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Best Wedding Planners in Lucknow

Planning a wedding is one of the most tedious task a family undertakes at a time when they should be enjoying formation of new bonds. The list of to-do things is so long, that by the time, day of wedding comes around, most members of a family are tired to their bones. But it needn’t be so. Lucknow boosts of many capable and reliable wedding planners who can take off the burden of doing things that can be easily outsourced, leaving you to deal with only important matters that can only be handled by you.

Wedding planners in Lucknow help you with engagement venue, wedding venue, nikaah venue, sangeet venue, mehendi venue, floral arrangements and other decorations, dresses of bride, groom and other family members, band, wedding choreographer, wedding photographer, wedding caterer, DJ, tent, theme weddings, destination weddings in and outside Lucknow, mehendi artist, arranging pandit or maulavi,  wedding cards, customized video invitations etc. In short, full service wedding planner helps you in hiring and coordinating with every wedding vendor thus eliminating the stress that comes with the planning of a wedding.

 Another great advantage of hiring a wedding planner in Lucknow is you can get the best wedding your budget can buy. Most people believe hiring wedding planners is for rich people and that even the charges of a moderately charging wedding planner is an added expense,  they can do without. But this is not true. Wedding planners are the greatest guide in the selection of the best vendor in your price range, they can get you industry discounts that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own, they bring newer talent to you that will cost you less and bring unique things to table.

It commonly happens that you start wedding preparations with a budget in mind, but as you begin the purchases and hiring vendors, you realize that things are costing much more than you originally accounted them for. This happens because of your inexperience of wedding market. A wedding planner will give you a realistic budget thus helping you cut costs on inessential things from the beginning so you can include everything you want without having to go over your budget. Wedding planners are experts in crafting a budgetary allotment that will  allow to include everything of value to you without burning your pockets.

Not just their help with allotment of budget, you can also tap into another part of their resourcefulness and that is contacts. Without a wedding planner, you would have to spend substantial amount of time in getting names of wedding vendors and professionals from your social circle or from wedding portals and everyone’s favorite the search bar of Google. Of all the work needed to be done for  a wedding finding, researching, interviewing and deciding on wedding vendor or professional to be hired is the most difficult task. This is where wedding planner comes to your rescue. They bring the best, reliable, reputable and experienced wedding vendors and professionals in your budget to the table.

Of course, you should meet the vendors and professionals they suggest, look at their portfolios, ask them your questions,  see if they will be a great fit in your wedding kitty. You should only hire their recommendations if you are satisfied that they are what you want. If you aren’t satisfied with a particular vendor or professional that your wedding planner suggested, don’t worry they know a lot of other options. Wedding planner only helps your skip the steps of finding and researching, and assures a bit of credibility to the vendor or professional, rest of the steps you will have to follow to find the best fit for you and your wedding.

The best time to hire a full service wedding planner is as soon as you have decided to get engaged or if that couldn’t come to pass, just as soon as wedding date is decided. Wedding planner is a great guide in any stage of wedding preparation but the sooner you hire one, the better your functions will come out to be. Wedding planners helps you sort through hundreds of ideas running through your mind to settle on an idea that will suit your wishes the best.

You still will have to decide on the theme of the wedding and once you decide on the kind of wedding you want, your wedding planner will give you ideas on how you can make it possible and then help in its execution. Hire a wedding planner if you don’t want anything to be missing or less than perfect after all it is not often that you have all  your favourite people, relatives and friends together in one place.

Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are as a couple and since it is the most important day of your life, there should be someone who is keeping it together so you remain relaxed and able to enjoy it all. Your wedding planner is that fairy god mother.



                                                         DUTIES OF WEDDING PLANNER IN LUCKNOW


It is your wedding and it should correspond to your vision for it. Wedding planner is merely a medium for making it happen. They are the people who make your wishes come true for your wedding. Often enough, they can make things better than you may have imagined without the unnecessary headache.


Lucknow is a big city and there will be number of vendors, you may never heard of but their competence may be such that they can give big names a run for their money. Your wedding planner will know such vendors and introduce you to them, thus bringing down the over all budget. They also keep communicating needs of needs of family with the vendor so that the best product comes out on the wedding day.


This is an inherent part of any wedding planner’s job profile. Making sure everything is ready on time, there are no hitches in the preparation, taking care of any crisis that may arise and above all keeping the family and guests happy and stress free.

This is not all, a wedding planner does so much more than you can imagine. He is your go-to guy for everything related to your wedding in Lucknow. He will be your one-stop shop for photographers, caterers, florist, dramatist, bands, venues, themes, cards, hotels, tickets, honeymoon etc.