talent and technical know-how. The un-processed photographs are sometimes terrible to look at because in this distracting elements are not removed, bad lighting is not corrected, effects aren’t inserted, they are normal photographs with a HD camera. This definitely is a very cheap option but can be a source of life long remorse.

A full service professional photographer in Bengaluru is one who will shoot your wedding and edit your photographs to take out the distracting elements etc. Some photographers edit the photographs themselves while some outsource the editing.  Though they charge way more than the “shoot and burn” ones, its not without its reasons. They edit each and every photograph you select which is the most time consuming job making them the perfection you are going to look all your life and remember the most important day.

Can I show you the photographs I liked?

Of course! Showing photographs of the wedding or poses you liked helps your photographer to understand the style you want better than words you use to describe the things you prefer. But be cautioned that these photographs are only for reference purposes, don’t expect your photographer to duplicate your favorite photographs in your wedding. If you have such expectations, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment because the decor, the lighting, the dresses, the backdrop, everything is different, so how can the photographs be same?

How many photographs will you give me (will I get)?

Most wedding photographers give around 400 edited photographs of all the functions (mehendi and sangeet and wedding) put together. This number is enough, however, you can ask your photographer for more photographs when he send the photographs for your selection before final processing. Photographers take thousands of photographs to choose those final photographs from.  You can always increase or decrease the number of photographs during initial consultation.

How do you get different types of photographs?

Its all done in Post-Processing. Photographers in Bangalore do some minor color and lighting adjustments on all photographs selected by you, in addition to this they also edit some photographs to create a unique look using editing software. This kind of editing usually take times so its done on a few photographs only. Popular styles are Clean, Matte and High Contrast.

How many photographers do I need for the wedding guest size of 400?

It depends on you really. You can just hire one photographer or you can hire three. The more photographers you hire, the better coverage of the wedding because one photographer can be at one place only at one time. Ideally for this much size two photographers are enough, one taking care of the stage and other taking guests photographs.

How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer?

As soon as you have decided. Photographers don’t hold their dates on assurance. You need to pay them some upfront amount to them so they are able to lock their dates for you. If you procrastinate, it will become harder for you to book your first-choice wedding photographer in Bengaluru.

What happens if my first-choice wedding photographer is booked?

You can do either of two things in such scenario, go with the second-choice or ask your first-choice wedding photographer in Bangalore for recommendations for photographers with similar style and calibre.

I look disastrous in my engagement photographs, can you photoshop them to make them beautiful?

It depends. Extensive editing in photoshop is time-consuming and requires much know-how so not every photographer will be willing to take it up. Photographers depend on editing to add glamour to already good photograph. The camera settings, the posing and location choice are all done before even clicking the photograph to get as best a shot as the photographer can.


Describe your style? Whether its traditional wedding photography or candid wedding photography?

Both types of photography have their own charm and it’s a matter of personal choice if you want to hire traditional wedding photographer in Bengaluru or Candid wedding photographer in Bengaluru. You can also hire both to get the best of both worlds because traditional photography varies from candid photography is almost every aspect expect the shooting apparatus. There are no poses, no location scouting, no saying cheese in candid photography, its USP is in capturing a natural moment as it happens without adulteration of management. People aren’t herded in a group for a family photograph, but they are captured on the film without their knowledge. Your Candid wedding photographer in Bangalore will shoot you without your knowledge!

Traditional wedding photography is what is called, “Old is Gold”. The time tested poses that still look so good and elegant are a product of traditional wedding photography. Those family photographs with five generations caught in one frame is also forte of traditional wedding photographer in Bangalore.

What are your charges?

