Top packers and movers in Chennai
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Best packers and movers in Chennai

Shifting your home, office, go-down? Don’t know where to start? Welcome to the world of packing and moving! Gone are the days when people would take birth and breath their last in the same house, now relocating has become imperative for success.

Shifting from small office to bigger (hopefully), small home to bigger(hopefully), from one city to another, from one country to another is a way of life now and with the increased capacity of consumers to buy households and official items, packing them and moving them to a new place is a herculean task especially for first time movers. You do not know where to start, how to start, how to get things done etc.

This is exactly where packers and movers or relocators in Chennai come into picture. They with their expertise in handling the packing and moving of your stuff and infrastructural  support to provide storage and logistical acumen help you move in the same building or to a nation on the other side of globe!

All the things you have accumulated over the years hold so much value for you and your family and you obviously do not want to hand them over to people who would not care for them. You want those packers and movers who will take utmost care of your things and treat them like they would their own things, and to find such shifting wale in Chennai, you need to do a lot of research as packing and moving industry is not regulated. There are no mandatory standard they have to comply with. No governmental authority to keep a check over them. They only need to register themselves as service providers and they are good to go.

Packers and movers in Chennai can be classified in three categories

  1. Local packers and movers in Chennai – These offer relocation services within the city of Chennai or some nearby places
  2. Domestic Packers and movers in Chennai: In addition to offering local relocation services, they also provide packing and moving services outside Chennai but within India.
  3. International Packers and movers in Chennai: These offer local, domestic and international relocation services i.e. Within Chennai, outside Chennai but within India and outside India. However, not all International packers and movers cater to all countries. Some deal in some countries, while others deal in some other countries.

Depending upon your range of relocation and your budget, you can choose the services best suited to your purpose. Talking about charges beforehand is always good. You do not want to hire a packer and mover who puts a hole through your pocket because you will need cushion of extra funds when you relocate to a new place.

Now the question arises as to how to choose the best packers and movers in Chennai?

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, spread over 426 square kms, is the fourth most populous city in India and the most populous city of Tamil Nadu. It accounts for third highest per capita GDP in India. With such great statistics, it is obvious that people move in, out and about Chennai a lot.

This is the reason Chennai has one of the most thriving relocation and transportation industry. But as in every industry there are worthy players and there are unworthy players. You have to do a little work to make sure that you have chosen correct packers and movers for your relocation. Some steps that you can follow in the process of hiring packers and movers are

  1. DECISION: Decide what is the extent of services you want from the packers and movers. Whether you want full service packers and movers in Chennai, these would take care of everything from packing your belongings to transporting and then unpacking them at your final destination or you want a-la-carte services, like you want help only with packing or unpacking; loading and unloading; you only want to rent a truck or would like only transportation facilities. Deciding it beforehand will minimize your effort in finding the right relocational services in Chennai.
  2. RESEARCH: There are plenty of options available in Chennai whether you want full service, a-la-carte, local, domestic, international packers and movers. You will have pull out some names from your friends, google or you can go through the list given above. Once you have enough names in your hand, call them one by one and talk to them over phone and judge if are professionals or not. After calling them on phone, shortlist a few of them to meet in person and to see their office, storage facilities and meet their staff
  3. MEETING: Once you have selected a few of the packers and movers companies in Chennai after talking on phone, you must go and visit their office and talk to a concerned person about the services you want. After explaining your needs, ask them about the charges for those services and safety measures undertaken by them in discharging those services. Most professional packers and movers in Chennai offer insurance against theft, loss or damage to your belongings in the custody of the packers and movers while packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking. Ask to see their storage facilities to know about the standards they employ while keeping their clients stuff entrusted to them.
  4. REFERENCES: This is the biggest tool you have in your hands for deciding the quality of a relocator in Chennai. In your meeting with packers and movers, ask to be given name and contact numbers of last 5-10 clients whom they assisted in moving. In case you are moving internationally, ask for the names and contact numbers of the the clients who moved internationally too. Don’t just accept the names and contact numbers of the clients they know were happy with their services but insist on the last 5-10 clients so you can get the true picture.
  5. REVIEWS: Call the past clients of the packers and movers to get the honest opinion about the services provided by the packers and movers in Chennai and conduct and handling of the staff. Only after you are satisfied with the quality of the services provided by the relocator in Chennai, you should hire them because they will be handling your stuff and you should choose only the best.

Some of the services offered by most of the packers and movers are:

Labour – This is for people who only need a hand with the packing, unpacking loading and unloading.

Truck or Tempo Rental: This service is taken by people who only need a vehicle for transporting their stuff, rest of the services they are managing themselves.

Home Relocation: This usually includes packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking whole of the stuff unless you specify the services you want.

Office Relocation: Office relocation can include setting up of the office too. Office relocation needs a slightly higher level of caution and professionalism because of all the important files, papers, technical appliances.

Car or Bike transport: If you wish to transport your bike and or car to a new city or country, movers and packers in Chennai help you in that too

Pet Transport: This requires special arrangements and you are advised to talk to packers and movers beforehand for pet transportation so they can make appropriate arrangements.