Best Wedding Photographers in Lucknow | Top Wedding Photographers in Lucknow
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Best Wedding Photographers in Lucknow

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the photographs of your wedding are worth a thousand memories.  Brides and grooms leave no stone unturned to make their wedding day the most memorable day for themselves and their closed ones. And after every last vendor has left, venue has been wiped clean of the last night’s festivities, the only thing that remains of the day is a lifelong relation and photographs as beautiful reminder of the day.

Engaging the services of best wedding photographer in Lucknow needs time, patience and knowledge of right questions to ask and your own preference.  Your preference is the deciding factor in engaging every vendor for your wedding. One professional may be the best in what he does but so long as he does not do what you want, his ability is of no use to you! So hire professional wedding photographer in Lucknow who understands your vision and has ability to transform it into reality.


There are two types of photography currently in trend in Lucknow, traditional and candid. A traditional wedding photographer will ask you to give poses, smile for the camera, manage your position to bring out a photograph. A candid wedding photographer in Lucknow, on the other hand makes ample use of natural moments! He does not ask you to strike poses or smile or to look up or be a little shy. He shoots you when you aren’t looking at him! He freezes the moments as they unfold without any adulteration.

Now-a-days candid wedding photography is all rage in Lucknow. Although there isn’t much difference between traditional wedding photographer and candid wedding photographer in terms of technical know-how, what makes candid different from traditional is an eye for capturing the truly beautiful moments without artificially arranging it. Candid shots are taken with a view to elicit desired emotional response from an audience.

Whether to hire wedding videographers or wedding cinematographers in addition to wedding photographers?

Photographs aren’t enough to capture your wedding day, the moments captured in video have their own significance. Videos capture the moments in motion. Two types of video techniques are in vogue:

  1. Wedding Videography
  2. Wedding Cinematography

Wedding cinematography is capturing the wedding in a way that it tells a story. It requires creativity on the part of wedding cinematographer. Unlike a videographer, a cinematographer gives importance to lighting, lens choice, lens exposure, camera movement, filters, color grading, composition etc, in short he mixes the art of storytelling and science of motion picture photography.

It is the story they mean to tell that guides them in their work. It is a craft and requires planning, A wedding cinematographer in Lucknow captures planned visuals. A videographer in Lucknow just goes with the flow, he captures the wedding as it progresses. This is the reason wedding cinematographers are expensive.

Wedding videographer’s sole aim is to cover the whole wedding as it happens. He documents the wedding without any aim to tell a story. This is not to say that a wedding videographer is not focused on the qualities that make a video compelling, they just capture unplanned visuals, which are lightly edited and set to music, and are amazing in their own way.

Wedding video can last hours while cinematic wedding film lasts in minutes.

What is pre-wedding photoshoot?

Pre-wedding photoshoot, as the name suggests, happens a few weeks before wedding to celebrate love of the couple.

Does the photographer suggests the pre-wedding photoshoot spots that reflects the bond?

Yes, your pre-wedding photoshoot photographer in Lucknow will suggest you places you may like for the pre-wedding shoot in Lucknow as well as outside Lucknow.

How many photographers and/or videographers to be hired?

Number of photographers and videographers depend upon the number of the guests, size of the venue and coverage you want, number of days you want to engage them for.  If you want to hire more than one photographer and more than one videographer, you can hire one traditional and one candid photographer, similarly, one for videography and one for cinematography.


Charges depend upon the services you contract for. Services offered by photographers include:

  1. Traditional photography
  2. Candid Photography
  3. Pre-wedding photo shoot
  4. Traditional videography
  5. Cinematic videography
  6. Photoalbums (coffee table albums too)
  7. Outstation functions

The more the number of services you take, the more you will have to pay.  Charges also increase in case of outstation shoots, number of functions you want covered, number of photographs you want edited.


Experience teaches what cannot be taught in class. So obviously the more the experience, the better a photographer is believed to be but that is not to say quality of a wedding photographer can be judged solely on the basis of number of years he has been in business or number of weddings he has covered. Some very famous and talented wedding photographers take on very few assignments in a year. Talent, an eye for detail, experience, editing talent, ability to understand the needs of the client makes a wedding photographer a great one.

Why are wedding photographers so expensive?

Not all wedding photographers are expensive, you will find wedding photographers in every range. But the reason why some top wedding photographers in Lucknow are expensive is because they carry equipments worth lakhs of rupees (they also carry back-up equipment of the same quality and price range) and have invested great deal of time in learning and training. The experience they have gained over the years that enable them to work in different situations and still being able to get superb shots. Their charges also include the time and energy they spend in post processing i.e. editing the photographs so they look right of some film set.

Further the charges of wedding photographer in Lucknow depends upon:

  1. Location (whether you want the coverage in Lucknow or outside Lucknow, coverage outside Lucknow will cost you more dearly as compared to coverage in Lucknow, also you will most probably have to pay for your photographer(s) hotel stay and transportation costs).
  2. Number of functions (the more the number of functions, the more the charges of the photographer as more functions translates into more work for the photographer)
  3. Quality of the Photographer (there is no meter for gauging the quality of a wedding photographer, but their work speaks for them and the better the work, the better the quality)
  4. Number of photographers: The bigger the gathering, more the number of photographers needed to cover the whole function, hence more the charges you have to pay.
  5. Type of photography: Candid wedding photographer charges more as compared to traditional wedding photographer
  6. Type of videography: If you want to have a cinematic film of your wedding, you are going to have to shell out more