Most photographers advertise their prices on their websites but as always, it is better to confirm their prices after you have given them

  1. Your schedule;
  2. Photographic style you want the photographer to use;
  3. Whether you have local or outstation wedding;
  4. Days you require them to cover your functions;
  5. Number of photographers needed to cover the wedding or any other functions;
  6. Size of photo-album (it includes make of the photo-album and number of photographs in it);
  7. Number of photographs to be edited;
  8. Whether you want a “shoot and burn” photographer or full service photographer?
  9. Whether you want videography along with photography?
  10. If you want to include videography in package, do you want traditional videography or cinematic videography(cinematic videography is expensive as compared to traditional videography)?
  11. Whether you want to have pre-wedding shoot? If you want to have pre-wedding shoot in Bangalore or in some other city of state?

Even apart from these, charges mentioned on their websites may be old or their websites may be outdated. So even if you are only going to be hiring the wedding photographer in Bengaluru for the package they offer, you still must confirm their charges.


What are the various services offered by a professional wedding photographer in Bangalore?

Almost all wedding photographers in Bangalore offer the following services in packages of varying costs:

  1. Pre-wedding photoshoot
  2. Traditional wedding photography
  3. Candid wedding photography
  4. HD and SD Videography
  5. Cinematic wedding videos
  6. Live Webcasting
  7. Designer albums
  8. Coffee table albums

Do you travel for work?

Sometimes, when the bride and groom are from different cities, they mutually decide to hold some functions in the city of bride and some functions in the city of groom. In such cases, you might have to hire either a photographer who does outstation photoshoots or hire two different photographers, one for each city.

If you are among those people who have some functions in one city and some in another, then it is for the best that you specify this fact beforehand. If the wedding photographer in Bengaluru is not amenable to doing outdoor shoots and you do not want to hire two different photographers, then there is no point going ahead with the consultation.

If the photographer in Bangalore is willing to do outstation shoots, then you should ask about their charges for outstation shooting and if you have to arrange for their boarding and lodging or they will manage it themselves.


If you want to have a destination wedding outside Bangalore, ask the photographer if he does destination weddings outside Bangalore?

Most wedding photographers in Bengaluru will not shy away from an opportunity to cover a destination wedding, though they may charge you extra to compensate for the loss of work days in travelling. Also you might have to provide boarding and lodging to them during their work stay.


What can I do to make sure I look good in Photos?

Isn’t this what we all want? To look good? So this question should find mention in list of questions to be asked! Now you say, I am hiring the best make-up artist in the town, so I shouldn’t worry about looking nice. a don’t but what if it’s too hot (June wedding in Northern India) or it suddenly rains and you have an outdoor wedding…what happens then? Worry not, Even if you haven’t hired the top make-up artist, it is the job of your wedding photographer to make you look good. All you really have to do is relax, let yourself breathe easy, take proper diet, get plenty of sleep, don’t overexert yourself on the night of sangeet, try to keep alcohol out as much as possible and feel happy. If you do this, your professional wedding photographer will take care of the rest of the things.


Which places do you suggest for pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangalore?

The location and the props used in pre-wedding shoot are entirely dependent on the kind of photographs the couple wants.  Whether you want it near water or mountains or some place exotic, Bangalore has plenty of locations for catering to preferences of every couple. As for the props, some pre-wedding shoot photographers in Bangalore provide props for extra charges while some include it in their package. Some of the favourite pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Bangalore are:

  1. Cubbon Park
  2. Lalbagh
  3. Nandi Hills
  4. Jade 735
  5. Courtyard House off Sajarpur Road
  6. Tamarind Tree
  7. ITC Windsor
  8. Bhoga Nandeshwara Temple
  9. Elements Resort
  10. Satori
  11. Bangalore-Kanakapura Road
  12. Peace Place
  13. Biere Street at Whitefield
  14. J P Nagar Outskirts
  15. Film City
  16. Bricklane Grill
  17. Elements
  18. Makalidurga Trek
  19. Guhantara Resort
  20. Sommer House
  21. Hebbal Lake
  22. Thottikallu Falls
  23. Ulsoor Lake
  24. M G Road
  25. Sankey Tank

The resorts and private estates require prior booking, the cost of which you may have to bear in addition to the cost of the photographer.