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Best Interior Designers In Delhi

Best Interior Designers In Delhi

Best Interior Designers in Delhi

You have bought a new house and want to make it the best looking home you can possibly make it but are at a loss about whether to hire an interior designer in Delhi or an interior decorator Delhi (both terms are used interchangeably in common parlance) or do it yourself. Armed with photographs from Pinterest and ideas from blogs, ability to order online or shop from local markets (after all big brands are available in Delhi) you believe it will be extra expenditure to hire an interior designer Delhi that you can conveniently avoid.  But it is not exactly as simple.

Now is the time to bust the greatest myth surrounding interior designers in Delhi that they are for rich people who do not know what to do with the money they have. Let us make clear that its wrong! Interior decorators Delhi come in all budget! Some interior designers Delhi charge an upfront fee while some take a percentage of total expenditure. Whatever way they ask for remuneration and however much their remuneration be, you can always find an interior designer that fits your budget.

Now you ask, “OK, so interior designer Delhi is not expensive, but why should I hire him/her?”

Good thinking and an answer, we are more than ready to give. Interior decorators Delhi are helpful whether you are looking to renovate or rebuild or build your whole house or a part of it.

Five good reasons why you should hire an interior designer instead Diying


Don’t believe it? Read on! When you start decorating your home yourself and you go online or local shops to shop. you might like something so much that you buy it there.

And then and when you bring it home, it might be too big for the space you have chosen or later it might not fit in the look of the rest of the room. What do you do in such cases? Either buy another or just keep it and repent your choice till you finally give in and replace it. This is an expensive mistake, having to buy one thing twice.

Delhi interior designer works with a vision and everything he buys is in consonance with the vision in a way that nothing looks odd and every showpiece and furniture complements each other.

Interior designers have access to trade discounts from most of the furniture and home decoration stores and sites and they can get you discounts on products, thus saving you money that you otherwise couldn’t have saved. They also prevent you from making accidently paying too much for a product.

We tend to go out of budget if we see something we like without having any regard to the overall look, it becomes added expense if at the end, you are not able to assimilate over all look with the thing bought and interior designer can get that very thing cheaper than we bought anyways. Interior designer keeps us within budget not only against us but if you are building/rebuilding, interior designers also use their expertise in keeping contractors, artisans in budget.

Also, there are many small expenses that we may not have factored in while creating a budget for interior designing that pop up from time to time derailing the budget. Also, it is difficult for a lay man to calculate almost exact expenditure. Interior designer does not ignore even the smallest details and can give you a final budget according to your requirements in which you won’t see many deviations.


Some people have gift for putting together a space in a way that looks beautiful but unfortunately, most of us can’t boost of such talent. For a room/space to look beautiful, unique as well as be functional, you will need help of an interior designer/decorator who is trained to design the interiors of your home as well as is not afraid using the electric blues and violets to enhance the look of the place.

If you were to design your place, you would most certainly choose to buy conservative colours and items, fearing the outcome to be too bold a choice but an interior designer will not only use those colours, he will also make it look like a magazine cover.

If you are designing your own home, be prepared to spend hours after hours looking for ideas, seeking advice and going through a variety of online and offline furniture and decorative product portals and an interior designer will know just where to go for everything you need for your home, thus saving you the headache of endless hours of going through online portals and shops. In case, you need anything, that he hasn’t used much in his work, he will research for it and not you. All you need to do is give him an inspiration or idea, he will do the rest.

With lakhs of ideas available on the internet and no dearth of varying advice, you are bound to get confused, resulting in spending more time trying to clear all that confusion. Even after all that advice, you cannot match the expertise of a professional interior designer in Delhi.


Everyone wants their home to reflect their personality and style. Unless you have a gift for decorating homes, you might have some ideas on how you want your spaces to be. Assimilating those ideas for different spaces and making them flow into each other is a task not easily accomplished.

If you try to do it yourself, you might buy the trendiest products available in the market but might not be able to use whole of the space or may not be able to make the space functional or end up making it cluttered. It’s difficult for a novice to assimilate visions for various places in a way that they flow into each other.

Designing does not mean buying and putting things, so they look good. Interior designer Delhi pays attention to many elements of designing like texture, pattern, colour, space, shape, line, mass to select the right things having right colour and right size aligned properly with the rest of the things. They work to display the vision of the client, so it looks beautiful and is also functional.



Interior designers in Delhi are in contact with contractors, plumbers, electricians, artisans etc. One advantage of hiring their references is they are reliable and interior designer might be able to get you discounts in their fees too.

Delhi interior designers also have access to wholesalers of decorative items, even with the retailers, they can get you discounts on the decorative items too that are not available to public.

They also an approved list of firms that make customized furniture to address any special need for a space at your home.


He also acts as a communicator between you and the contractors you choose to hire thus eliminating any avenue for miscommunication and keeps them in budget.

If you are building a home, then an interior designer can be of much use to you as he can help the architect to devise a construction plan that is compliant with the vision of the client for the interiors. It is important to making lightning provisions as per the interior designing you need while construction. Making slight changes in beginning can be an immense help in perfecting the aesthetics of your home. Interior designers liaise with architects, contractors and sub-contractors to prevent design misses.


Delhi interior designers


Everyone wants to live in a space that brings them joy and comfort.  Cement table looks great in the lawn but if it is kept as dining table, it shows bad taste. You want things to not only look good but also be in tune with the place it is kept.

Your home should bring comfort to you and function in a way that works for you. For a home to be functional, one thing should be kept in harmony with other, haphazardly putting things won’t make the home functional leaving you with empty spaces that should not be empty and some places too cluttered. Your home is your sanctuary, it should revitalize and not drain you. Bringing in an interior designer Delhi to will help you make your home comfortable, trendy, functional; you might not be able to achieve these goals on your own.


People now are preferring to build energy efficient homes to conserve energy as well as be a responsible citizen. You need the help of professional interior designer Delhi to achieve this objective as everything from your floorings, window treatments, lighting fixture etc will need to be carefully chosen and properly placed.


Interior designer Delhi will know how to make maximum use of a space without it looking cluttered or empty to too full. Every piece of furniture of decorative item they put in a place resonates with the look of the space. They pay attention to lightning, so they work with furniture layouts and room designs.