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Best Interior Designer in Mumbai

Interior designing is the art of boosting the aesthetics of a space for a fuller and pleasing experience of the inhabitants.

Some interior designers work on “no rules” i.e.  they do not limit themselves to one genre but are eager to branch out in every market sector. Diversifying is their motto. While some interior designers like to work in a single market sector, testing new styles, products in that single genre. It is purely a matter of choice and does not make one a better interior designer than the other.

You can show the interior designer the designs you have liked so your interior designer has an idea of what you like and want. Those photographs act as inspiration for the interior designer and with the skills he has developed over time and ability to think differently, he can bring to the table a unique design plan yet answering to the vision you have.

Though profession of interior designer is not as strictly regulated either education wise or practice wise, their capability is accessed by their designs and how well they are able to maintain client’s vision and needs.

Designs for a commercial space should reflect what the brand represents.

Designs for home should be sanctuaries that blend luxury and comfort.

People believe that interior designers are for rich and famous, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can hire an interior designer to design and execute the whole project or you can also hire them on “as needed” basis instead of entire project. This way you can take their help with the aspects of designing or execution that you are having trouble with without having to pay for the entire project.

Now comes the question of choosing an interior designer in Mumbai?


While choosing an interior designer, you should keep one thing in mind and that it is extremely rare for a client to be in tune with their interior designer on everything. If you both are on the same page regarding the style and design, it is ok to differ on certain details. In time you both will find a common ground and work to build a great working relationship provided other things are matching.


You have to spend a long time in your home and office and when you remodel, you want everything to be perfect and reflecting your personality or your brand or work ethics. Most people, before they start remodelling, have a basic idea of what they want, some like rustic look, while some modern, while others like a mix of things. Before you start looking for interior designer for your home or office, you should first identify your style a little more properly with the help of online websites dedicate of interior decors and magazines of home or office interiors. Once you have identified your style, it becomes far easier to find an interior designer in Mumbai who can translate your vision into reality. You can communicate a basic idea of what you like to your interior designer in a better way leading to better designs and lovely final outcome.




You need have a rough idea of the money you wish to spend on the interior designing. This amount should include the fee of the interior designer and every independent contractor hired by him for the purpose of executing the design plan and the cost of material, decorative items, furniture etc. Deciding on a budget is paramount as this will help you and your interior decorator to allocate money to different things.  Your budget and design plan will decide on the range of everything from layers, textures, tactile finishes, paint color selection, space planning, fabric sourcing, lighting, accessorizing to artwork to be used in the place to be designed.


Once you have decided on a style and budget, next step is to look through portfolios of the good interior designers to find those interior designers whose style matches your preference. When you consistently like a professionals work, you can be sure that their work resonates with your likings.



Call the interior designers whose portfolios you have liked, fix a meeting with them. Meeting face to face is an essential step as you will be spending a significant amount of time living in his work  and you want to be sure that you are on same page with regard to most things. Ask them all the questions you have in mind.



Most people who try to set a budget themselves for the renovation and interior designing end up being so off the mark that by the time things are wrapping up, they have spent more than double the amount they originally set. The reason for this is lack of knowledge of the market and how it works. While consulting with the architect and interior designer, you can get approximate idea of the expenses from the professional who handle such things as well as become aware of better, affordable and reliable technology, artwork and furniture.



After you have decided on an interior designer, and before you pay the booking amount, insist on signing a contract delineating responsibilities of each side, budgetary limits, timeline for completion of the project and every small detail that you have both agreed on. A contract concretises the rights and liabilities of each side and prevents either of the parties from detracting from their responsibilities later on. The prevalent ways that interior designer in Mumbai charge are Fixed rate, percentage of costs, costs per square metre or square feet. Make sure that you include the agreed billing method in the contract




Once you have signed the contract, paid the upfront charges, now its time to get down to business of planning things out. The first part of the plan is revisiting the building (depending upon the interior designer) and recapsulating the bold points of your vision and designing the layout. After the design is complete, it is sent to you for your approval and if you want any changes to be done in the designing, it can be done now. Once the design is finalised, real work begins. Choosing the furniture, artwork etc.