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Best packers and movers in Ahmedabad

Relocation always has mixed emotions associated with it, half of the difficulty in moving is mental that is used to a routine. Moving can appear intimidating and scary or fun and exciting with a pinch of work depending upon how you take it. Moving is scary because you are leaving your friends and colleagues, taking out your children from their schools and making them leave their friends, not to mention the hassles of moving like packing, renting a truck, loading, unloading, unpacking, finding a new place to live, surrendering utilities at your old place and setting up utilities at your new place, finding new doctors, finding new schools for your kids, finding new places for recreational activities etc.

No one can help you with the lifestyle changes that you will have to go through as a result of the move but top packers and movers in Ahmedabad help you with the transportation part leaving you to deal with the things that no one else can do.


When you are moving to a new place whether in Ahmedabad or out of Ahmedabad, there are a few things you will definitely need and what things you will need depend upon the place you are moving to. If you are moving to a place is colder than you are used to, you should make a few preparations like getting warm clothes, heater etc before you are to move so you are atleast ready to tackle the weather there. Apart from these special needs, you should make an overnight bag of essentials for every member of family containing the items you all are going to need on the first day after your move. Other than that, listed below are packing hacks that are great time and money savers.



  1. Use Vacuum Bags

Air can be completely sucked out of vacuum bags, leading to lighter and less space grabbing bag. After you have put blankets, clothes, bedsheets etc in the vacuum bag, use the pump to suck out air out of the bag and you will get a much smaller bag instead of normal sized bag, hence you can store more in the box than without the vacuum bags.

  1. Save on boxes:

Instead of filling everything in boxes, use the suitcases with clothes, big utensils can be used to keep smaller ones, laundry baskets with laundry supplies, essentially bigger vessels/containers should be used to store smaller things. Big steel contianers that are easily found in every Indian household can be used to store and keep safe fragile items like china ware, glass ware etc. Steel body of these container will not let much shock from outside to impact the fragile items, thus keeping them safe.

  1. Pack with new home in mind:

Whether you are packing yourself or having professional packers to pack your stuff for you, rather than packing according to your current placement of things or room by room, pack items according to their placement in your new home or office. For example, maybe in your present home, your bedroom doubles as your study, but in your new home, you have a separate study. Pack your study supplies separately instead of packing them with your bedroom items. Similarly, supposingly, in your current office, two of your employees share a cabin but in the new office they have different cabins, don’t have their office supplies packed together instead have them packed separately, in neatly marked boxes so the packers know which box goes in which cabin. This tip will make unpacking a lot easier and it will go much smoothly.

  1. Wrap fragile items in Towels

Generally, the boxes that contain something fragile are shown the door as soon as the fragile item is put to use but this habit makes transporting these items a little difficult as it becomes an onerous task to pack such items so they don’t break with the slightest shock. So instead of using a lot of newspaper and bubble wrap for packing such items, you can just use your towels that you are not going to put in your survival kit to wrap such fragile items.

  1. Label cables and other parts of electronics like computer, DVD players etc and take a picture of the ensemble

If you don’t have the user manual with you, you  should best take a picture of the ensemble without you take out wires from the electronics, this will help you replug them easily. Also mark every cable with the name of the electronic item it goes into for example mark the cable that goes into television as Television cable, cable that goes into printer as printer cable.

  1. Filling suit covers with clothes

This hack is mostly forgotten but is extremely useful. If you have empty suit covers, you put hang as many clothes in them as they can accomodate to keep them from getting crushed, also even if you have suits in those covers, you can hang clothes under the suits, thus making optimal use of the suit covers for keeping your clothes from getting crushed or otherwise damaged.

  1. Numbering the boxes.

Human mind is fallible, which is why the same human mind invented lists, digital diaries and what not to keep it from forgetting important things. While moving, you come across host of things that must absolutely be done and in all this, you tend to forget a box or two at your old place. To prevent such a scenario from taking place, you can not only label the boxes with its contents but also number the boxes so you know for certain the number of boxes you had.

  1. Don’t buy boxes and cut holes in the boxes for easy carriage

If you aren’t too keen on hiring  trusted packers and movers near Ahmedabad, don’t waste  your money on buying boxes. Firstly use the buckets, the steel containers, the suitcases etc to fill things then if you absolutely have to get boxes, approach your nearest general store, they get lots of solid cardboard boxes that are of no use to them. You can get those boxes from them at no cost and for easy carrying you can make holes in the sides of the box.


  1. Research a few reputable movers and packers in Ahmedabad

Don’t hire the first packer and mover company you can find the name of.  Start with ten names atleast, you can check the names of reliable packers and movers in Ahmedabad at the top of this page. Once you have names and their numbers, start calling them to fix an interview. Go to their office and meet their staff and try to understand the way they work, explain to them your requirements, the final destination, if your date of moving is flexible etc. This interview should let you select a few movers out of your original list. You can then ask the movers you have selected to come to your house or office, take a look at your stuff and then give you an estimate of the cost of moving. This estimate should be all-inclusive, make it very clear to movers. Negotiations are a part of every business, so you can try your hand at bringing their charges down to a cost that is acceptable to you.

  1. Insist on getting an in-house estimate:

Don’t let the Ahmedabad packers and movers tell you an approximate range of charge on telephone without visiting your home or office and taking stock of the stuff you want transported. Even then, don’t settle for an estimate, get a price that includes everything from GST to insurance to covering each and every aspect of the services you have hired them for.

  1. Don’t tell your budget

Some fraudulent packer and mover companies ask you for your budget of moving and then tailor their estimate not according to the services you need but according to the budget. Ask them to give you on-site packing and moving costs to avoid paying more than you were originally told or getting fleeced.

  1. Age is not just numbers

It would be wrong to say that newer companies cannot give exceptional services but it is equally true that it is difficult to find out the quality of service provided by a new packer and mover company in Ahmedabad unless someone you know has used their services and been satisfied with it.   If a company has been in business for a long time, this is a point in their favour because its not easy to remain in business unless they have been getting business to stay in the business and since they have been getting business that means they have been doing something right. Also longer the experience, better the ability of any business to deal with problems and more the connections to get things done.