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Wedding Photographer Chandigarh

Best Wedding Photographer in Chandigarh

Wedding Photographer in Chandigarh


Wedding photographer in Chandigarh is that wedding professional whose work stays with you even when you are old and grey.  Wedding is once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You are already a bundle of nerves on the day of your marriage. Your family is busy making sure your wedding goes on without a hitch (ie. If you haven’t hired a wedding planner). So, Mattel falls on photographers in Chandigarh  to record the moments of the biggest day of your life. That you lived but could not really register.

Plenty of things can happen on the wedding day. But if the photographs come out beautiful, you feel better in spite of everything. So, you want the best photographer in Chandigarh who can capture beauty. And emotions of the moment.

He should be creative. No two weddings are same. He should have the eye to capture the best moments.

Why hiring a professional photographer is a far better idea than letting a friend with good camera to document your wedding?


Weddings are important, once-in-a-lifetime event. And you want to make this day as special as you can. Wedding planning is an overwhelming task. But anything is worth the nerves. If everything goes down according to the plan.

And the thing about wedding day is that it goes by very fast. And the only thing that remains of the day are the memories you have collect in your heart. Also, the memories documented by the photographer. So, while everything else lasts only the duration of the wedding, photographs last a lifetime.

Which is why a friend with a good camera may sound like a cheaper option. But it’s not the best one and we will tell you exactly why!

Professional photographer Chandigarh is an impersonal observer who has no interest in your wedding except taking great pictures. And brings with him experience gained through working in multiple weddings having different themes. People requiring different things, best photographic equipment from camera to lenses to lightning, technical know-how required in editing the photographs, taking the perfect shots.

Friend would not be an impersonal observer. He is there to enjoy his time too. So, their attention would divert between attending the wedding, having a wonderful time. And taking photographs. The photographic equipment plays a key role in getting great shots. But they are not being all end all. It is the man behind the lens that makes all the difference.

Your friend might have latest technology camera. But he might not have the eye that catches the perfect shots. He will not know how to settle people into great poses or to use the lightning to their advantage.

Now a days you see everyone yielding camera phones to take that picture that’s going to feature in the next issue of a well known magazine. That’s all well and good but this strategy is best left for picnics and not for weddings.

How to allocate budget to wedding photographer Chandigarh?


Every wedding, no matter how simple, is expensive. There are hundreds of things that need to be done in an Indian wedding. And none of them are pocket-friendly on either side! People try to outdo their relative’s arrangements and in the process, go out of pocket and straight into debt.

It does not matter how much money you have. You will end up spending a lot more than you decided if you don’t meticulously plan the budget. Apply every money-saving trick in the book you can and carefully organize every detail. You can choose either of the two ways to proceed:

If you have a large budget, you can proceed by first choosing the things based on your likes, dislikes, needs and lastly, worry or not, about the money it will cost. Money is not that big a criterion in such weddings. And the mode of allocation of budgets in such weddings is much different from the weddings in the family of middle-class hard-earned money people.

If you have a small to medium budget. You are obviously choosing things based on their cost first. And then according to your needs, likes, and dislikes. This is why there is a difference between the allocation of budget in the weddings with large budget and wedding with a small to medium budget.

Professional photographers Chandigarh don’t just take pictures they capture once-in-lifetime moments. They are an essential part of the whole wedding team.

Top photographers in Chandigarh know and use the latest technology available

He should have covering at least a dozen weddings, but if after looking through his portfolio and interviewing him; you feel he is the right person for the job, go for him. And don’t let the lack of experience hold you back!

Talent stumps experience sometimes! One hint to judging the connection is to see if after looking at a photograph taken by him, you want to see the next and you feel there is a story behind the photograph.You want that photographer in trinity who values your vision for your wedding but also knows how to bring out the best of any moment.


Are you available?

This should be your first question, because if they aren’t available on your important dates, no need to go any further.

You don’t want to spend time and exert energy in shortlisting a photographer to only come to know that they are pre-booked with some other engagement on that very day. If you still have liked their work, you can ask for recommendations from him for photographers with same photographic style and competence.

