Best Wedding Photography in Mumbai | Pre-Wedding Shoots in Mumbai
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Best Wedding Photography in Mumbai

Best Wedding Photographer in Mumbai

Wedding Photographer in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, the financial capital. now it will also be known as the city you got married in.

Mumbai is a mix of fantastic culture, classic architecture, delightful beaches, high sky scrapers, rich history. And home to Bollywood. When you are already marrying in the city of dreams, it should not be too difficult to have a wedding of your dreams.

When you are having wedding of your dreams. why not hire the best wedding photographer in Mumbai to help you relive the most important day in your life any time you want, in exquisite detail?

You have invested in a wedding planner Mumbai, florist, caterer, DJ, wedding venue, etc. And taken great pains in finding the best of them. Now we help you choose the top wedding photographer in Mumbai. The only wedding vendor whose works starts with pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai.

But does not end on the wedding day, his work continues well after the wedding and effects last a lifetime.




With no dearth of romantic getaways for newly engaged couples, having a pre-wedding shoot Mumbai is a must for anyone who is getting married in Mumbai. To let you in on secret, even if you are getting married in any other city.

It will be worth it to fly down to Mumbai, or take a romantic road trip down to Mumbai, to have your pre-wedding photoshoot in Mumbai.

Mumbai is ripe with possibility for couples with every type of preference be it historic building or modern-day marvels, Mumbai has it all.

While you can consult with your wedding photographer Mumbai about the best spots for pre-wedding shoots in Mumbai according to your likings. We are providing a list of famous and most preferred places for pre-wedding shoots in Mumbai, though in no order of fame or preference.

  1. Imagica Theme Park
  2. Asiatic Library
  3. Marine Drive
  4. Kala Ghoda
  5. Gateway of India
  6. Sanjay Gandi National Park
  7. Vasai Fort
  8. Hanging Gardens
  9. Bandra BandStand
  10. Juhu Beach
  11. Ballard Estate
  12. Malabar Hill
  13. Bylanes of Byculla
  14. Central Park
  15. Land’s End Fort
  16. Azad Maidan
  17. Versova Fisherman’s Village
  18. Gilbert Hill, Andheri
  19. Bandra-Worli Sea Link
  20. Chor Bazaar
  21. Elephanta Caves
  22. Hiring a yacht


Mumbai is answer to all photography lovers, you fill find the rustic, the modern, the classic, the adventurous, graphic, full of murals, quirky, green, old, new, forts, beaches, in short, all kinds of land and seascapes.



Your pre-wedding photoshoot photographer in Mumbai will not only take your photographs. But will also suggest the right weather (according to the timeline you have) as perfect shot is the right combination of natural, artificial lights, apt props, heartfelt pose and feelings.

These things vary with every couple. Just because your friend used such and such props and had the shoot at the beach does not mean that same combination suits your personality.

And projects the kind of relationship you have. Pre-wedding shoot Mumbai theme is personal to every couple. Some prefer calm and elegant environment, while some are into hippy themes. Even small changes in themes can create a big difference in the way the final photographs.

Your professional photographer in Mumbai will gauge the kind of theme that you would like from observing you and from the instructions you give him.

Then he will discuss a few of his ideas with you, and both you and your fiancé. And your photographer can then brainstorm over the best theme you want.

Your photographer will also help with deciding the best color to wear to suit the backdrop, weather. And your complexion, face cut and body type.

Your pre-wedding shoot photographer Mumbai will help you get the props that work with backdrop to give a great shot. Props depend upon the location you have chosen.

The best thing about pre-wedding shoot is that you get to relax between the maddening pace at which life around you are changing, wedding preparations going on.

And the jitters every bride and groom feel before binding themselves in this lifetime relation. It is exciting because there is no limitation as to time, the choice of place or the clothes you wear.

You can have your pre-wedding shoot at one location wearing the same dress or you can choose to have it in multiple places, changing the theme every time.



A Traditional or classic wedding photographer in Mumbai will lay stress on the posing, the lights, the background. They excel in posed photographs.

A candid or photojournalistic photographer in Mumbai will look for natural poses, he captures moments as they happen and rarely. If ever, will ask you to pose for the camera.

Candid photography Mumbai is much in trend in Mumbai now. Most couple prefer it due to genuine feel of happiness on the faces, there is nothing made or instructed in these photographs.

Both kinds of photography have its own charms, traditional is classical, been here for a long time and is here to stay. Candid wedding photographer in Mumbai captures the beauty of the moment without adding any artificiality.

In a function of more than 200 guests, couples prefer to hire both. One for classical poses and other to capture the true essence of the occasion.

