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Best bridal make-up artist in Bangalore

Best bridal make-up artist in Bangalore

The fact that you are here tells that you have the biggest day of your life coming closer! Of all the days, your wedding day is the most precious day and you obviously want the best for that day, make-up included! And why shouldn’t you! You are the chief guest of the function, the center of attraction. All eyes will be on you when you enter the venue so its obvious that you want to look your best on your wedding day.

Ideally the bride should decide how she wants her make up look to be like before she embarks on the journey to finding the best make-up artist in Bangalore. This decision can make the search easier and less hectic because you will know how you want the ultimate look to be like, all you have to do is insert an artist capable of understanding your vision and then working their magic to bring out that look.

But if you aren’t sailing in the above boat, no worries, most brides don’t have any idea about the make-up look they want. They decide on a make-up artist in Bangalore first and then together with the make-up artist (MUA) in Bangalore, brides finalize a look and the MUA  in Bangalore does the rest.



Your make up artist may be the best and know how to execute each look with mastery but so long as she/he does not know what you really want or what you absolutely hate, he won’t be able to give you the look you feel most beautiful in. Tell the MUA about your make-up routine or lack thereof, if you want to look different version from your daily look or you do not want to look completely different from your daily look, such brides want to look natural even on their wedding day, while some brides are not afraid of made up looks.


Show your bridal make-up artist the photos of the looks you like and hate. Showing you MUA the photos of looks you love will give them a reference to go by. It is just as helpful to show them photos of the look you do not like. Inspiration photos also enable you and your MUA to discuss your final look. Even if you want to leave your final look on your MUA, reference photos will allow your MUA to create a look that unique to you.


If you are oscillating between decision to hire MUA or not, you ought to consider three things:

  1. On your wedding day, you are already full of nerves, have hundred and one things on your mind, do you really think at such time you should be doing make-up yourself? Also the time your MUA takes to do your make-up is the time when you can relax, gather your wits and be your best for the showdown.
  2. You may be an expert in doing make-up, everyday you execute a perfect look and are pretty good at doing party make-ups too, but bridal make-up is a whole other ball game. Best bridal make-up artist in Bengaluru keeps in mind that you will be the center of attraction on that day or night. He will make sure that you look your best in differing lights and that the high resolution camera that can catch the finest lines on your face, gets only flawless and glowing skin.
  3. It may be that you loved the look of your friend who recently got married or some bride you saw on pinterest and want to emulate the exact same look, in absence of an experiences MUA, you will be none the wiser. But a good bridal make-up artist will tell you that best make-ups are those that are done after finding the colors that look best on each skin tone. Good bridal make-up is a mix of experience of the make-up artist as bridal make-up artist, professional and long lasting make-up products, and application of it depending on the face cut and skin tone.
  4. The artist will emphasize your best features and soften others making you camera as well as people ready so you don’t just look beautiful either for camera or for people who come to meet you face to face.

Over done make-up is a big no-no. Everybody knows women put on make-up but there is a sea of difference between a finished look and over done look. Some brides like sporting a heavily made up face.  While some like natural appearance after application of make-up.

The greatest advantage of hiring a professional bridal make up artist in Bengaluru is that no matter what sort of make-up you like they will make you camera ready with that make-up. And most freelancing bridal make-up artists in Bengaluru and some make-up studios also offer home visits.

Top bridal make-up artists in Bengaluru use the best professional products and techniques not only to make you look like a princess but also to make sure you keep glowing like one through out the function defying the stress, emotions and tiredness of the day.

While making you look beautiful is the job of the bridal make-up artist in Bengaluru, but they suggest a few things for you to start doing as soon as you get engaged to make sure they have the best skin to work with.

No matter how much time you have in your courtship, there are few beauty tips that expert bridal make-up artists in Bengaluru swear by:

Coconut oil: Apply coconut oil on your face and neck every night for natural glow and hydrated skin

Drinking water and juices: Drink plenty of water and juices to hydrate all of your skin. Hydrated skin equals glowing skin. Coconut water is good for health as well.

Exercise daily: Exercise should be a part of your daily regime whether you are about to get married or not. It keeps you fit and in shape.

Fruits: Eat atleast five fruits a day.

Sleep 7 hours a night: It is understandable that you want to spend all your time with your fiance but 7 hours sleep is must if don’t want those dark circles underneath your eyes.

Regular salon appointments: During those lovely months of courtship, keep yourself a regular at your favourite salon in Bangalore for regular cleansing, spa, manicures, pedicures and relaxing massage to take off all the stress of planning a wedding and being in love.

Don’t skip meals: Do not skip meals for any reason even if it is shed those extra kilos. Quit oily food if you have to but eat healthy. Consult a nutritionist to loose weight without losing that precious charm.