What happens when the photographer you hired falls sick or is otherwise unable to attend your wedding or their equipment malfunctions?

Also ask what is your plan of action if due to some urgent and unforeseen circumstance. You become unable to cover some part or even whole of the wedding. Life is uncertain, and photographer is only a human. There may arise some situation like acute illness, accident or some other unfortunate happening.

Where he becomes unable to reach the venue or your equipment malfunctions. What happens then? You can’t change the timings of your function and it would be heartbreaking to not have it documented. So always be practical and ask what happens in such situation? Do they have contract with another photographer or photographers to take up their assignments if they become unable to do so?

If they have such photographer(s), will they share their number beforehand, so, they can also be reviewed? If they are ready to share their number, ask if they are free on that day/days (keep in mind that you are not hiring them. So, they are under no obligation to keep their dates free, so insist on at least names of two photographers) check their portfolios, ask for reviews and references and then make your decision for those photographers too.

What do you charge?

Budget is important, so you want to shortlist only those photographers that work within your price range. Going overboard with hiring an out-of-budget photographer won’t do your budget and mental peace any good.

Every photographer charges differently and they base their charges on their estimation of their level of competence and creativity, cameras and lenses and other equipments they use. Hiring a good photographer is essential because photographs are the only things that remain of the wedding after ceremony but you need not go for the most expensive one, believing that only he can take beautiful pictures.

Also, do not hire any photographer whose charges are too good to be true as they may be amateurs. And looking to gain experience at your biggest day’s expense.

Allocate a good budget


Look through photographs of anyone wedding that he has done himself. See if he has captured key moments and if he can blend in the background, capture those moments with sensitivity. And he knows how to use lighting and views to the most. Get Photographer in Chandigarh and look at his photography experience. He needs no push towards taking a candid picture because candid photographs are the photographs that you will cherish the most.

See the entire albums of the weddings and not just their most beautiful work.

Photographic style: If after going through a portfolio of the photographer, you feel that photographer follows a photographic style most of the times.  Two most popular photographic styles in wedding photography are Traditional and Photojournalistic or Candid Wedding Photography.  Traditional is what we are accustomed to, which includes your traditional wedding photographer curating your poses and then taking shots while Candid wedding photography is the new style in photographer’s kitty where he captures the moments as they happen without so much as letting people know that he is taking their photographs. Both these styles need much practice and experience , so expecting to  photographer to adopt another photographic style than the one he is used to is recipe for disaster. You will be better off choosing another photographer whose photographic style matches your expectation.

A photographer cannot change his photographic style overnight. And if he takes up a job knowing that client is expecting something else then that’s a recipe for disaster.

As the photographer won’t be able to do justice to his assignment and the client will not get the picture he/she expects! That’s not saying that the photographer is not good, it only means that he does not equip to take the shots that you desire.

Reviews and References

Many people you know must have walked down the aisle before you, and they can refer some photographers to you. Even without some personal reference, you can go through our list of references of top wedding photographers in Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Mohali, Panchkula and decide for yourself.

Many people you know must have gotten married before you and they can refer some photographers to you. Some are happy with the photographer they hire and can’t stop gushing about how good they are. What wonderful pictures they took, how they captured all the magical moments and that they can still feel the thrill of the day when they see their pictures.

But some will tell you that their photographer was the biggest disappointment of their biggest day since the venue, caterers, band etc. All vanish as soon as the night is over but the work of the photographer is the preservation of the moments of that day so they can be cherish through their lives.

Clicking pictures is not what photography is all about. It is about capturing magical moments. It is about catching the right moments and making them eternal.

It’s all about connecting with the photographer. You and photographer share a very personal relationship. What works for one, may not work for another. Most couples have a story they want their pictures to share.

So always shortlist at least 7-10 photographers, check their portfolios, talk to them. If they can shoot your wedding around a theme and if they have ever done a theme based wedding before. Ask if they can weave a story through your pictures.

Ask them if they can give you names and contact numbers of their last ten clients. Once you get their numbers, be sure to call them to know about their feedback and if they had any special requests to ask of the photographer and whether the photographer did justice to those requests.


