Best professional Makeup Artists Delhi NCR-Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi
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Best Professional Makeup Artists Delhi NCR

Best Make-Up Artists in Delhi NCR

Best Professional Makeup Artists in Delhi NCR

Every bride wants to look the most beautiful she can ever look, on her wedding night. She wants the best lehenga, jewellery, bangles and make-up that compliments her lehenga, jewellery, skin tone and face cut.

Finding the best bridal make-up artist in Delhi that can work his magic on your wedding night is just as important as finding other wedding professionals.

Selecting a make-up artist that can transform your vision of being the most beautiful you have ever been to reality takes time. And patience just like selecting any other wedding professional takes.

When you live in a big city like Delhi, you will have so many choices and will need time to separate wheat from chaff (so to speak). But, brides usually wait till they have hired all other wedding professionals to start looking for make-up artist.

Which is well and good so long as you still have a couple of months in hand before your wedding day. Waiting till the end to decide on make-up artist or studio or salon is not a clever idea. Because good make-up artists get booked fast. And if you are getting married in peak season, it becomes imperative that you book make-up artist that you like the best as early as possible.

Make-up Professionals in Delhi NCR


When it’s time to look for a make-up artist, brides get inundated by thoughts like there are tons of talented make-up professionals in Delhi NCR. But how will you know whom to select? Select the one that your friend who just got married is gaga about or hire the one having rave reviews on internet or just hire anyone?

These questions go through mind of every bride, so calm down, high Bp will not do you any good and in the meanwhile, we will try and answer this question here in this article.

The peculiar thing about make-up is products that suit one skin may not suit another type of skin, smoky eyes does not look good on all brides. Contouring is different, foundation depends on skin types.

So, the top make-up artist who did your friend’s make-up on her wedding day might not be best for you. So, it becomes important to hire an experienced make-up artist who knows how to work with different skin types, skin tones and face cuts to make them look more beautiful.

In short make-up artist that your friend hired may not be the best choice for. Though you should consider them too just like you would consider other make-up artists in Delhi. There are a few steps you should follow to get to the very best make-up.

Research for Delhi Make-up Artists


Before you start with the research, keep the timeline you have in hand in mind. If you have 6-7 months, you can take your time but if you have 2-3 months you will need to hurry up.

To gather names of the make-up professionals in Delhi ask friends and relatives for references, check out reviews on social media and go through our list of make-up artists in Delhi.

Shortlisting Professional Make-up Artists Delhi


Once you have gathered names of enough make-up artists, see if they have online portfolios available. While it’s not a must have but it will make things easier for you to shortlist the names.

While looking at portfolios, pay special attention to Before and After photographs i.e. Before make-up and After make-up photographs. If you are getting a wow feeling with most of the pictures, then you have probably found the right Delhi make-up artist for you.

However, if you see all the brides looking the same, and you absolutely do not want that look, you can strike their name of your list.



If you were able to select some make-up artists having online portfolio and if you still have some make-up artists,  whose portfolio you could not find online, schedule personal interviews with all of them.

Personal interviews are essential as choosing a best make-up artist in Delhi is not easy and you want to make sure that you choose a MUA with whom you share good rapport as you both need to be on the same page as to the final look. And you will need to trust the make-up artist to have enough courage to tell you that something will not suit on you and to execute the finally decided look to perfection.

During those interviews many things will become clear. They will tell you if they are already booked for the time and day you are vying for. You can see additional recent photographs from their portfolios (as many make-up artists don’t update their website regularly) for current trends in make-up.

Make-up Artists in Delhi


Make-up artists in Delhi work on you at a time when you are full of nerves, family is going crazy (more so when you are getting late) so, you need an experienced make-up artist who can stand up to your relatives and put your needs first, soothe your nerves and keep you calm and confident in yourself.


In the interviews you can ask for the products they use. Most MUAs usually have multiple brands they use to achieve desired results and because sometimes, clients are sensitive to certain brands so they have to have variety. Now, the make-up an artist uses depends on the  bridal package you have chosen. There are three packages normalyy offered:

  1. Basic
  2. HD
  3. Airbrush

In basic they use Chrylon, Lakme, Revlon, Color Bar, Maybelline, Faces, Chambor.

In HD make-ups, make-up professionals use L’oreal, Inglot, MAC, Bobby Brown, Dior, Make up forever.

In Airbrush make-up, MUA’s apply foundaiton using airbrush on uneven skin to properly fill it. Rest the make-up brands used are same as HD make-ups.

Your trial with them will help you be confident of the products they will use , also you can see if you aren’t sensitive to any of the products they use so there are no unpleasant surprises in the form of pimples, redness or eruptions on your wedding day.



Once you have selected a couple of make-up artists in Delhi NCR , you should ask for their charges, references and trial make-up.

taking a trial make-up is important as type of make-up depends time of day when your main function will be celebrated. Make-ups for night differ from make-ups for day.

Professional Make-up Artists in Delhi NCR


An experienced make-up professional will consider uncertain lightning while doing your make-up. He/she will also take care that you don’t just look beautiful for the camera. But also, upfront and that make-up stays on for the duration of the day.

He/she does make-up keeping the weather and time of day in mind. Keeping this mind, you can take trial make-ups during similar time. And weather to be sure of the effect that make-up will produce.

Ideal time for trial make-up is 1-2 months prior to wedding day. At this time, you will also get to know if products used by your make-up artist are not irritating your skin. And the make-up artist can suggest a beauty regime dependent upon your skin type for glowing skin on the most important day of your life.

Always ask for references of brides they worked on in last 6-12 months to know about real experiences as photos can be photo-shopped. But past clients will give accurate information about make-up artist’s working style, personality. And if they consider bride’s wishes for changes at the last moment and can calm her nerves down.

Finding the best bridal make-up artist in Delhi NCR for your wedding will not only make you confident and sure of yourself. But will also result in great wedding photographs in Delhi.

Why should I hire a make-up artist when I know someone who does great make-up?

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasion and when you have left no stone unturned in ensuring that every things looks the best, why not employ the same principles on yourself? After all this is your biggest day and you are the most important person of the function along with the groom.

Friends aren’t all that dependable with such an important work, they can cry off anytime leaving you empty handed at the last moment. So it is always advisable to hire a professional make-up artist rather than a friend. Also an experienced MUA will take into account the effects of lights while doing your make-up, thus bringing out the best you in all lights.

Delhi sees major shifts in seasons, June is the epitome of hotness, while December is freezing cold, August is extremely humid. Same make-up work work in all the seasons. A seasoned Make-up Professional in Delhi will ensure that your make-up does not run down with sweat May through August or looks too white in winters. Make-up products and layers vary with season.

Make-up at venue or at studio/salon

If your wedding venue is in your city, then you should have no problem getting ready at the salon/studio but if your wedding venue is some distance away, you will need to talk to your MUA if she will be able to accomodate you at the venue because travelling long distance on your wedding day is not advisable. Of course, MUA’s agreeing to do your make-up at the palce of your choice and not in their studio will charge you extra.