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Best packers and movers in Ghaziabad



As soon as the decision to move has ridden its wave of emotional and mental disturbance, mind diverts itself to other details of it like packing, loading, finding new place, informing the family, buying tickets (for national or international move), informing the kids and preparing them such a big change. Not many people have the luxury of time when it comes to relocation. The longer the time you have to relocate, more work you can do by yourself but if you have short time in which you need to relocate, you should hire the best packer and mover services in Ghaziabad to make your relocation as stress free as possible.


Packers and movers can handle the most herculean task involved in moving i.e. Shifting your belongings safely from your current home to your future home wherever it may be while you take care of the rest of the important details involved in changing your address like informing your family, friends and relatives, throwing a going away party, changing your address in government issued identity cards like Passport, PAN etc.

Another thing only you can do is disposing of the irrelevant and un-useful stuff that has accumulated in your home over the years you have stayed there. It is common to find things that have lived their usefulness in homes. While you have space for them in your old home, you keep them but as you start needing more space, you slowly and as need arises you donate, sell off or throw away a few things. In such circumstances, you only take out things that are necessary to make space. During diwali cleaning also you purge some waste but moving is that process where you take purging to a whole new level. You purge the stuff that you haven’t used in a long time and are unlikely to use again, you purge the non-working things and you purge what you won’t need at your new place. This purging can not be done by your packers in Ghaziabad and they will pack everything that they are not specially instructed to avoid.

You and only you must pack your valuables. Although it is true that if you hire trusted packers and movers in Ghaziabad, you won’t have to worry about your stuff disappearing but trusting them with your valuable items is trusting them too far.


These are the tasks only you can do but that does not mean that packers and movers in Ghaziabad  are any less important if you want to keep things sane at home With the kind of work pressure that is exerted on people today, if the task of packing is also thrust on them, people won’t even have the little time they have for family now. Also, some people are primary caregivers for their elderly parents too in addition to being a parent, a spouse, a business partner or an employee, their duties towards their parents will take a backseat if they are made to pack too.

Even if you were to discard these concerns to save money, you will be astonished to know that hiring professional packers and movers will help you save more than you spend on paying them. Some of the ways in which you save money indirectly is:


Professional packing – Now-a-days people are so very dependent on technology that a day without internet looks too long. You have electronic appliances for every household work imaginable and these appliances are getting more advanced. To keep such advanced and fragile appliances safe while relocating from Ghaziabad, either you will have to spend much time on google in learning the tips and tricks for safe packaging of the appliances, buy the packaging material to properly pack in order to keep them safe during the transit and while loading and unloading or you can just load them onto the truck praying all the while that nothing happens to your belongings in the transit. Now, even if a few of your appliances get broken, you will end up spending more on buying the new items than the charges of the packers and movers in Ghaziabad.





This is the oldest trick in the kitty of every scammer. They quote the cheapest rate  (much below the current market price), clients get enticed by it and his marketing skills, book their services only to realise after the deed is done that they have been duped. Clients end up shelling out much more than they would have, if they had hired reliable and trusted packers and movers in Ghaziabad. With such companies, you either get broken items or find them missing or they hold your goods hostage unless you pay them certain amount.

Moving is an extensive and time-consuming process even for professional packers and movers and to provide you world-class services and still remain in business, they need to charge you an appropriate amount for the services rendered.



While good packers and movers in Ghaziabad can handle every aspect of the move on their own but they will never ask you to not get involve yourself in the process. They welcome your assistance and supervision after all its your hard earned possessions that you are entrusting to them, your concern is obvious.


Though your presence is required while loading, your presence is most essential while unloading so you can count the boxes being unloaded and see if they have been tempered with.




Visual estimate is for the packer and mover companies in Ghaziabad as much as it is for you. This brings both you and them on same page as to the charges you will have to pay for the services sought by you. People having 1 BHK apartments have different volume of stuff than how come the packers and movers charge in Ghaziabad same for everyone.


Packers and movers know that you cannot give them a correct report of the inventory, which is why they themselves will insist on home visit to ascertain the charges to be levied. A company that oversteps this essential step is not exactly looking to be professional and you might have a fight on you hands later on.


Such companies give you quote over the phone and on the day of payment riddle you with all sorts of additional charges in the name of stairs, more heavy items, more belongings than they expected. On the day of move either you succumb to their pressure and pay them more or stay stranded.




Genuine reviews go a long way in helping you decide to hire or not the services of a particular packer and mover companies in Ghaziabad. This is the reason many people insist on looking at the reviews and talking to the references before making any decision.


A scamming company, when asked about reviews, will give you excuses like they are new and hence have no reviews or they don’t insist on reviews, but you have to be cautious enough to separate grain from chaff. While it is true that start-ups don’t have many reviews but they won’t shy away from giving you number of the clients they served to build confidence with you.




Some packers and movers, in order to get your business make false promises like they can move everything, which isn’t true. Every industry has limitations owing to government restrictions. Household shifters in Ghaziabad can’t transport many things that are injurious to public health and safety especially inflammable things.