After you have shortlisted the best photographers in Chandigarh you want to meet, set up interviews with them as early as possible because you don’t want to risk a good photographer being booked by someone else.


Make sure that he doesn’t double book i.e. he books only one function at a particular time. Many a times, photographers double book, sending their associates to some functions while photographing some other function themselves. Ask if they outsource their work and if they do. Inquire about the photographers who will be chosen to you.

See their portfolios; ask where they are getting training and if they can do every type of photography that you want.

How many pictures do you take?

A number of pictures depend upon the number and duration of functions, size of the gathering, time available with the bride and grooms to give poses. Photographers take plenty of photographers on their own to get the perfect shot in most cases. And it is prudent not to micromanage them to the extent of telling them that they need to take at least a certain number of photographs.

What is important is that you get great shots and not the great number of shots. Any photographer worth his salt will not be able to pass up any shot that’s worth taking! But if it still gives you peace of mind to ask this question, go ahead and ask. No harm will come out of it even if you do ask it.

 Is photography your full-time occupation?

Some people take up photographic assignments to supplement their income on the part-time basis. And not as the sole source of their income. While it cannot say that they will lack in skills or technical expertise or creativity.

But it can be said with reasonable certainty that this person will not be invest in your wedding as a full-time photographer.  They have another thing going on that requires their time and much of energy and is their main area of focus and even. If they are exceptional at photography, they will take ages to give you the edited photographs.

Even for people who do photography full-time, you need to ask if wedding photography constitutes the bulk of their assignments. There are many types of photographers in the industry like product photographer, fashion photographer, nature photographer, wildlife photographer, travel photographer, HDR photographer, and time-lapse photographer.

All these photography styles require a high level of expertise and dedication and tech know-how to be able to produce great images. But they remain unsuited to the purpose of wedding photography. Expert in one field may not necessarily mean that he will be able to produce moving pictures in another genre.

The team of how many associates will you require covering the wedding of a specific size and who will be the lead photography and how will you allocate duties?

Size of the team of photographers will be dependent upon the scale of the wedding guests. And the size of the venue and different styles of photography you want to include.

For a small size wedding, you won’t need more than a couple of photographers but for a big fat Indian wedding. You will need many photographers to cover each and every aspect of the wedding.

Photographer will want to know the tentative size of the wedding guest list to give you an exact estimate of associates who will need to cover the whole of the wedding.

When you have come to an understanding on the number of photographers you will need, don’t forget to ask who the lead photographer will be and what will be the primary duties of the lead photographer. Who will manage the team so they are organiz enough to cover the entire wedding?

Has the photographer worked at the wedding venue before?

Though this question is not very important if the answer is in affirmative. It is an added advantage as the photographer will be familiar with the wedding locate and can traverse it with more ease and be able to select the shoot points with more confidence.

They will know the best places to set up their gear, be more confident about the choice of placement of the stage. Know which angles to shoot and which lightning tools will bring out the best in the venue.

How to get the best out of your photographer?

Once you have selected the best photographer for you, next step is building rapport with the photographer. He may be the best your money can hire but he still will need to be educated on how you want things to do so him to bring out his expertise. And creativity to beautify the things you want. So be communicative with them, introduce them to your close family. So, they know who they need to focus on besides the bride and the groom.

Pre-wedding Shoot

Couples enjoy their courtship period and it is that time of life that is never going to come back.  Some even prefer to have those moments captured by a good lens.

The trend of the pre-wedding shoot is picking up but to have great pre-wedding shoots, your photographer should have great and unique ideas, so again check their profile of pre-wedding shoots, to know if their working style will suit you.

Outstation weddings

If you are getting wed outside Chandigarh, and by outside we do not mean Zirakpur. We mean Jaipur, Kashmir, Delhi etc. And you want to hire a photographer from Chandigarh; you should ask if they do outstation weddings.

And if they do, ask about the additional charges they charge for an outstation wedding and the facilities they expect you to provide there. Most Chandigarh photographers do outstation nowadays and some don’t charge anything extra but many will expect to provide travel, lodging, and food expenses.

