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Best Dance Classes in Chandigarh

Dance Classes in Chandigarh


People danced before they could write. Documented proof suggests earliest civilizations had developed dance forms to celebrate special occasions.  Over time various forms of dances develope in different parts of the world to celebrate, to assert individuality, to showcase physical prowess, to entertain and even to heal.

Dance helps some people in expressing feelings that cannot be put in words, in pour their emotions out, to free themselves of burden, to perform before an audience. If there is any fun way to exercise freedom of expression and creativity together, it is dancing.  Couples dance to show their love and devotion to each other and to celebrate their togetherness.

Modern living has disconnected people from themselves. People spend too much time in the virtual world curled up to technology that they have forgotten what it means to be connect to one’s own body. Dancing helps you feel alive because now you are not sitting down, hooked up to technology, you are doing something that gets your heart and lungs pumping, dance frees the body and mind of its perceived limitations and constraints.

For people who are fed up of push-ups and treadmills, dance is an ideal alternative. Dance in any form is more like a celebration than workout. What can be better than  shedding all those calories while enjoying yourself without the monotony of going to a gym or doing same things again and again.


Meeting New People:-

Dance is a great way of meeting people in a fun and relaxed environment. Lifelong friendships are forged. Dancing in groups also helps in feeling more socially connected without even trying to actually work towards building social bonds. Friendships and desire to create social bonds work towards improving mood and mental health.

Dancing brings people together in a mutually enjoyable environment. You walk into the best dance class in Chandigarh, not knowing another person but quickly find out, you are breaking away from your inhibitions and feeling motivated for positive interactions. Dance also creates a bond between dancer and the audience.

 Stress Relief:-

Dance busts stress like nothing else can because it is a very effective mood influencer. Being in a social environment, smiling with people, listening to music and responding to it through dance helps reduce production of Cortisol – a stress hormone and stimulates the release of Serotonin, the happy hormone, that regulates mood, decreases irritation, prevents depression, i.e. all in all, it makes you happy and sociable. It also helps in

It also helps in the production of Endorphins, the feel-good hormone, which is responsible for dulling the sensation of pain and elevating joyful mood. This is the best anti-stress pill that can be enjoy at any point in your life, of course within the constraints of the ability of your body, without any side effects. Get amazing dance classes in Chandigarh.

CardioVascular Fitness:-

Dance is a good cardiovascular exercise and keeps heart and lungs fit. Whether you opt for fast or slow dancing regime, you are sure to gain cardio endurance in a much more enjoyable manner than through exercise in the gym. Research too has shown that people who dance are at lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Find dance school in Chandigarh.

Weight Management: –

It goes without saying that dancing helps in losing weight and gaining the toned body. The key to shedding extra pounds is to move your whole body and dancing is a whole-body workout. With the same dance routine, people with higher body mass index lose weight faster than people with the lower mass index or people of older age.

To keep the body at its healthiest at Chandigarh dance academy, you need to do both aerobic and anaerobic exercises and dancing is one mode where you get to do both and in ways, you would never get bored, you can invent your moves, choose your music.

Balancing and Posture: –

To learn any form of dance you will have to learn to balance your body and keep it in the correct posture. Get dance training at the famous dancing institute in Chandigarh.

Correct posture helps lessen abnormal wearing of joint surfaces, decreases stress on ligaments that hold the joints together, it also keeps joints and bones in correct alignment.

Age No Bar:-

Anyone can dance, no matter the age. The only limitation being of inability to perform certain moves, and the best thing about dance is you can always improvise your moves as opposed to your gym routine, which can be quite monotonous, as its all very repetitive.

But dance is dynamic and if you believe you can’t improvise dance moves on your own, worry not, any good dance class in Chandigarh worth its salt will keep combining different dance forms, steps to always keep it fun and they also take care to give you a dance routine that suits your age and body.

Mental Health:-

Dancing is one of the most entertaining tools to boost mental health. Dancing increases blood flow to the brain, thereby increasing cognitive acuity. Moreover, proteins are produced in brain cells that activate growth of new neurons and new inter cell connections, making mind more agile and supple.

Research has shown that people who dance are at a lower risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia as compared to people who exercised or played mind games.

Enhanced Memory Skills:-

Dance is a complex activity and learning dance is mentally challenging because you are required to learn to do a number of things simultaneously like balancing, maintaining posture, making movements etc. Learning dance stimulates the right side of the brain, which dictates creativity and intuition resulting in boosting of mental capability.

Muscle Development:-

When you first start to dance, you tend to feel the muscles you didn’t know you had. In dancing classes in Chandigarh, you don’t just burn calories or only make friends or release stress, you also build muscles. Muscle mass and endurance increase with regular dancing which keeps us working for longer.

Team Work:-

In top dancing classes in Chandigarh, children are taught to dance in groups,  and perform in groups, which teaches them to be a team worker and to work in a structured manner and to help a fellow dancer to achieve a common goal (a great performance). Dancing teaches them discipline that they carry with them throughout lives.

Emotional Stability: –

Dance is cathartic for many people, it helps people let go of pent-up anger, frustration, and irritation. More info search Chandigarh Institute of Dance.

Cultural Recognition:-

Most dance forms originated to express values and traditions of a culture through the body or in other words, dance is the embodiment of culture.

Development of Children:-

Dance teaches children about music, beat, rhythm, spatial relationship, coordinating muscles to move through various postures. Like; discipline, teamwork, patience, perseverance, dance helps them express themselves. Children learn to think with both sides of their brain. Dance is one of the best avenues where children can be creative and while being creative.  They are also moving their body which will keep them fit.

best dance classes in chandigarh