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Best packers and movers in Vadodara

Most people relocate only a handful of times in their entire lives, for it is no cakewalk; its stressful, back-breaking (though it doesn’t have to be), emotionally trying and whatnot. Such is the terror of relocation that people will find any number of excuses to stay put at their places. Even for a seasoned relocator ( who relocates quite frequently), relocation is no easy feat. Whatever has been said is true for most but it doesn’t have to be true for you!


Most cities and towns across India now boost of a number of highly specialised packers and movers who make your move look like a child’s play. They are trained and equipped with machinery and the right packing material to handle your stuff ( no matter if you need to shift your office, home, factory, industry). What a novice relocator cannot achieve in a month, professional packers and movers in Vadodara can make possible in a few hours, and that too without damaging any thing.


Infact, the growing number of prospering packers and movers in Vadodara show that people are leaning towards hiring packers and movers instead of slaving for days themselves. And its a wise decision too! There are many benefits to hiring packers and movers like not having start the packing work a month prior so you are all packed up by the time you have to shift, not having to sacrifice the valuable time with family members, making your children move-ready emotionally, saving precious and expensive things from damage while packing/unpacking or loading/unloading or transportation, not having to hire labour to haul heavy items or truck for transportation.


Though packers and movers are of great help but there are few things that should be kept in mind while hiring them as not all the packers and movers in the market are professionals, lack of regulation in this field has contributed to emergence of many fly-by-night packers and movers. Don’t just hire the first packers and movers to catch your attention (after all you would be entrusting your entire life’s accumulation to them), do a little research and follow the below mentioned steps so that you can hire the best packers and movers in Vadodara within your budget.


Before you start the research, decide on what is really worth relocating and what, you can do without or you would be better off purchasing again. There is no point in carrying redundancies to your new place and then discarding them. After you have decided on what to shift, ponder upon the service that you want as there are many options available to answer your every need. You can hire full service packers and movers (who do all the work from packing to loading and unloading to transporting to unpacking) or only need labour for a limited job (like lacking or loading and unloading), or only need truck for transportation. Once you have settled on a plan of action, then you can start with the following steps.


First thing to do is researching a bit, which is probably the easiest tasks, thanks to Google, Facebook and various service providing apps. You will find many big names in the first look. Big price tags usually accompany these big names, but if you spend a little time, you will find many packers and movers providing good services at very competitive rates.  To find best budget packers and movers in Vadodara, you will have to


  1. Talk to each of the packers and movers, tell them your requirements and ask for their quotes.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the packers and movers who fall within your budget.
  3. During the meeting, check the material they use to pack the household stuff, check the condition of the motor vehicle that they use for transporting (vehicles in dilapidated condition says much about the quality of service provided by the packers and mover company you are visiting), check their GST number to see that they are a registered entity (and not some con company)
  4. Insurance is not a service these companies provide on their own, you will have to ask for insurance, check the terms of it like the kind and extent of coverage, what eventualities they are covering and the claim process. Since insurance is not an included feature in the services offered by packers and movers, you may have to pay a little extra to get it. If you are relocating in the same city, you can skip the insurance if you want (though its always better to get one) but if you are moving out of town or some long distance, insurance coverage can take off a lot of stress of your mind as it generally protects you from loss arising from theft, accidental damage etc.
  5. Once you have inspected the services they provide, and if you are satisfied with them, you can negotiate over the price and insurance premium.


Granted these steps make the whole process a little tiresome but atleast you can rest assured that your stuff is being handled by professionals and in case of any mishap you are protected against the loss, it saves you from a lot of headache afterwards.