 Traditional Photography and Candid Photography


Once the photographer asks you to pose for every photo, it is called traditional photography.  With the influence of western world, photographers are moving not only towards better gadgets but also towards different styles of photography. Another style in wedding photography is Candid Photography.

When the photographers take your photos without your knowledge that is called candid photography. It is much in fashion nowadays and for good reason too. While taking candid photographs, photographers try to catch unadulterated moments of joy, happiness, love.

While both kinds of photography require much practice to become an expert, candid photography in Chandigarh is much harder to do justice to. In traditional photography in Chandigarh, frames and poses are set. But in candid photography, neither frames nor poses are set; it depends solely on the ingenuity and skill of the photographer to capture the moments.

 See which photography you prefer, you can opt for both


During wedding functions, most brides are on autopilot and not many enjoy their day due to fatigue, nerves, and anticipation and it is the photographs that help and preserve the memories that brides can’t remember.

So choose a photographer whose style matches your expectation since at the end of the day, what matters the most is that you get photographs that you love.

Why is it necessary to hire a wedding photographer after careful consideration?


You or your family can check out the work of all wedding vendors except one on the wedding night itself.  and can seek changes or a total overhaul even if you so desire. These vendors include caterers, decorators, tent houses, florists etc. But photographer is the only wedding vendor whose work you cannot see until after the wedding.

Although he is one part of the whole wedding team who makes the day memorable he remains the only person who creates timeless momentous of the golden day of your life.

Contract for both photography and videography


While hiring a photographer, try and contract for both photography and videography. Both photography and videography have its charms. Videographer also captures the tears, the laughs, the emotional reactions in motion as opposed to stills as in photography.

The days fly by so quickly and every member of the family is so busy taking care of hundreds of things that they don’t enjoy the day. And the bride and the groom so focus on creating a magical wedding that they don’t have the time or inclination to see anyone else. The only recourse they have to the memories of that day is the photographs and videos.

5 reasons why wedding videography is essential


The reason videography is so essential is those videos capture the moments in its entirety from sound to motions. Photographs won’t let you hear what you said to your fiancé. That had her face light up like a thousand diamonds or that had your friends break out in a laugh.

There are so many beautiful, funny moments that you experience on that day. But forget as quickly due to the nature of the day, won’t it be fantastic. If they were capture too so you can enjoy them your whole life.

The second reason is sometimes some family members due to distance constraints. Some emergency may not be able to attend the wedding but they are emotionally invested in the wedding. Videography helps them take salvage in the fact that even though they are not there. You will get to see the video

A third reason is bride and groom are never going to get the dress like that is. So much in love with each other, be so happy and its always better to capture those moments in the video for rest of their lives so that when going gets tough. They can remember and cherish those old memories.

Fourth reason is nothing has more power to move one to tears than vidai of their beloved daughter and pictures can never do justice to such moments

The fifth reason is the fulfillment of expectation of every bride who wishes to see the biggest day of her life with her own eyes.



Wedding cinematography is on roll nowadays. Some people use cinematography interchangeably with videography. Though the function of both cinematographer and videographer is more or less the same i.e.

To document the day and capture beautiful memories, wedding cinematographer goes another mile as he tries to weave the whole day and night into a story.



A videographer is documenting the function from beginning till the end with the main focus on capturing as many memories as possible.

Videographer focuses on just the camera.

Videographers will most probably do interviews and shoots at the higher frame rate of around 30 frames per second to give it a regular movie feel.

Wedding Cinematographer documents the function with the view to cultivating a story just like you see in a movie. It is an art and creativity plays a major role in the final outcome. The focus is on elicitation of response from the audience.

The focus is mainly on the couple as the story revolves around them. And everything else relegates to the background. It invokes the interpretative capabilities of the photographer.

Cinematographer focuses not just on camera but also changing different lenses and using light to enhance the story.

Cinematographers most probably skip interviews and typically shoot 24 frames a second to give a video a more cinematic feel.