Prices of wedding photographers in Mumbai are too steep? Are they worth it?

Mumbai wedding photographer and caterer are two vendors you don’t want to skimp out on.  Guests appreciate good food and you will thank your lucky stars. When you get pretty pictures of your most special day.

These photographs will help you relive the day in detail and no words can describe the happy and nostalgic feeling when you see the pictures of your wedding day.

Should I just ask a friend who knows some photography or has a good camera to shoot my wedding?


Once you start finalizing various wedding vendors and totting up the costs. It’s obvious to want to cut down on some wedding vendors.

Let that wedding vendor not be your wedding photographer. Photographs of your marriage and related ceremonies are priceless. No food, no decoration, no arrangements remain but your wedding photographs will remain forever.

So, choose the best wedding photographer Mumbai who has good amount of experience as yielding a good camera does not give your friend the expertise or talent to capture the most memorable moments of your life, nor will he have knowledge of frames, or how lights affect the outcome.

If you still have doubts about hiring a professional photographer in Mumbai? below we enlist some basis qualities of a top wedding photographer in Mumbai that you are not going to find in your friend with a very nice camera and a zeal to click photographs.



A wedding photographer worth his salt will be



Eye for exceptional shots

Dedicated to your event.

A great wedding photographer does not just take photographs, he captures memories.  His photographs should take you back to your wedding day and remind you how you felt that day.

The photographer has style and technical ability.

Knows the ins and outs of lighting fixtures and how light affects the mood of the moment.

They know how to organize people for group photos, an amateur photographer will not want to overwhelm himself and just go with the flow.

One common feature that runs through every picture taken by a good wedding photographer is the attention to detail.

If you find something wrong or something missing in some pictures, then you can safely assume that he does not pay much attention to detail. On your wedding day, you cannot see if something is out of place in your attire or looks.

So, it becomes the duty of the photographer to make sure you look stunning, gorgeous and drool worthy in every photograph.

I don’t know any good wedding photographers in Mumbai. How should I choose the best one?


Most couples or family members involved in wedding preparations start with the same question. Not many people have numbers of wedding photographers in their contact list. So, you are starting out like most other people, so don’t worry.

Here are some steps you need to follow to be sure that you have found the candid or traditional wedding photographer Mumbai who suits you the best.



Once you start looking for top wedding photographers in Mumbai, you will come across many names. You may not have time or inclination to meet as many wedding photographers. In such situation, you locate website of all the professional wedding photographers Mumbai.

And look at the wedding pictures they have uploaded. From here you can shortlist a few photographers for meeting personally.

Now you may ask, “What is the need for shortlisting a few photographers for personal meeting if I like photographs of one photographer the best?”

Because on websites, photographers put their best shots and it is difficult to properly judge caliber of a photographer from just a few photographs.

When deciding on a wedding photographer you need to view a few full wedding albums. If most of the photographs taken by him resonate with you, then that’s the right choice.

Also confirm that the wedding albums placed before you are the work of the photographer you are interviewing. This happens in studios where there is more than one master photographer.

You might like work of one photographer only to be allocated another photographer. So, while hiring a studio, make sure that only the photographer whose work you have approved be sent to your functions.



After shortlisting a few photographers, now is the time to personally meet them. This is an important step because whether you are hiring them or not, will get clear in this very meeting.

Meeting the wedding photographer will include viewing their portfolios, asking relevant questions, replying to their queries, judging from the whole conversation if the photographer will be a right fit.



View a few full albums to understand the style and technique preferred by the wedding photographer. If they lean more towards traditional while you are seeking more of the candidness, then you might best look somewhere else.

They say, a picture says a thousand words. If you can feel the emotions that the photographer projects from the photographs, that means the photographs knows what he is doing and is brilliant at it.

And if he comes in your budget then don’t delay in hiring him because such photographers get hired like hot cakes (so to speak!).

Asking Questions


  1. Are you available on the days my functions fall?

This is the most important question. Indians have very many functions preceding and succeeding their marriage ceremonies. So, the wedding photographer is needed almost full time on at least 2 days.

If the photographer is unavailable on the days, you have your functions than any further talk is redundant.

  1. If you have a specific style you prefer, inquire if they excel in that style or prefer another style of photography?

Since it is your wedding, you have carte blanche on everything. A photographer may be the best in field. But if you do not want your wedding to be documented in the style in which he excels, you should look somewhere else.

Luckily, Mumbai has many top wedding photographers in both candid and traditional photography. So, you are covered no matter which style you prefer.

If the guest list is big, you will need to hire more than one wedding photographer, depending upon the number of guests and your choice.